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Press Releases: September 2003

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Passport Office Issues Clarification
Cayman is not part of the Visa Waiver Programme; hence Cayman Islands passport holders are not affected by the changes put in place for other persons travelling to the USA.  Published 2nd October, 12:00am
Basketball Registration
Teams for the 'Young Guns' under-25 league may register until Tuesday, October 28. Published 2nd October, 12:00am
Solomon Harris -- Recycling!
DEH added the law firm to its growing list of companies that recycle office paper. Published 2nd October, 12:00am
Cayman's Racial Harmony Retains Positive Rating
"Cayman society is fully racially integrated and...serious manifestations of racial discrimination are virtually unknown," states a UK report to the UN. Published 1st October, 12:00am
Immigration Law Tabled in the LA
This action provides a period for public consultation prior to debate in November; the draft bill is available here under "Local Issues". Published 1st October, 12:00am
New Personnel Management System for Government
It moves away from centrally controlled recruitment and appointment processes, delegates greater personnel authority to chief officers, yet protects civil servants' employment rights. Published 30th September, 12:00am
Young Caymanians to Attend Summit
Jesse Basdeo and Lauren Ebanks will explore, debate and identify a vision of education and the Commonwealth for the 21st century. Published 30th September, 12:00am
Education Minister Visits Bodden Town Primary
Viewing the two modular classrooms: They'll "be used only on a temporary basis until the new primary school in Spotts is completed."  Published 30th September, 12:00am
Special Presentation at National Gallery
Cuban photographer Roberto Salas will present his newest work, plus his signature style of digital processing, this Thursday, 2 October.  Published 30th September, 12:00am
Special National Gallery Exhibit: "From Within"
Art produced by teens at risk and prison inmates -- the result of workshops held by Ireland-born artist Tony Crosbie. Published 29th September, 12:00am
JGHS Extracurricular Activities
Students could sign up during the annual showcase of after-school programmes. Published 29th September, 12:00am
Deadline Extended
For British passport holders wishing to travel to the USA without either a machine-readable passport or visa. Published 29th September, 12:00am
New Computer System for General Registry
Call it CORIS; the Cayman On-line Registry Information System provides business users greater access to Registry information. Published 29th September, 12:00am
HM Customs Computer Upgrade
Tariffs are being re-coded and goods classified to bring the Tariff Law in line with the "Harmonized System," a global uniform coding system for the trading of goods. Published 29th September, 12:00am
School Enrolment Trends
The largest increase has been at George Hicks High School. Published 29th September, 12:00am
Students Enjoy Back-to-School Party
West Bay's Community Development Committee hosted the event marking the end of the Youth Place centre's summer programme.  Published 19th September, 12:00am
School Supplies for Kids in Need
The Department of Children and Family Services will distribute supplies collected by the CI Students Association. Published 19th September, 12:00am
Laptop for NHC
With 2.5 months remaining in the hurricane season, the NHC gets a technical upgrade from Paramount. Published 19th September, 12:00am
Prohibited Dogs
The Governor-in-Cabinet has removed the liability insurance requirement for persons registering prohibited-breed dogs.  Published 19th September, 12:00am
URGENT Notice from CIMA and RCIP
Counterfeit 100, 50 and 25 dollar notes are in circulation.  Published 19th September, 12:00am
Pink Eye Outbreak
Public Health issues an advisory. Published 18th September, 12:00am
Thursfield to Head Reporting Authority
The former police commissioner accepts an opportunity to help safeguard Cayman's financial services industry. Published 17th September, 12:00am
Auditor General Resigns
Nigel Esdaile will go to work for the Vienna-based Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE).  Published 17th September, 12:00am
Promising Competition: Minister's Statement on CUC
Amendments to the Electricity Law will shortly be brought to the Legislative Assembly. Published 17th September, 12:00am
The next health issue being addressed by the Women's Resource Centre and the CI Hospital's new Women's Health Centre. Published 16th September, 12:00am
University College of the Cayman Islands
Minister for Education, the Hon. Roy Bodden will visit Canada for meetings to help strengthen government's plan for a four-year tertiary institution. Published 16th September, 12:00am
Need to Make a Court-Ordered Payment?
The Court Funds Office has moved to the Court House. Published 16th September, 12:00am
CEO at UNESCO Conference
The meeting in Belize focused on providing participants with training on national education initiatives, such as teacher training. Published 16th September, 12:00am
Reception for Local Scholarship Recipients
More than 130 students were awarded local scholarships this year for A levels, the Community College, Law School and ICCI.  Published 15th September, 12:00am
PR Director for Finance & Economics
Bess Bezirgan will develop regional and global campaigns; plus strong emphasis will be placed on keeping everyone here fully informed. Published 15th September, 12:00am
How to "Fight Fair"
How people argue can determine the future success or failure of a relationship.  Published 12th September, 12:00am
The Secure Youth Facility
Located at Northward, it will have a totally separate management structure since "the regime best suited to adults is very different in basic philosophy and content from that which is needed for young offenders." Published 12th September, 12:00am
MRCU Dusting in South Sound
On Friday, 12 September, the airplane will be flying over the swamp area distributing anti-mosquito larvae-cide. Published 11th September, 12:00am
Cabinet Statement on Status Grants
The Cabinet has set a deadline on submissions. Published 11th September, 12:00am
New Commissioner Sworn In
Mr. Buel Braggs RVM, CPM, the first Caymanian Commissioner of Police, takes oath of office. Published 11th September, 12:00am
Grand Court Rules Published Electronically
This time the Rules topped 1,000 pages, so the Gazette staff decided to opt for the more cost effective, user-friendly CD format. Published 11th September, 12:00am
Community Attends Opening
Saturday's opening of the upgraded Boatswain Bay basketball/volleyball court attracted a wide cross-section of West Bayers. Published 11th September, 12:00am
Guyana Hosts Labour Conference
Director of Employment Services Mr. Walling Whittaker will present a paper on labour modernisation in Cayman.  Published 11th September, 12:00am
Celebrating International Literacy Day
Primary school students rallied to heighten public awareness of the importance of literacy.  Published 11th September, 12:00am
Education: New Senior Managers
For the new school year, promotions for 9 Caymanian educators.  Published 11th September, 12:00am
Child Artist Gets Donations
CUC, Scotiabank, Cayman National, Visual Arts Society, National Gallery, Cayman Airways and USAirways help Brandon Beckett get to Washington DC. Published 8th September, 12:00am
Businesses Recognised
Employment Relations held an awards ceremony to acknowledge the 18 companies that hired students for the summer. Published 8th September, 12:00am
Redesigned Intersection Partially Open
Motorists must use extreme caution driving through the new Hirst Road/Shamrock Road junction. For example there is NO right turn exiting Savannah Texaco. Published 8th September, 12:00am
New Passport Fees
Issue or renewal of an adult's passport $60; "super express" service (one business day or less) add $60; issue or renewal between 2-7 days add $40 -- and more. Published 8th September, 12:00am
Did You Sail on the "Lydia E. Wilson"?
The National Museum is researching for a new exhibit. Published 8th September, 12:00am
Octogenarian Expresses Nature's Beauty
"Mr. Ed" Oliver is now preparing for the 36th year of his popular painting classes.  Published 5th September, 12:00am
DEH Appoints Accounts Officers
A new post for Laurel McLean and a promotion for Louveenia Davis.  Published 5th September, 12:00am
New Automatic Weather Observing Station
CAA purchased it for the Meteorological Section; the station provides weather data critical for take-off and landing of aircraft. Published 4th September, 12:00am
International Literacy Day
An estimated 860 million adults worldwide can't read or write and more than 100 million children lack access to education.  Published 4th September, 12:00am
College Scouts Treated to Social
Nine young men, who grew up as friends and Scouts, shared experiences: working as college advisors and mentors, sports, scholarships, eating foreign foods. Published 4th September, 12:00am
Warning: Fish Poisoning
Public Health advises: Be cautious when consuming large reef fish, especially barracudas. Published 3rd September, 12:00am
New Chief Immigration Officers
Franz Manderson will become Chief Immigration Officer; in the interim, former Chief Officer Gerry Maguire will run the department. Published 3rd September, 12:00am
Public Invited to District Sports Openings
Come see the upgraded, improved basketball courts in West Bay and George Town. Published 3rd September, 12:00am