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Press Releases: August 2003

Press releases are published as PDF documents. For more information read the PDF guidelines.

Statement by the Hon. Linford Pierson
The Minister responds to CUC's full page ad.  Published 29th August, 12:00am
Teacher Orientation 2003
Chief Education Officer Mrs. Nyda Flatley: "I am pleased with the new teachers' level of enthusiasm and we have high expectations of their commitment to our education system."  Published 28th August, 12:00am
CI Team Wows the Crowd
Visitors to our CARIFESTA booth are treated to rum cake, view craft exhibitions and videotaped dance performances, and take home informational pamphlets. Published 28th August, 12:00am
Cayman Officials Attend Jamaica's Ag Show
Much could be gained through agricultural trade, as well as the sharing of science and technology to advance agricultural production.  Published 27th August, 12:00am
Diabetes and Foot Care
A podiatrist speaks at September's meeting of the Diabetes Association. Published 26th August, 12:00am
Electoral Boundary Commission Report
Right on deadline, the Commissioners presented the Acting Governor with 3 copies of the report, maps showing the boundaries of the constituencies, and electronic versions of both on CDs.  Published 25th August, 12:00am
GHHS Students -- Two Additional Days of Vacation
Teachers couldn't move into rooms until new floors were finished. New school starting dates here! Published 25th August, 12:00am
Cayman Parades at Carifesta
More than 20 artists and performers are in Suriname to take our art and culture to the rest of the Caribbean.  Published 25th August, 12:00am
"Women's Health Issues" covers this topic on 28 August at the Women's Resource Centre. Published 22nd August, 12:00am
Back to School
Key dates for students, parents, teachers and all residents who need to get to work on time!  Published 22nd August, 12:00am
Second Quarter Land Sales
Reflected in land registry figures, the value of sales between April and June was just a shade over CI$82 million.  Published 22nd August, 12:00am
Grand Harbour Extension Open
Motorists are asked to pay special attention to the new road markings and to use caution while getting used to this new section. Published 21st August, 12:00am
Prisoner Artists Compete Internationally
Philip Ebanks' painting entitled "Last Days" received mention which means he placed inside the top 15 in the world. Published 21st August, 12:00am
Keys Presented for Park Restrooms
The East End Park has stylish new facilities. Published 21st August, 12:00am
Road Notice
Published in the Gazette: in George Town East, a road has been added, and one has been discontinued. Published 20th August, 12:00am
Schooling at Home?
You must register yearly. Published 20th August, 12:00am
DEH Teams Up with Summer Camp
Environmental Health helped Silver Thatch Excursions' camp by teaching children about issues like littering and recycling. Published 20th August, 12:00am
Minister McLean Heads to the Sister Islands
A busy four-day itinerary covering clinics, docks, works and more! Published 19th August, 12:00am
Ag Officials Attend Conference
The Minister and the CAVO joined over 600 delegates at California's Ministerial Conference and Expo on Agricultural Science and Technology.  Published 19th August, 12:00am
Brac Schools Will Combine
Creek Primary becomes an infant school (reception through year 3) while Spot Bay caters to junior students (years 4-6). Published 19th August, 12:00am
Quincentennial Roundabout
The Bank of Butterfield will sponsor plants and a pedestal commemorating this historic year.  Published 18th August, 12:00am
Brac Airport Terminal Improvements
Construction on both levels: a larger arrivals hall, a new baggage conveyor system, and new offices on the second level. Published 18th August, 12:00am
New CAA Data System
It delivers required information -- weather, runway information, Notices to Airmen (NOTAMS), airport advisories -- to arriving aircraft.  Published 18th August, 12:00am
2003's Culture Scholar
Jonelle Ebanks, who plays eight instruments, will head to the UK to study.  Published 18th August, 12:00am
Malcus "Boosie" McLaughlin Retires from Civil Service
The Department of Environmental Health hosted a special party to celebrate his 34 years. Published 11th August, 12:00am
Government and Former Health Insurer Settle
"Amicable settlement has been reached in which Caribbean Home has agreed to pay the Government CI$2 million..." Published 6th August, 12:00am
World Breastfeeding Week
"Breastfeeding in a Globalised World - for Peace and Justice" -- organisers say the theme is intended to highlight common areas. Published 6th August, 12:00am