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Press Releases: November 2003

Press releases are published as PDF documents. For more information read the PDF guidelines.

Nassau Grouper Emergency
The Marine Conservation Board sees an urgent need to close the spawning grounds for eight years. Published 1st December, 12:00am
Seafarers' Association Receives Donation
An anonymous benefactor contributes $300,000 for a new building. Published 1st December, 12:00am
Book Fair 2003
"Log on to" featured exhibits, activity centres, and storytellers. Published 28th November, 12:00am
Lions Club of Grand Cayman Spelling Bee
For high school students words like "dodecahedron" and "phagocytosis" -- the Brac's David Wahler emerged the victor.  Published 28th November, 12:00am
Diabetes Association December Meeting
Learn how to feast wisely during the holidays.  Published 26th November, 12:00am
DEH and DoE: Know the Difference
They're separate units with related but unique responsibilities -- a new brochure explains. Published 26th November, 12:00am
Customs Collector at Turks and Caicos Conference
Mr. Carlon Powery attended the 26th Annual Conference of the Caribbean Customs Law Enforcement Council; he chairs the organisation's Executive Council.  Published 26th November, 12:00am
Sending Food to the USA
All food shipments must be preceded by prior notice effective 12 December 2003. Published 26th November, 12:00am
BCIT Representatives Visit
Two educators from the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) participated in the first Technical and Vocational Training (TVET) Fair.  Published 26th November, 12:00am
Storytellers for National Education Week
The Sugar Lady and the author of the "Toby Belfer" books shared poems and short stories with students.  Published 26th November, 12:00am
Crisis Centre Issues Challenge to Shoppers
Which supermarket can collect the most food and household items for donation to the shelter? Published 24th November, 12:00am
Lobster Season
Runs from December 1st to February 29th. Check here for more regulations. Published 21st November, 12:00am
Rochelle Dilbert Joins DEH Food Hygiene Unit
A district health officer for three years, she rejoins the department, eager to increase public awareness on the importance of safe food handling. Published 21st November, 12:00am
Victims of Terror
In memory of the members of the British Consulate-General staff that died in Istanbul, flags at Government House and the Glass House will be flown at half-mast until Monday morning. Published 21st November, 12:00am
Nathaniel's the Champ!
"vicissitudes" is the word that won Creek/Spot Bay student Nathaniel DaCosta the 2003 Royal Bank of Canada Primary School Spelling Bee.  Published 21st November, 12:00am
New Vehicle for Brac Fire Services
Funded by the Civil Aviation Authority, the fire truck meets requirements set by the International Civil Aviation Organization. Published 20th November, 12:00am
Final Recall of Defective License Plates
Early Quincentennial plates have white numbers -- these should be traded in for plates with blue numbers. Published 20th November, 12:00am
Last Chance!
Quincentennial license plates exist in limited quantities and will soon be sold out. Published 20th November, 12:00am
New History of Cayman
The Leader of Government Business speaks at the launch of "Founded Upon the Seas: A History of the Cayman Islands and Their People."  Published 20th November, 12:00am
Counterterrorism Exercise
Deputy Leader of Government Business, the Hon. Gilbert McLean addressed the participants. Published 19th November, 12:00am
International Clothesline Project
Through art the project allows survivors of abuse and violence to express their grief and anger; the aim is to help them heal.  Published 19th November, 12:00am
Quincentennial Dual-Lane Roundabout
Renamed and changed to two lanes, it will move traffic even faster. Published 19th November, 12:00am
Minister Checks Out Hospital Information System
Benefits: less time filling in forms, more time with patients, less time waiting and it will improve the hospital's ability to recover charges.  Published 18th November, 12:00am
Returning Teachers Enhance Education
Three Caymanian teachers, Anola Smith, Wayedene Kidd and Tunisia Barnes, now have master's degrees.  Published 18th November, 12:00am
Restoration Work on LA Symbols
The bronze mace, its velvet-lined wooden case and the Sergeant-at-Arms' sword all received a Quincentennial sprucing up. Published 17th November, 12:00am
Info about Telecommunications for the New Minister
The Hon. Julianna O'Connor-Connolly, now responsible for Communications and Information Technology, was invited to tour Cable and Wireless' facilities.  Published 14th November, 12:00am
Savannah Primary School's Prefects
Thirteen are recognised for their hard work and dedication. Published 14th November, 12:00am
Jarold Smith Park to Open
The public is invited to the opening in North Side on Saturday, 22 November, at 2:00pm.  Published 14th November, 12:00am
Considering Cayman's Future
Meet the members of the Immigration Review Team (IRT). Published 13th November, 12:00am
Helping Abused Friends
Sometimes assistance from friends and relatives does not help, so learn what does. The workshop will be held on the Brac too. Published 13th November, 12:00am
Tinted Windows: A Reminder
The Law says "anything put on windows that diminishes the degree of light transmission in either direction below 35% (as measured by an approved measuring device)" is illegal.  Published 13th November, 12:00am
GTPS Gets Checked Out
A group of five local and overseas inspectors carried out a post-inspection visit at George Town Primary School at the end of October.  Published 13th November, 12:00am
Grand Opening: Cayman Islands Investment Bureau
Aiming to encourage investment in all three Islands while ensuring that potential investors have a first-rate experience when trying to relocate or expand offices here.  Published 12th November, 12:00am
World Diabetes Day
A message from the Minister for Health Services, the Hon. Gilbert McLean. Published 12th November, 12:00am
Legal Advisory Council Refutes Bar Association Statement
The Caymanian Bar Association said to give preferential consideration to articled clerks obtaining law degrees at a minimum level of second-class honours. Published 12th November, 12:00am
National Education Week 2003
Open days, teacher appreciation, spelling bees, TVET and Book fairs -- and the launch of the new history of the Cayman Islands. Published 12th November, 12:00am
Stamp Duty Reduction Extended
Two more months! Published 12th November, 12:00am
New Minister for Works Takes Roads Tour
The Hon. Gilbert McLean took a firsthand look at PWD's current and future road projects.  Published 11th November, 12:00am
Government Construction Contracts
PWD recently hosted a two-day seminar to introduce government's new procedure for construction contracts.  Published 11th November, 12:00am
Buy a Poppy!
Donations benefit veterans and their widows.  Published 7th November, 12:00am
"Art Flix" Presents Frank Lloyd Wright
The architect spent 70 years incorporating the environment into his works.  Published 7th November, 12:00am
PO Survey
To assist with its ongoing improvement process, Postal Services gives customers a chance to comment. Published 7th November, 12:00am
Roundabouts: What's Your Opinion?
PWD's deadline has been extended to allow motorists a chance to fill out a questionnaire. Published 7th November, 12:00am
Dart Donation Tops Off Sports Awards
A cheque for $10,000 completed the funding for last month's Quincentennial National Sports Awards extravaganza. Published 7th November, 12:00am
CAL Flies on Wednesdays to Havana
GIS' Lennon Christian reports on the inaugural flight. Published 7th November, 12:00am
Scholarships for Postgraduate Studies
Trinidad and Tobago is offering four to UWI's St. Augustine campus. Published 7th November, 12:00am
Remembrance Day 2003
Sunday Cayman will again join nations worldwide in paying tribute to those who defended their countries during times of war.  Published 6th November, 12:00am
Policy Statement on Women's Sports
Efforts are being made to ensure that sports programmes take into serious consideration the involvement of girls and women of all ages.  Published 6th November, 12:00am
JGHS Celebrates Caymanian Heritage
Traditional songs, storytelling, crafts, thatch work, food, music, quadrille dancing and making of the lime kiln-daub were featured during the day. Published 6th November, 12:00am
WRC/WHC Education Sessions...
...continue on 12 November with the causes, symptoms and treatments for endometriosis. Published 5th November, 12:00am
National Gallery's Global Vision
"Rousings" opens in January and will explore the depth and breadth of Jamaican art.  Published 5th November, 12:00am
Caymanian Appointed Registrar of Lands
Ann Kirchman, who has spent almost all her working life engaged in land administration, is looking forward to her new responsibilities. Published 4th November, 12:00am
Governor & AG to UK
To interview shortlisted candidates for the post of Solicitor General.  Published 4th November, 12:00am
New Appointment at School's Inspectorate
Mary Bowerman, one of the first local occasional inspectors to be trained, joins as an inspector.  Published 4th November, 12:00am
Diabetics: Avoid Kidney Complications
The topic of this month's CIDA meeting coincides with the World Diabetes Day 2003 theme: "Diabetes and Kidney Disease: Time to Act."  Published 3rd November, 12:00am
Expert Visits Law School
Students were treated to a lecture from world-renowned authority on the law of trusts, Prof. David Hayton. Published 3rd November, 12:00am