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Press Releases: February 2004

Press releases are published as PDF documents. For more information read the PDF guidelines.

Fire Officer Tina Shepard
The first female to serve in the Fire Service is certified in pump operations and in control room telecommunications. Published 26th February, 12:00am
Women's Month Activities Begin Monday
March's Honouring Women observance will start with an Open House at the Women's Resource Centre.  Published 24th February, 12:00am
Youth Office to Open
The National Youth Commission's current focuses are the effectiveness of out-of-classroom programmes and literacy.  Published 24th February, 12:00am
Document Traffic Problems Says PWD
Got a problem on your residential road with speeders and other motorists demonstrating questionable driving practices?  Published 24th February, 12:00am
Ag Show -- Cayman's Largest Cultural Event
Displays from farmers and crafts-people and everyone will be there! Published 23rd February, 12:00am
Police Report for 23 February
An elderly resident went missing on Friday but was found safe on Saturday; two car accidents. Published 23rd February, 12:00am
Ganja Arrests
A total of five arrests in two separate incidents. Published 23rd February, 12:00am
Avian Flu in USA
The Agriculture Department has measures in place to prevent the importation of birds from areas where there are outbreaks. Published 23rd February, 12:00am
Elections Day Nov 17
Also published, the schedule for the various activities leading up to the elections; first comes elector registration. Published 20th February, 12:00am
Savannah's New Beat Officer
Constable Fran General, a 14-year RCIP veteran, has worked at the Bodden Town Police Station and at the Traffic Department.  Published 20th February, 12:00am
Iguana Theft!
The bright blue fibreglass iguana, about seven feet long and three feet wide, was stolen from the top of a hut near Seven Mile Beach.  Published 20th February, 12:00am
Scout Week 22-28 Feb.
Including Founder's Day, the website launch, Uniform Day, Community Service Day, a basketball competition, the annual Campfire Celebration and much more! Published 20th February, 12:00am
Fun by the Numbers
Friday (20 Feb.) is Mathematics Day and Saturday is the Mathematics Fair. Published 20th February, 12:00am
MRCU: Two New Assistant Directors
Needed to handle an increased workload and the further development of research.  Published 20th February, 12:00am
New Officer in Charge at West Bay Police Station
Chief Inspector Courtney Myles, a 28-year veteran, feels proactive policing will make the district safer.  Published 19th February, 12:00am
New Chief Inspector in Charge of GTPS Operations
Now Chief Inspector Greg Thompson, the 15-year veteran says he wants more community involvement.  Published 19th February, 12:00am
Special Thanks from Community Policing
RCIP presented an award to David Morritt for outstanding service to the community.  Published 18th February, 12:00am
Write about Women
In celebration of Honouring Women Month (March), the WRC invites entries for a writing competition: "Challenges, Solutions and the Way Forward."  Published 17th February, 12:00am
Whittaker to Fight
Caymanian boxer Charles Whittaker will be fighting Saturday, 28 February, during the 'Night of the Gladiators' event in Ft. Lauderdale.  Published 17th February, 12:00am
Community Ministry and Agencies Fine-Tune Objectives
An intensive workshop focussed on 'Paying for the Vision' -- fairly distributing government's financial resources and achieving CSYSGA objectives. Published 17th February, 12:00am
Scouts Once More in NS
24 boys take advantage of the revitalized programme.  Published 17th February, 12:00am
Lottery & Inheritance Scams
The RCIP says throw the letter or email away; if it's a phone call... Published 17th February, 12:00am
You were going how fast?
80kph? That's 50 mph. Published 17th February, 12:00am
Seafood from Central and South America
It must be fully inspected, processed in approved facilities, and arrive here with an import permit. Published 17th February, 12:00am
Story Hour Roars in 2004
The Lions Club of Grand Cayman joins the public libraries in sharing with young people the joy of reading.  Published 16th February, 12:00am
Major Incident Room Established
The RCIP has formed a special team to investigate two recent murders. Published 16th February, 12:00am
Clarification on Land Acquisition
The land for the Turtle Farm expansion was acquired by compulsory purchase; money from the sale will be held in trust for the owner.  Published 13th February, 12:00am
For Landing Helicopters?
No, the white 'Xs' on island roads are aerial photography markers.  Published 13th February, 12:00am
AG to OT Conference
Some of the topics on the agenda: custodial sentencing, major crime investigations, the role of JPs, law revision, human rights, and maritime interdiction. Published 12th February, 12:00am
CAA and Island Air Reach Agreement
Island Air paid Civil Aviation an agreed sum to settle the entire debt. Published 12th February, 12:00am
The Immigration Law 2003 Explained -- Part 1
The Right to be Caymanian Published 12th February, 12:00am
The Immigration Law 2003 Explained -- Part 4
Entry, Landing, Student Visa and Asylum Provisions Published 12th February, 12:00am
The Immigration Law 2003 Explained -- Part 2
Permanent Residency & Arrangements for Current Long-term Residents Published 12th February, 12:00am
The Immigration Law 2003 Explained -- Part 3
Work Permits, Business Staffing Plans & Transitional Provisions Published 12th February, 12:00am
GT Barcadere Cleaned Up
Removed: 150 tons of broken outboard engines and appliances, foam mattresses, tires, car seats, batteries, bottles, garbage etc. Published 6th February, 12:00am
Public Health Keeping an Eye on Asian Bird Flu
Travellers to Asian countries with documented outbreaks are advised to take precautions. Published 6th February, 12:00am
500 Conchs in 2003
The Pines gets any illegally caught seafood confiscated by DOE that cannot be returned to the sea. Published 4th February, 12:00am
Electrical Licensing Exams
Exams are scheduled for February, May, August and November 2004.  Published 4th February, 12:00am
Making Math More Than 1, 2, 3
Teachers' workshops introduced new research findings and techniques that help keep students motivated. Published 4th February, 12:00am
Changes at Lands and Survey
Aliceann Kirchman is registrar of lands, Alan R. Jones is the new director, Clark Buchanan has left to pursue other interests.  Published 3rd February, 12:00am
FCO Comments on Delaying Constitutional Talks
The British Government hopes Government will reconsider and talks can be rescheduled. Published 3rd February, 12:00am
Inspection Underway at SPS
Savannah's students and teachers are being evaluated this week. Published 3rd February, 12:00am
World Wetlands Day
Coastal, seasonal, and permanent wetlands all provide environmental services more inexpensively and more efficiently than anything man-made. Published 2nd February, 12:00am