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Press Releases: October 2003

Press releases are published as PDF documents. For more information read the PDF guidelines.

Christmas Stamps 2003
The season's colourful decorations are featured on the issue that goes on sale Tuesday, 4 November. Published 31st October, 12:00am
New Information Officers
A young West Bayer with a new communications degree and a 10-year journalism veteran out of the Lone Star state join GIS. Published 31st October, 12:00am
Denzie Carter Promoted
From Detective to Superintendent and she's heading the RCIP's Performance and Standards Unit. Published 31st October, 12:00am
Training Seminars for PO Staff
One Saturday per month to improve staff knowledge, job performance, and customer service. Published 31st October, 12:00am
Older Persons in the Workplace
"...think creatively about the employment and retention of older workers...bringing in flexible or phased retirement, part time working or job sharing and...abandoning a mandatory retirement age."  Published 29th October, 12:00am
Hospital's New Information System
Records need to be updated, so arrive early for your next appointment. Published 28th October, 12:00am
Public has until Friday but...
Following the second reading in the LA, the Immigration bill will be referred to a Committee of the Whole House; at this stage any input received after 31 October will be considered.  Published 28th October, 12:00am
Air Safety Support International Meets on GC
ASSI has overall responsibility to ensure oversight for aviation safety in the UK OTs. Published 28th October, 12:00am
Food Vendors Ready for Pirates Week!
Over 50 completed Environmental Health's Basic Food Hygiene Course.  Published 28th October, 12:00am
Storytellers for Fundraiser
Paul Keens-Douglas, Sookie and Zekeil, and two JGHS students will spin their yarns to raise money for the GT Library's extension. Published 28th October, 12:00am
SPEAK OUT on the Immigration Bill
Growth management, human rights, Vision 2008 -- much went into the draft and now is the time for the public to respond. Published 27th October, 12:00am
Fireworks Safety Reminders
Seasonal festivities include fiery, loud displays. These tips will help keep you and your family safe.  Published 27th October, 12:00am
Coaches and Students Meet
"Coaching for Success" works by having mentors assist students with their educational goals.  Published 27th October, 12:00am
Apply for the Cayman Scholar Award
Top students can be awarded $25,000/year for up to 5 years. Published 24th October, 12:00am
CAA Promotes its Aircraft Registry
The National Business Aviation Association attracts corporate representatives that own private aircraft. Published 24th October, 12:00am
Thank-you Deloitte & Touche!
The company pledged $30,000 in funds and in-kind services toward the GT Library's three-story expansion. Published 23rd October, 12:00am
Minister to Commomwealth Education Conference
The Hon. Roy Bodden is off to Edinburgh, Scotland; the conference, which takes place every three years, is themed "Access, Inclusion, Achievement: Closing the Gap."  Published 23rd October, 12:00am
Electronic Screening at Owen Roberts
All checked baggage is now being x-rayed. Published 23rd October, 12:00am
Cuban Olympic Champ Visits
Middle-distance runner Ana Fidelia Quirot is participating in a range of sporting and social activities. Published 23rd October, 12:00am
Education Minister Visits Canada
Knowledge gained will help turn the community college into a university college (UC); a model pioneered in Canada. Published 21st October, 12:00am
Fund Raisers, Decision Makers...
The newly appointed National Museum Board Members and Trustees. Published 21st October, 12:00am
Recommended: Garbage Enclosures
Building one means paying attention to a few details. Published 21st October, 12:00am
Minister Attends CARICOM Health Caucus
On the agenda: HIV/AIDS, education and licensing standards for health professionals, mental health and regional health institutions. Published 20th October, 12:00am
A Notice from the Legal Advisory Council
On applications for abridgement of the term of articles. Published 20th October, 12:00am
Ministry at the Hemisphere's Health Conference
Attending the Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO) Directing Council Meeting convinced the Hon. Gilbert McLean that we have "direct access to some of the best scientific minds within the Americas." Published 20th October, 12:00am
Scout Jamboree
The annual international On-The-Air Communication Jamboree takes place on 18 October at the Public Beach. Published 17th October, 12:00am
Initial Report from the IMF
"...good evidence of a developed compliance culture" and the IMF noted a strong professional infrastructure. Published 16th October, 12:00am
Governor's Tea Party for Older Persons
Guests from around Grand Cayman were treated to scheduled and impromptu performances of music and poetry (the Governor played the piano).  Published 14th October, 12:00am
Brochure Celebrates Five Distinguished Women
Recognised in this Quincentennial year for their contributions to their communities and the country, now we can learn more about them. Published 14th October, 12:00am
DoE: New Enforcement Officers
The strengthened division allows the officers to work in pairs and handle a larger array of issues.  Published 13th October, 12:00am
Exam Results 2003
30% of JGHS students achieved four or more passes and all students attained certification in at least one external exam. At CBHS every student in the class earned at least one CXC pass.  Published 13th October, 12:00am
"Art Flix" at the National Gallery
Will feature Irish-born painter Francis Bacon whose abstract images of psychological brutality made him both famous and infamous. Published 13th October, 12:00am
Amy Wolliston: New Deputy for Pensions Office
The office is responsible for the registration, supervision and regulatory enforcement of more than 175 pension plans. Published 10th October, 12:00am
Ministerial Shuffle
The LA met (10 Oct.) and voted to make the changes in government announced by the United Democratic Party on Wednesday. Published 10th October, 12:00am
2003-04 Phone Directory
The Governor received Cable & Wireless' new directory with jet-ski champ Kenny Rankine on the cover. Published 10th October, 12:00am
New Girl Guides Island Commissioner
Mrs. Dinwiddy invited Guides, leaders and parents to Government House for Commissioner Mellony Bryan's installation.  Published 10th October, 12:00am
Aging Healthfully: Vitamins E and C
Proper diet helps the elderly stay healthy. Anti-oxidant vitamins E and C protect cells and genetic material and may help reduce the risk of Alzheimer's and heart disease.  Published 10th October, 12:00am
Lands & Survey: A Strategy for Success!
A one-day retreat for managers came on the heels of two major conferences attended by staff.  Published 10th October, 12:00am
Discussing Environmental Health Issues
JGHS students considered topics like managing solid waste, illegal dumping, recycling and how communities make decisions that affect the environment.  Published 10th October, 12:00am
Debut of "Education Voice"
The newsletter will keep everyone in the department and schools informed. Published 9th October, 12:00am
Cabinet Shuffle -- Pierson to Become Speaker
He will also not run for re-election; Julianna O'Connor-Connolly will take his place in the Cabinet. Published 9th October, 12:00am
Update on Aircraft Emergency
The pilot flew a low pass over the airport and CAA staff informed him that the landing gear appeared to be down.  Published 9th October, 12:00am
Are You Endangering Your Garbage Collectors?
Broken glass, dogs, and sharp sticks make a challenging job even more difficult. Published 8th October, 12:00am
East End Road Works Begin
PWD will upgrade the shoulders, repair the existing road, and apply a surface treatment. Published 8th October, 12:00am
Government Efforts to Resolve Afghanis' Plight
The Immigration Appeals Tribunal has upheld the appeal of the three men to be allowed "limited leave" to remain in Cayman.  Published 8th October, 12:00am
Cubans Repatriated
Migrants who arrived by boat in late August were repatriated on 3 October in accordance with a Memorandum of Understanding agreed with Cuba.  Published 8th October, 12:00am
Can we make using roundabouts easier?
PWD's Roads Division asks the public to fill out a short questionnaire during October.  Published 8th October, 12:00am
Taking Food Hygiene Seriously
DEH awarded certificates to a group of restaurant managers and supervisors for successfully completing a food hygiene course. Published 6th October, 12:00am
Coutts Receives 2003 NCFA Booklet
Since 1994 Coutts Cayman Ltd. has sponsored the publication containing award winning poems, stories, essays and plays.  Published 3rd October, 12:00am
Groundbreaking for New Primary School
Prospect Primary has a single storey layout and will hold 300 students.  Published 3rd October, 12:00am
Pensioners' Quincentennial Celebration
Organized by the PSPB, the evening was filled with camaraderie, entertainment, speeches, and traditional food.  Published 2nd October, 12:00am
Story Hour
The George Town Public Library schedules six weeks of Caribbean stories.  Published 2nd October, 12:00am
Forty New Students for Law School's 21st Year
Students receive the benefit of a major university education without experiencing some of the accompanying problems.  Published 1st October, 12:00am