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Press Releases: May 2003

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Queen's Special Stamp Issues
HM Queen Elizabeth II has approved a new CI$4.00 postage stamp featuring her official portrait, for use in the UK's OTs.  Published 3rd June, 12:00am
No Smoking!
All airport terminals in the Cayman Islands became non-smoking facilities on 31 May to coincide with "World No Tobacco Day."  Published 3rd June, 12:00am
NCFA Literary Competition Winners
George Hicks, with nine golds, leads the gold medal breakdown by individual schools. Published 3rd June, 12:00am
Press Conference -- LoGB
Hon. McKeeva Bush opens by saying ExCo has decided to continue with the introduction of the interim Constitutional Order.  Published 2nd June, 12:00am
UN Special Committee Offers Assistance
It will help with public awareness campaigns aimed at fostering an understanding of the options available for self-determination. Published 2nd June, 12:00am
LoGB Speech to Chamber
The Hon. McKeeva Bush reports on the UN Decolonisation meetings and additional alternatives for constitutional modernisation. Published 2nd June, 12:00am
First Corporate Sports Day Planned
Men and women who want to build their corporate team spirit or prove their excellence in track and field events are encouraged to enter.  Published 2nd June, 12:00am
New Amendments to Pensions Law
They affect former civil servants who were unable to receive benefits due to length of service or service over ten years but resignation on or before the end of December 1999. Published 2nd June, 12:00am
SARS Travel Advisory Update 27 May
Residents should postpone nonessential travel to China (including Hong Kong and Taiwan), the Philippines, Singapore and Toronto.  Published 27th May, 12:00am
Games Featured on Stamp Issue
Traditional childhood games played in Cayman such as skipping, maypole dancing, gigs, hopscotch, and marbles.  Published 27th May, 12:00am
Rain, Rain, Go Away
By noon on Monday, 26 May, five Government schools were closed. Published 26th May, 12:00am
Second PFI Conference Held
Aimed at providing relevant information on PFI/PPP to stakeholders, the conference gave London project advisors the opportunity to make presentations. Published 23rd May, 12:00am
Development Incentives Extended
ExCo has approved extending the special 5% stamp duty on land transfers, plus the 50% reduction in building permit fees and Infrastructure Fund contributions. Published 22nd May, 12:00am
LoGB Clarifies CI Position at Decolonisation Seminar
The CI constitution is the least advanced of the Caribbean OTs and that's placing at risk the Islands' economic future...our economy is being treated "at best as a pawn" in efforts by the EU to strengthen its own financial services markets.  Published 22nd May, 12:00am
UN Decolonisation Seminar Underway
The conference brings together nine non-self-governing territories with a number of administering powers (UK, Spain, France), along with organizations such as the UNDP and the OAS.  Published 22nd May, 12:00am
Iguanas Here, Iguanas There
The "Blue Dragon Project" requires 17 large fibreglass iguanas. Published 21st May, 12:00am
NCFA Literary Competition Results
36 golds; Tracey Forbes of GHHS wins the Rotary Central Award for short story with a Caymanian theme and Eldon Parchmon of JGHS wins the award for piece with a Quincentennial theme.  Published 21st May, 12:00am
"ITALIC...For Life" Meeting
Parents! Learn more the programme that focuses on school improvement through computerised resources, activities and lesson plans.  Published 21st May, 12:00am
Deadline Approaches -- Register Prohibited Dogs
If your dog is listed under the Animals Law (2002) as a prohibited breed, you have until 9 June to register it with the Department of Agriculture. Published 20th May, 12:00am
Head of Airport Operations Does Bermuda Inspection
Kerith McCoy qualified as an aviation security (AVSEC) inspector last year.  Published 20th May, 12:00am
Report on Beach Access Project
"It's important to have these public footpaths defined and added to the schedule of roads under the Roads Law," says the Hon. Linford Pierson.  Published 20th May, 12:00am
Road Closure
PWD will install a guardrail to close the link road between Greenwood Drive and Esterley Tibbetts Highway. Published 20th May, 12:00am
Prevent Mosquitoes Breeding in Your Yard
MRCU offers suggestions to discourage mosquitoes. Published 20th May, 12:00am
Let's Mail a Letter!
An excited group of youngsters from Grace Christian Academy toured the Airport Post Office.  Published 19th May, 12:00am
Washington Visit Brings Promises of Reciprocity
US officials responded positively to discussions on potential for benefits in recognition of Cayman's anti-money-laundering leadership role regionally and globally.  Published 19th May, 12:00am
UN Decolonisation Seminar
Minister Bush will speak in a session that focuses on the present status of the British Caribbean OTs and Bermuda and "the completion of the decolonisation process."  Published 19th May, 12:00am
SARS Advisory from Public Health
Delay going back to work or school if you have recently returned from China, Singapore or the Philippines.  Published 16th May, 12:00am
New Prison Officers Complete Training
This is the largest group of recruits since the prison opened in 1981 and they bring the staff complement to 159.  Published 16th May, 12:00am
Book Parks for Private Parties
No fees charged but approvals are necessary to coordinate the use of limited facilities. Published 16th May, 12:00am
Digitised Passports
Cayman will now have passports with a secure hologram laminate rendering the book tamper-proof.  Published 16th May, 12:00am
Secondary School Curriculum Improvement
A recent retreat discussed topics such as raising achievement standards, student motivation, curriculum leadership, school improvement policies and management of change.  Published 16th May, 12:00am
Chief Secretary Thanks NHC Members
Cayman's hurricane emergency response is considered a model for the region.  Published 15th May, 12:00am
Occupational Health and Safety Officer
Verdun Terry's duties will include investigating workplace accidents and educating employers on the necessity of establishing safety rules and regulations.  Published 15th May, 12:00am
Kirkconnells Assist with Roads
They'll help with much-needed road improvements in the Boilers Road area, a heavily traveled section of a narrow public road.  Published 15th May, 12:00am
Expansion of Summer Jobs Programme
The Sunrise Club, formed in April 2002, put together a Job Placement Bureau to assist students in finding summer jobs last year.  Published 15th May, 12:00am
Countess Will Not Visit Cayman
HRH the Countess of Wessex will not be accompanying the Earl as originally planned; she is pregnant and has been advised not to travel.  Published 10th May, 12:00am
Eastern Districts -- Come Out to Meet The Earl
Residents of Bodden Town, East End and North Side are invited to meet Prince Edward on Monday, 12 May.  Published 10th May, 12:00am
Text of Mr Bush's Speech to the Heritage Foundation
"What really matters now is that international standards be upheld everywhere to the same level...Quality business will be drawn to and remain in those places -- and I believe, the Cayman Islands is one of the premier jurisdictions..." Published 10th May, 12:00am
Cydonie Runs with New Government Contract
She is working hard to improve her professional world ranking as the seventh fastest woman in the 200 metres. Published 10th May, 12:00am
Delegation Reports From Washington
Mr Bush addressed the Heritage Foundation, the team visited the Justice, Treasury, and State departments and met with members of Congress and staffers.  Published 10th May, 12:00am
Hurricane Shelters 2003
Here's the list of public buildings approved for use as hurricane shelters and emergency medical centres. Published 8th May, 12:00am
Special Boxing Event Next Week
Local boxer Charles Whittaker defends his title in Miami. Published 8th May, 12:00am
Don't Let Your Building Permits Expire
Once the first inspection is performed on any new construction, subsequent inspections must be held within regular six-month intervals. Published 8th May, 12:00am
Mail Delay
Mail from the UK dating back to 11 April and mail from the US dating back to 24 April has arrived and postal staff are sorting it. Published 8th May, 12:00am
Cayman SARS Advisory Modified
It covers China, Singapore and Toronto. Public Health continues to advise travellers to avoid visiting Toronto, despite the WHO's lifting of its Toronto travel advisory. Published 7th May, 12:00am
Delegation to US Capitol
A joint government and private sector delegation is holding high-level talks with US Government agencies with an interest in Cayman as a financial centre.  Published 7th May, 12:00am
Tremendous Start for 2003 Land Sales
The value went up 51.79% in the first quarter compared with 2002's first quarter. Published 7th May, 12:00am
Prisoner Escapes for Three Hours
A male inmate who absconded from HM Prison Northward was quickly recaptured.  Published 2nd May, 12:00am