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Press Releases: March 2004

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RCIP Visit BT Primary
Two Community Policing Officers discussed road safety tips with Year One students.  Published 31st March, 12:00am
Officer Promoted
The RCIP's Raymond Christian of the Financial Crime Unit becomes a Detective Chief Inspector. Published 31st March, 12:00am
New Employees at Planning
Two planning assistants and an electrical inspector. Published 30th March, 12:00am
Police Report for March 29
An accident, a sudden death, and a fire. Published 30th March, 12:00am
Moko -- Not a Big Threat
Jamaica currently has an outbreak of this disease that attacks the roots of bananas and plantains.  Published 26th March, 12:00am
Another Temporary Site for LA
The Legislative Assembly is moving to the Cayman Corporate Centre. Published 26th March, 12:00am
Planning Responds to Concerns
Quarterly meetings, an on-line newsletter, more staff -- the department is improving its relationship with customers. Published 26th March, 12:00am
The National Educational Leadership Programme (NELP) invests in principals and other senior school managers as key change agents for improvement. Published 26th March, 12:00am
Take Advantage of Super Tuesdays!
Quick planning approval for houses, pools, fences less than four ft high, duplexes and garages. Published 26th March, 12:00am
What's New @ School?
The first in a series of articles about how ITALIC will improve your child's education.  Published 25th March, 12:00am
Work Begins on New LC Airfield
Cayman Engineering+Surveying will complete Phase I. Published 25th March, 12:00am
BT Primary Embraces IT
Education's "Learning Village" helps everyone with ITALIC (Information and Technology Learning in the Cayman Islands). Published 24th March, 12:00am
Unemployment Down
And the number of Caymanians employed is up! Published 24th March, 12:00am
Priorities in Technical and Vocational Training
The Schools' Inspectorate is reviewing the nature and quality of these programmes in government high schools. Published 24th March, 12:00am
World Water Day
DEH discusses necessary precautions for safe water. Published 19th March, 12:00am
Minister Tours Public Works
Having recently become Minister of Works, the Hon. Gilbert McLean visited PWD to get a first-hand update on current projects.  Published 19th March, 12:00am
Easter Stamp Issue
Local artists Bridget McPartland, Carole Mayer and Natasha Kozaily produced images of Christ's suffering and resurrection.  Published 18th March, 12:00am
Educators to Fiji Conference
To learn about redefining the role of educational assessment.  Published 18th March, 12:00am
NCFA Time!
Come out for the 22nd National Children's Festival of the Arts and see how the children have grown as artists and performers.  Published 18th March, 12:00am
PSPB Mentors College Students
Its internship programme provides valuable work experience and positive professional role models. Published 16th March, 12:00am
Certificate Offered to HR Professionals
Personnel and CISHRP are working together to make this opportunity available. Published 16th March, 12:00am
Channel Islands' Educators to Visit
They'll gain information on the ministerial system of government.  Published 16th March, 12:00am
Planning Statistics for 2003
Good news -- high numbers like those seen in the late 1990's. Published 16th March, 12:00am
Do you know where the National Gallery is located?
Visitors say the gallery is hard to find, and tourism operators send visitors to one of the commercial galleries. Published 15th March, 12:00am
Coaching for Success in Second Year
The mentorship programme at JGHS returns following a marked improvement in some participants' attitudes and grades. Published 15th March, 12:00am
Now It's the National Pensions Office
The Office of the Superintendent of Pensions has been re-named.  Published 15th March, 12:00am
An Engineer, a PR Practitioner and a Surgeon
The Education Council showcases 3 recent scholarship graduates -- while reminding everyone that the deadline for applications is approaching.  Published 15th March, 12:00am
Governor Presents Service Medals
20 officers of the police, fire and prison services were awarded Colonial Long Service Medals.  Published 15th March, 12:00am
Building a Commonwealth of Freedom
Schools celebrated Commonwealth Day with flag and costume parades and storytelling. Published 11th March, 12:00am
Acting Director for Tourism
Ms Pilar Bush takes over 16 March 2004.  Published 11th March, 12:00am
Braggs, Haines to Drug Enforcement Conference
"Combating International Drug Trafficking and Money Laundering" is the theme of the organisation's 22nd meeting.  Published 11th March, 12:00am
First Passing Out Parade for Cadet Corps
"You are representative of all that is responsible and good" -- 29 Bravo company recruits become full cadets. Published 10th March, 12:00am
Special Needs Children in Preschool
The Early Intervention Programme says inclusion has benefits for all children. Published 10th March, 12:00am
Police Report for 10 March
A robbery and a pedestrian is knocked down and the driver is asked to come forward. Published 10th March, 12:00am
Police Report for 8 March
Two traffic accidents and an arrest for being drunk and disorderly. Published 10th March, 12:00am
Cayman Bids to be a Host
The International Cricket Council's World Cup West Indies 2007 will be played on various Caribbean islands. Published 10th March, 12:00am
Nutrition Guidelines for Young Children
Does your toddler refuse a meal one day and ask for seconds the next? It's normal. Published 9th March, 12:00am
Week of the Young Child Message
The Education Minister says that we must ensure that every child experiences the type of early environment that will promote learning.  Published 9th March, 12:00am
New Seating for West Bay Retirees
Golden Age Home residents have a double-sided bench designed by Lennon Christian, built at Northward, and provided by the district's Community Development Action Committee.  Published 8th March, 12:00am
STARSS Programme to Help Families in Need
It assists in providing access to education or short-term training that equips clients with skills that help them to become self-sufficient. Published 8th March, 12:00am
Schools Inspectorate's 7th Annual Conference
Trevor Hawes talked about the latest discoveries on how the brain works and the implications for improving learning. Published 8th March, 12:00am
Youth Funds Donated, Task Force Formed
US$50,000 from Dart Management benefits the National Youth Commission Literacy Task Force, which is preparing to start its work.  Published 8th March, 12:00am
Winning Writers
Children and adults won cash for poems and stories honouring older persons. Published 4th March, 12:00am
Police Report
For 2nd & 3rd March, a drug arrest, a car accident and a sudden death. Published 4th March, 12:00am
Read This if You Drop Your Child Off to See Movies
The RCIP issues a warning to parents. Published 4th March, 12:00am
Visit by FCO Director-General for Corporate Services
Dickie Stagg will discuss FCO corporate issues with the Governor and his staff and meet with Cabinet. Published 4th March, 12:00am
MRCU Survey Crew Training
Safe application of pesticides, mosquito biology and other studies in Florida.  Published 3rd March, 12:00am
Technology Night at East End Primary School
Parents get hands-on experience with new technology and advice on how to help their children.  Published 3rd March, 12:00am
New Children & Family District Offices
A major aspect of the department's decentralising is offering services in the districts identical to those offered at the main office in George Town.  Published 3rd March, 12:00am
New Criteria for NPs
See The Notaries Public (Amendment) (No.2) Law, 2003, gazetted 27 January 2004.  Published 3rd March, 12:00am
Charles Wins!
Middleweight boxer Charles Whittaker KOd his opponent minutes into the first round at the "Night of the Gladiators" event in Ft. Lauderdale. Published 3rd March, 12:00am