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Press Releases: April 2004

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DEH Training for Caregivers
Employees of day-care centers and pre-schools learn about sanitation, water quality, food hygiene, and pest control.  Published 30th April, 12:00am
Governor Receives Red Cross Badge
The international observance of Red Cross Week is 3-8 May.  Published 30th April, 12:00am
Conch Season Closes Saturday
No one may take, purchase, receive or possess conch taken from Cayman waters from 1 May through 31 October. Published 29th April, 12:00am
Extensive Larviciding Programme Begins
MRCU will apply three pounds of larvicide pellets per acre over 13,000 acres of mosquito breeding habitat.  Published 29th April, 12:00am
NCFA Preliminaries
Photos of performers. Published 29th April, 12:00am
Police Report -- 29 April
A drug arrest in Scranton. Published 29th April, 12:00am
Speech at Chamber Luncheon
Minister of Health, the Hon. Gilbert McLean, speaks on regulatory and operational changes in Cayman's health care system. Published 28th April, 12:00am
Glasses for Special Athletes
The Lions clubs are supporting the "Healthy Athletes" Special Olympics programme. Published 28th April, 12:00am
Judges for NCFA
Three experienced musician-teacher-performers from Canada are already impressed with Cayman's talented children. Published 28th April, 12:00am
Lighthouse Takes the Prize
The school won the Grand Cayman grow box competition.  Published 27th April, 12:00am
You must observe the "Rules of the Road" when travelling on public roads.  Published 27th April, 12:00am
Two Weekend MVAs
Both motor vehicle accidents resulted in injuries. Published 27th April, 12:00am
Careful Drivers, Careful Passengers
MattSafe workshop teaches responsible behaviour. Published 27th April, 12:00am
Caribbean Labour Ministers Meet
Their concerns: decent work environments, job creation, expansion of social protection and improving the climate of industrial relations. Published 27th April, 12:00am
A Flood of Undeliverable Mail
Letters addressed with street names and numbers will be returned to the sender. Published 27th April, 12:00am
Secretaries Recognised by Education
"The success of the department depends a lot on the efforts and support of our secretarial staff..."  Published 26th April, 12:00am
New RCIP Officers
Twelve experienced officers from Canada start their duties on Monday, 26 April.  Published 26th April, 12:00am
RCIP Appeals for Witnesses
Did you see a white vehicle run three cars off the road near Mariners Cove?  Published 26th April, 12:00am
What kinds of services should be offered?
West Bayers can discuss the programmes to be offered at the new Children and Family Services district office on Wednesday, 28 April. Published 26th April, 12:00am
13 Cubans in Immigration Custody
Their boat was towed to GC on Friday, 23 April, after it broke down off East End.  Published 26th April, 12:00am
USCG "Northland" to Visit
R & R for 16 officers and 90 crew in June.  Published 26th April, 12:00am
NPO Discussing Changes to the Law
The National Pensions Office and its Board are conducting a thorough review of the law and the public's suggestions for changes. Published 23rd April, 12:00am
CEO of Maritime Authority
Joel Walton has been acting as the director of the Shipping Registry and will now head the Maritime Administration Authority, pending legislation to create the new authority. Published 23rd April, 12:00am
GTPS Parents Discuss Prospect School Proposal
The majority support the temporary transfer of some students to the new school so construction can take place at GTPS.  Published 23rd April, 12:00am
Planning Meets with Architects
Participants discussed a wide range of issues.  Published 23rd April, 12:00am
Management and Officers Re-Train
Weekend comprehensive training for more than 120 Immigration officers, administrative workers, and new recruits.  Published 23rd April, 12:00am
Planning: Strong Start to 2004
The first quarter demonstrated continued economic growth, approvals up 6% and their value climbed by 72%.  Published 23rd April, 12:00am
Earth Week -- George Town Primary
A quest to clean up their schoolyard and the surrounding community. Published 22nd April, 12:00am
Police Report -- 22 April
A motor vehicle accident. Published 22nd April, 12:00am
RCIP Keeps Eye on Holiday Weekend
Concern that speeding, drunk driving, and recklessly driven watercraft could cause injuries or fatalities.  Published 22nd April, 12:00am
Earth Week -- Lighthouse School
Students presented 135 grocery bags decorated with environment-friendly slogans to Foster's Food Fair.  Published 22nd April, 12:00am
Vaccination Week 24-30 April
Cayman joins its regional neighbours in focusing on children who have missed their measles, polio and rubella (German measles) vaccines. Published 21st April, 12:00am
New East End Youth Programme
"Super Saturday" is giving older children and young adults plenty to do. Published 21st April, 12:00am
Beware of Modifications
Car modifications can be deadly if done wrong warns MattSafe. Published 21st April, 12:00am
MattSafe Competition Winners
Entrants had to parallel park, slalom around road cones and reverse around the same cones. Published 21st April, 12:00am
Testing Raw Fish for Fish Poisoning
DEH, Public Health and Agriculture need your help!  Published 20th April, 12:00am
Police Report -- 20 April
A motor vehicle accident. Published 20th April, 12:00am
New Solicitor General
Mr. Kurt DeFreitas OBE, QC, served most recently as the attorney-general of St. Helena, Ascension Island and Tristan de Cunha. Published 20th April, 12:00am
What's New @ North Side Primary?
With the help of peripatetic teacher, Ms Keisha Thompson, and their own ITALIC advocate, Mrs. Erica Daniel, everyone is using technology to get more out of every lesson. Published 20th April, 12:00am
Aggregate Duty Rate Unchanged
Need an importation permit? The information is here! Published 19th April, 12:00am
Another Commits to "Investors In People"
The Prison Service completed its action plan to implement the IIP Standard.  Published 19th April, 12:00am
Police Report -- 19 April
Over FIFTY tickets for speeding offences written last weekend. Published 19th April, 12:00am
Help the RCIP
The CID is appealing for witnesses to a robbery. Published 19th April, 12:00am
Children and Family Services Opens WB Office
Five trained staff offer a full range of programmes in the former Sunrise Centre. Published 19th April, 12:00am
Excitement Builds for NFCA 2004
Student performers are gearing up for the start of the annual festival on 26 April. Published 19th April, 12:00am
Bahamian Officials Learn about ITALIC
Education's dynamic technology program is attracting attention. Published 19th April, 12:00am
National Gallery and DEH to Host Eco Party
Children can create art works from everyday items that are usually tossed out as garbage. Published 16th April, 12:00am
Green Eggs and Ham!
Chalkfest, Saturday, 24 April will celebrate the 100th anniversary of Dr. Seuss.  Published 16th April, 12:00am
Semi-Annual Labour Force Survey
The three-week survey begins 18 April and will measure labour characteristics and trends. Published 16th April, 12:00am
Motivational Workshop
Emergency communications will give its staff a boost.  Published 16th April, 12:00am
Join MattSafe to Win!
A raffle: win dinner, gifts from Cable & Wireless and cash, and a motor competition: win tool and car wash kits, and check-ups. Published 14th April, 12:00am
Catchment Area for New Primary School
Plus, possible construction at George Town Primary means that Education is proposing to transfer GTPS Years Three and Four to the new Prospect school.  Published 13th April, 12:00am
Government Schools Begin Registration
All children transferring to government schools, and those who will be five years old before 31 January 2005, must be registered. Published 13th April, 12:00am
Road Safety Lessons
Guides, scouts, and cubs are taking instruction from RCIP community relations officers. Published 13th April, 12:00am
Steel Drum Workshop
Music teachers and students worked on pan skills with Dr. Dawn Batson.  Published 13th April, 12:00am
Use Garbage Bins
Be respectful of the environment at all times but especially over the Easter holiday. Published 8th April, 12:00am
Keep An Eye Open for New Road Safety Signs
Annie Ebanks was prompted to initiate the project after her children lost friends in road accidents. Published 8th April, 12:00am
MattSafe Remembers Vibrant Teens
At 12 Don was a member of the Senior National Football Team; Andre had a special ability to listen; Dayna was turning work experience at Social Services into a career... Published 8th April, 12:00am
MattSafe at the Easter Egg Run
A "know your car and its capabilities under 25 mph" competition, plus information on maintenance, modifications, and safety.  Published 8th April, 12:00am
But Do They Know English?
The Chief Immigration Officer clears up some confusion. Published 8th April, 12:00am
Earth Week Schedule
April 18-25, clean-ups, walking tours, lectures and more. Published 7th April, 12:00am
Passionate About ITALIC
Ann Hale oversees all ITALIC projects and says the Learning Village (the education portal) will "change the entire culture of education in the Islands." Published 7th April, 12:00am
RCIP's Family Support Unit
Domestic violence, offences committed against children, sexual offences, and offences committed by juveniles are handled by the FSU. Published 7th April, 12:00am
New Acting CEO for HSA
Eloise Reid is managing the Health Services Authority. Published 6th April, 12:00am
RCIP Runs Counter Terrorism Exercise
Two officers planned a maritime disaster for their Anguillan colleagues. Published 6th April, 12:00am
Police Report -- 6 April
Two arrested on suspicion of Damage to Property.  Published 6th April, 12:00am
International Drug Enforcement Conference
Commissioner Braggs and DCS Derek Haines worked on strategies and partnerships for the Caribbean; Haines was voted 2005's conference chairman. Published 6th April, 12:00am
More Officers Who DARE to Help Our Children
Three RCIP constables complete Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) training in the USA.  Published 6th April, 12:00am
DEH Staff Become Certified Pool Inspectors
Studies in pool and spa maintenance, chemical adjustment, energy conservation, and disease prevention for 13.  Published 6th April, 12:00am
Police Report -- 5 April
Three accidents and an attempted theft. Published 5th April, 12:00am
Police Email Hoax
The RCIP is NOT responsible for an email entitled "Police Warning". Published 5th April, 12:00am
World Health Day 2004: "Road Safety Is No Accident"
Worldwide, death, injuries and disability caused by motor vehicle accidents is a major concern. Published 2nd April, 12:00am
Police Report
Remember the traffic law as it applies to school buses and an MVA report. Published 2nd April, 12:00am
Persons with Diabetes Can Exercise Safely
A certified personal trainer will explain how at the next CI Diabetes Association meeting.  Published 1st April, 12:00am
Easter Egg Road Safety Motorcade
Prizes for: Best Classic Car, Best Stock Car, Best Modified Car, Best Harley Chopper, and Best Japanese Manufactured Motorcycle.  Published 1st April, 12:00am
Police Report -- 1 April
A Driving Under the Influence (DUI) arrest following a one-vehicle accident. Published 1st April, 12:00am
Primary Schools Sports Day
The athletes of Red Bay Primary emerged victorious.  Published 1st April, 12:00am
DEH Developing Five Year Plan
Where does the department want to be and what is the best way to move forward?  Published 1st April, 12:00am