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Press Releases: July 2003

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Red Cross Hosts HIV/AIDS Awareness Lunch
The Governor spoke of his concern: "Something needs to be done sooner rather than later. We all must act now and encourage the community to take the risks seriously."  Published 19th August, 12:00am
Hope Centre Summer Programme
It's designed to give the participants educational experiences that are fun and that develop confidence and leadership and teamwork skills. Published 18th August, 12:00am
Cadet Corps Closing Parade
The Governor and the Education Minister commended the cadets for their hard work and dedication and encouraged them to continue to strive for excellence.  Published 5th August, 12:00am
Antigua Human Rights Conference
Dr. Frank McField, who together with Mr. Roy Bodden, has been appointed by the Governor to co-chair Cayman's Human Rights Committee, stated, "The realization of full Human Rights in the territory is part of accountable government."  Published 5th August, 12:00am
Immigration Guidelines for Status Applications
These guidelines provide information to ensure that applications are in order and have the necessary supporting documentation.  Published 5th August, 12:00am
Docent Trainees at Gallery
Assistant Director Nancy Barnard explains, "Docents are special volunteers/teachers who serve the gallery and the community in the field of art education."  Published 5th August, 12:00am
Summer Reading Programme Ends
Themed "Celebrate Cayman at the Public Library", children participated in several activities, including creating a mural on "Rights of the Child" for Constitution Day.  Published 5th August, 12:00am
National Plan for Health Needs Public Participation
Six teams will be formed -- one for each of the plan's six strategies.  Published 1st August, 12:00am
Ministry and Departments Restructured
Now the Ministry of Community Services, Youth, Sports and Gender Affairs has departments named Youth, Sports and Community Development and Department of Children and Family Services. Published 1st August, 12:00am
Community Parks and Sports Centres
Here's a list of the recreational and sporting facilities available in the districts, including their amenities.  Published 1st August, 12:00am
Three Selected for Visions Caribbean Exhibit
Photos by Tytia Habing, Lucy Best and Courtney Platt go to the Dominican Republic. Published 30th July, 12:00am
Register to Vote!
The Boundary Commission wants the voter registration list to be as complete as possible. Published 30th July, 12:00am
A Visit to the Wall of Honour
A Quincentennial theme for Savannah Primary summer school students. Published 30th July, 12:00am
Officials Meet with Electoral Boundary Commission
HE the Governor, along with the Leader of Government Business, the Hon. McKeeva Bush; Leader of the Opposition Kurt Tibbetts, and the Deputy Commissioner of Elections Orrett Connor, met with the new Commissioners on Thursday, 24 July. Published 25th July, 12:00am
Chosen to Represent Cayman
Four local artists will submit two of their best pieces for the V Caribbean Biennial.  Published 24th July, 12:00am
12-Stamp Quincentennial Issue
Celebrate Cayman: hatchling turtles, Nassau grouper, a Smokewood tree and orchid, the GT Harbour, the old waterfront, the thatch rope industry, musical instruments, a church, the quadrille, a schooner and one of Columbus' ships. Published 24th July, 12:00am
U.S. Visa Application Process Changes
Effective August 1, most Cayman Islands passport holders who are first-time applicants for a U.S. nonimmigrant visa must personally appear in Kingston, Jamaica, to apply.  Published 24th July, 12:00am
Cadet Corps Training Camp
For one week they trained in field craft, drill, map/compass, and first aid, took written and physical exams and participated in night exercises.  Published 24th July, 12:00am
ITALIC "Teacher Universe" Training
Participants accessed an on-line training programme to create computerised lesson plans.  Published 23rd July, 12:00am
Fire Officers Train on Rescue Equipment
Officers learned about innovations in car construction that can make extricating victims difficult. Published 23rd July, 12:00am
Groundbreaking for WB PO Extension
"Our government realises the need for our post offices to be business-oriented entities that have a clear focus on customer service and on quality."  Published 22nd July, 12:00am
Martin Centre to Open
The Arthur H. Martin Creative Empowerment Youth Centre, located in Scranton behind Funky Tang's, has computers with Internet access, a music-recording studio, a video system and a meeting room. Published 22nd July, 12:00am
Grant Assists Mastic Reserve
The FCO funds will improve the educational aspects of the Mastic Trail through employment of a tour guide and the placement of signs detailing plants and wildlife. Published 22nd July, 12:00am
Poet Presents First Copies of New Book
Leonard Dilbert presented copies of "Grown From This Ground" to the Governor and the Leader of Government Business. Published 22nd July, 12:00am
Associate Degree Grads
From the Community College -- eight with honours, 28 with merit. Published 18th July, 12:00am
Jamaican Art Coming
The National Gallery is looking for sponsors for "Rousings: Contemporary Jamaican Art" scheduled for early next year. Published 18th July, 12:00am
Presentation on Infertility
One in four couples have fertility-related problems. The Women's Resouirce Centre and Women's Health Centre are co-sponsors. Published 17th July, 12:00am
Coaching For Success Meeting
Mentors will work one-on-one with Year Ten JGHS students, assisting them with their educational goals for six months.  Published 17th July, 12:00am
19 Complete Environmental Health Course
"We're raising the standards of food hygiene throughout the Cayman Islands." Published 17th July, 12:00am
New Attorney General Appointed
Sam Bulgin will now head the Portfolio he's worked for since 1992. Published 16th July, 12:00am
Education Signs Contract with Thompson Shipping for Classrooms
The Company will import seven modular classrooms for the September 2003 school year. Published 16th July, 12:00am
Acting Ensemble to New York City
Five members of the JGHS Players demonstrated their acting skills for New York University postgraduate students.  Published 16th July, 12:00am
Law School Graduates 31
Top students in the Professional Practice Course and the LL.B., respectively, Anaick Goelo and Christie Walton delivered the graduation addresses.  Published 16th July, 12:00am
Government Buys Furtherland Farm
Primarily for use by the prison's rehabilitation programme but it may also be used by youth services, education and agriculture. Published 16th July, 12:00am
Ministers to Attend FCO Human Rights Workshop
Participants, including Roy Bodden and Frank McField, will discuss practical difficulties facing OT governments in meeting the requirements of international treaties. Published 16th July, 12:00am
Opening for "Stories We Tell"
62 local participants: photographers provided the images and writers scripted the narratives. Published 16th July, 12:00am
Largest Class (so far) Graduates from College
The Community College launched 132 at the ceremony on 10 July. Published 11th July, 12:00am
Health Insurance Law Changes Presented
The Minister for Health met with health practitioners and insurance providers and outlined the proposed amendments.  Published 11th July, 12:00am
Lions Donate to Summer School
Mrs. Garcia thanked the club saying, "We're grateful for their continued support."  Published 11th July, 12:00am
JGHS Students Receive Red Cross Training
The "Together We Can: HIV/AIDS Peer Education Programme" helps teens talk to other teens about AIDS. Published 11th July, 12:00am
2nd Quarter Planning Approvals Rise
A significant economic revival for Grand Cayman -- house approvals increase 26%!  Published 11th July, 12:00am
Gospel Saxaphonist in Concert Saturday
Ricky Niles, a two-time nominee for Barbados' Gospel Artist of the Year award, has thrilled many with his performances.  Published 11th July, 12:00am
Government and Law Society Commit to Finding Solutions
Both sides agreed that the problems with securing law clerk positions were solvable, and the Law Society will recommend that firms institute assessment procedures and develop statements outlining criteria for advancement.  Published 10th July, 12:00am
Governor's Investiture
Mr. Dinwiddy received his CMG from HRH Prince Charles. Published 10th July, 12:00am
Community Resource Handbook: Please Contribute
Health, education and religious organizations, service clubs, professional associations and non-profit organizations are invited to submit information for a national directory of resources and services.  Published 8th July, 12:00am
SARS Update from Public Health
All SARS travel advisories have been lifted.  Published 8th July, 12:00am
Extension of Cayman Brac Duty Concessions
For example, import duty is waived on building materials and gasoline; stamp duty is waived on land transfers. Published 8th July, 12:00am
Hurricane Preparedness Event
In a bid to raise awareness on how residents may best protect their homes from hurricane threats, merchants will showcase locally available products.  Published 3rd July, 12:00am
Profiles of Award Recipients: MBE and CPM
Two civil servants receive MBEs and an RCIP detective chief inspector receives a Colonial Police Medal. Published 3rd July, 12:00am
Profiles of Certificate and Badge of Honour Recipients
Read about the eight people who received the Cayman Islands' highest honour. Published 3rd July, 12:00am
Profiles of Honourees: CMG and OBE
The Governor is awarded a CMG; David Ritch and Linton Tibbetts receive OBEs. Published 3rd July, 12:00am
Poems by Leonard Dilbert
The CNCF invites you to a book launching. Mr. Dilbert's verse has already garnered positive reviews in Jamaica and the USA. Published 2nd July, 12:00am
Status Quotas Set for 2003
For those seeking Caymanian status on the grounds of residence or naturalisation. Published 2nd July, 12:00am
Student Visa Applications for the USA
The process, which has changed, is outlined here.  Published 1st July, 12:00am
Swearing In for Grand Court Justice
Mr. Justice Alex Henderson, QC, comes from British Columbia, where he worked in various capacities for 33 years. Since 2000, he has served as an acting judge for Cayman's courts.  Published 1st July, 12:00am