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Press Releases: December 2003

Press releases are published as PDF documents. For more information read the PDF guidelines.

Canadian Ban Lifted
DoA has informed local importers that Cabinet has lifted the ban on certain meat products that present minimal risks for disease transmission. Published 29th December, 12:00am
Temporary Ban on US Meat Products
"Although the risk posed to the local population appears low, the department is acting in accordance with established international protocols to ensure the maximum safety of our residents." Published 29th December, 12:00am
Cricket Association Receives Donation
CI$150,000 dollars from Dart Management will assist the youth and prison programmes and work on the Jimmy Powell Oval.  Published 29th December, 12:00am
Governor's Christmas Message
"Happily for us all, Cayman is a country where the meaning of the Christmas message is still widely understood." Published 29th December, 12:00am
Grouper Spawning Areas CLOSED for Eight Years
"...most persons agree that tighter restrictions are necessary to prevent us from losing our grouper permanently as has happened in other areas of the Caribbean."  Published 22nd December, 12:00am
CAL Begins Chicago Flights
GIS Information Officer Ruth Smith reports on the inaugural flight. Published 22nd December, 12:00am
Corporate Sponsors Support Literacy
Five contributed towards the visit of Storyteller/Educator Dr. Arlene Carter-Pounds, known as the Sugar Lady. Published 22nd December, 12:00am
Teaming Up to Fight Crime
Beginning in January, persons licensing a vehicle will receive a coupon with Crime Stoppers' toll-free number.  Published 22nd December, 12:00am
Hundreds "Log on to Reading"
Attendance at this year's Book Fair was the largest ever. Published 22nd December, 12:00am
Government & Cayman Brac Power & Light Sign Licence
The new 15-year non-exclusive licence appears in full here. Published 18th December, 12:00am
Survey Fee Ceiling Removed for Sister Islands
Starting 1 January 2004, the Lands and Survey Department can provide full survey services in Cayman Brac and Little Cayman on a fee-for-service basis. Published 18th December, 12:00am
Spear Guns
An explanation of the law and directives. Published 17th December, 12:00am
Website for CAA
Director Richard Smith: "This new site will allow the CAA to more efficiently reach various audiences and serve their needs." Published 17th December, 12:00am
Cayman-Cuba Photos in London
Patrick Broderick and Roberto Salas' "Dos Visiones/Two Visions" opened at the Commonwealth Society Club.  Published 16th December, 12:00am
PS Helps IFS Celebrate
Joy Basdeo shared survey results, including banks/financial companies hire two Caymanians for each expatriate and 90% offer some type of training. Published 16th December, 12:00am
Parliamentarians Work to Achieve Gender Equality
Commonwealth nations are striving to achieve the goal of 30% representation by women in legislatures by 2005. Published 16th December, 12:00am
"Clothesline Project" Unveiled
T-shirts, painted with graphic pictures and written messages about abuse, are on display at the CI Hospital's Women's Health Centre.  Published 11th December, 12:00am
Workshop for Teachers
The presentation dealt with strategies for developing and implementing enrichment programmes for highly able primary school students.  Published 11th December, 12:00am
Youth Commission Developments
New office opened and literacy adopted as 2004 focus. Published 11th December, 12:00am
Hon. Roy Bodden Chairs Human Rights Committee
"As in other aspects of Cayman's development, it is our objective to maintain an exemplary record regarding human rights conventions." Published 11th December, 12:00am
U.S. Nonimmigrant Visa Application
The new Electronic Visa Application Form (EVAF) is designed to speed processing and will be required for use by all Cayman residents beginning 1 January 2004.  Published 10th December, 12:00am
Cayman Meets with Caribbean Colleagues in London
Leader of Government Business McKeeva Bush hosted a high-powered all day meeting preceding the 5th Overseas Territories Consultative Council.  Published 10th December, 12:00am
Dart Donation for NSHCF
The organisation encourages teenage accomplishments in education and the arts.  Published 10th December, 12:00am
Cabinet Announcement
Final status quotas for 2003. Published 10th December, 12:00am
Avoid Food-borne Illnesses!!!
Tips to keep you and your family safe when cooking this holiday season. Published 9th December, 12:00am
Communication Workshop
Teachers learn new approaches for helping children with multiple challenges. Published 9th December, 12:00am
Prison's Education Programme Enhanced
New computers, books and more! Published 9th December, 12:00am
Delegation to OT Meeting in UK
On the agenda: the role of Governors, ongoing Constitutional Reviews, the EU, and the environment. Published 5th December, 12:00am
Say "No, No, No" to Holiday Stress
A helpful article from the counselor at the Women's Resource Centre, plus a free workshop. Published 5th December, 12:00am
CD or Hard Copy
GIS releases Government's 2002 Annual Report in two formats. Published 5th December, 12:00am
HIV/AIDS Meetings to Be Held Here
First the Caribbean Epidemiology Centre meets on "Prevention and Control of HIV/AIDS in the Caribbean" then Cayman meets to refine its HIV/AIDS national strategic plan. Published 4th December, 12:00am
British Embassy in Honduras to Close
The UK has informed Government that it can no longer assist with issuing visas to Hondurans wishing to visit Cayman.  Published 4th December, 12:00am
Grand Court Rules Revised
A replacement CD for the Grand Court Rules 1995 (Revised) has been published with Gazette Number 24, of 1 December 2003.  Published 4th December, 12:00am
Save the Whale
In support of a World Wildlife Fund initiative, Cayman's Short-finned Pilot Whale is featured on a new stamp issue. Published 3rd December, 12:00am
Government Officials to be Honoured
At its 31st Commencement Exercises, the International College of the Cayman Islands will confer seven honorary degrees, including those to the Hon. McKeeva Bush, the Hon. Roy Bodden, and MLA Mrs. Edna Moyle.  Published 3rd December, 12:00am
Submit Art Work for Stamp
Postal services asks resident Caymanian artists to submit photos of paintings featuring the Easter story.  Published 3rd December, 12:00am
CXC Regional Conference
Cayman delegates will help celebrate the exam's 30th anniversary. Published 1st December, 12:00am
Minister's Message for World AIDS Day
"There would be few things more upsetting in life, I would imagine, than being denied medical care because the health practitioner was afraid to care for you -- or worse yet, believed that your life was not worth caring for."  Published 1st December, 12:00am
Stigma in the Health Sector
This theme for World AIDS Day hopes to raise awareness of discrimination; plus find the schedule of activities here. Published 1st December, 12:00am