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Press Releases: May 2004

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Bomb Hoax Response Reviewed
Cayman's response has been commended in writing by the FBI and the cruise line. Published 1st June, 12:00am
Negotiations Underway for Partnership
The New England Institute of Technology and the Florida Culinary Institute will provide opportunities to UCCI students.  Published 31st May, 12:00am
Time for Firearms Inspections
Checks on licensed owners' premises.  Published 31st May, 12:00am
Hirst/Shamrock Roads -- Phase 2
Two improvements: in Spotts a second westbound lane, in Savannah centre-turning lanes for motorists accessing the primary school.  Published 31st May, 12:00am
New Auditor-General Dan Duguay.
"We provide a valuable source of independent assurance on government operations to residents."  Published 31st May, 12:00am
No "Plant Ban"
The Department of Agriculture has not changed its regulations and restrictions on the entry of Florida nursery stock. Published 28th May, 12:00am
Police Report -- 28 May
Several motor vehicle accidents yesterday. Published 28th May, 12:00am
Counterfeit Currency
The RCIP have had two recent reports. Published 28th May, 12:00am
Warning about Fraud
Ignore letters from Nigeria that request help moving large sums of money with a promise of a share of cash in return.  Published 28th May, 12:00am
Repatriation of 19 Cuban Migrants
On 26 May, they were repatriated in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding signed by Government and the Cuban Government on 15 April 1999.  Published 28th May, 12:00am
World NO Tobacco Day -- 31 May
For the sake of healthier people, the Health Ministry will draft legislation prohibiting smoking in public places. Published 27th May, 12:00am
Children Need Seatbelts
Are your children buckled up? Are they unbuckling to hop out at school before the car comes to a complete stop? Published 27th May, 12:00am
Minister Attends APA Conference in DC
The Hon. Juliana O'Connor Connolly, JP attended the American Planning Association Conference with members of the CPA, DCB and others.  Published 27th May, 12:00am
Minister's Statement on the Employment Law
The Ministry of Labour intends to have the main body of the Employment Law (2004) come into effect on 1 September 2004. Published 27th May, 12:00am
Student's Job Leads to Scholarship
OBM Architects: "We...encourage businesses to get involved in the Employment Relations Department's summer job programme. It's a great way to meet the island's young people and pick talent for the development of your business."  Published 26th May, 12:00am
Safety FIRST
Catching a land crab second. Published 26th May, 12:00am
Governor Postpones Accepting Resignation
Pilar Bush will continue to be Acting Director of Tourism. Published 26th May, 12:00am
Hurricane Shelters for 2004
Adequate shelter space in Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac is a concern for the National Hurricane Committee. Published 25th May, 12:00am
Your Vote is Your Voice
Young people should never underestimate their ability to have a role in the future of the country.  Published 25th May, 12:00am
Police Report -- 25 May
A one-car accident at 9:20am. Published 25th May, 12:00am
Internet Banking Email Fraud
Do not respond to an email that says your bank account information needs to be updated and provides an internet link that requests account numbers.  Published 25th May, 12:00am
Traffic Statistics for 17-23 May
106 speeding tickets! Published 25th May, 12:00am
New DEH Lab Technician
Cherie Branch will be analyzing water, air and food samples, conducting swimming pool and beach surveillance and monitoring the landfill. Published 24th May, 12:00am
Police Report -- 24 May
Two accidents: car and cow; car and bicycle. Published 24th May, 12:00am
Teachers Get New Assessment Tool
Lighthouse School teachers were trained in COACH - Choosing Outcomes and Accommodation for Children with Disabilities. Published 21st May, 12:00am
CAA Employees Train in UK
Three air traffic control supervisors refined their interpersonal skills and interacted with colleagues who function in similar environments.  Published 21st May, 12:00am
NHC Prepares for 2003 Hurricane Season
Topics discussed included closure of schools and non-essential businesses and visitor arrivals during a hurricane. Published 20th May, 12:00am
Coaching for Success Pays Off
Three JGHS students receive scholarship awards from the NDC for 'exceptional progress'. Published 20th May, 12:00am
Traffic Statistics for 10-16 May
42 speeding tickets! Published 20th May, 12:00am
New Immigration Forms
The department will accept applications on old forms until Friday, 18 June, but everyone's encouraged to start using the new ones.  Published 20th May, 12:00am
A Master's Degree in Maritime Administration
Shipping Registry employee Desle Ambrose Francis will become the first Caymanian to attend the World Maritime University in Malmo, Sweden.  Published 19th May, 12:00am
ITALIC's Progress To Be Assessed
IBM specialists will help with the second technology assessment profile (TAP).  Published 19th May, 12:00am
UK Grants Benefit Environment
DoE and the National Trust will receive money for coastal water quality and native flora projects. Published 18th May, 12:00am
False Robbery Report
In March, a cruise ship tourist made a false report to the RCIP. Published 18th May, 12:00am
Management Change at HSA
Mrs. Eloise Reid is CEO, Mrs. Shirlene Henriques and Miss Lizzette Howell are deputy CEOs, and Mrs. Cathy Gomez is in the new post of chief operating officer.  Published 15th May, 12:00am
RCIP on Wednesday's Bomb Threat
Assistant Commissioner Ennis says the response was a multi-agency operation that demonstrated a structured approach; he commends everyone involved.  Published 15th May, 12:00am
FSU Appeal for Witnesses
The RCIP Family Support Unit is currently investigating a report of an assault.  Published 15th May, 12:00am
Police Report -- 14 May
One single vehicle accident, another involved a vehicle and a bicycle. Published 15th May, 12:00am
NCFA Awards Night
Wesleyan Christian, St. Ignatius, Cayman Prep and High, George Hicks, John Gray and Miss Jackie's School of Dance received excellence trophies for outstanding performances. Published 15th May, 12:00am
Immigration Regulations
Published in Extraordinary Gazette No. 16, they define how various requirements in the new law are to be carried out and provide guidance to persons requiring immigration services. Published 15th May, 12:00am
Child Month Focus on Youth: Norman Williams
Norman is active in his church, on the Principal's List at GHHS, an athlete and Champion Boy, but his greatest gift is his voice.  Published 14th May, 12:00am
"Banter" Led to Cruise Ship Emergency
Remember -- overheard remarks about bombs and guns are treated very seriously by emergency services. Published 14th May, 12:00am
RCIP: Cruise Ship Security Alert
The RCIP reports that the incident involved a bomb threat aboard the Carnival Victory cruise ship.  Published 13th May, 12:00am
SARS Update -- 11 May
Public Health says there are no current travel restrictions to China, despite recent reported cases of SARS in that country.  Published 12th May, 12:00am
HMS Monmouth to Visit
A recreation stop after a long period of counter-drug operations in the region.  Published 12th May, 12:00am
Communication Tips
In honour of Child Month, the National Youth Commission gives parents some advice. Published 11th May, 12:00am
Weekly Sharing Recommends NYC
"Set aside one evening each week when you turn off the TV, Internet, games and phones, and tune in to each other."  Published 11th May, 12:00am
"Countdown to Gold 2004"
From the Harquail on Wednesday, 12 May, a live TV broadcast about Cayman's Olympic hopefuls. Published 11th May, 12:00am
Traffic Statistics from RCIP
One week, 9 accidents, 35 speeding tickets. Published 11th May, 12:00am
Recyclers to Fiji
Students from the JGHS club will be helped by a sizeable donation from the Ministry of Education. Published 11th May, 12:00am
Nurses Week Message
The Hon. Gilbert McLean: "As nurses help individuals and families make healthy choices, cope with illness or manage stress, they are helping to ensure the strength of the most fundamental building block of society." Published 10th May, 12:00am
A Visit to George Town Police Station
Florida Atlantic University students were learning about the Caribbean's criminal justice system. Published 10th May, 12:00am
Four Cubans Land at LC
They'll be transferred to Grand Cayman. Published 10th May, 12:00am
Budget Address by the Leader of Government Business
The Hon. McKeeva Bush gives an overview of policy initiatives, calling the UDP government "progressive, determined and productive".  Published 10th May, 12:00am
The school's new e-report card was designed with parental input and is saving teachers' time! Published 10th May, 12:00am
Police Report -- 6 May
A sudden death is being investigated. Published 7th May, 12:00am
JGHS Students Face the World
Some are still taking exams, but many are already looking for, or starting, work. Graduation: 22 June. Published 5th May, 12:00am
Child Month Launched with Church Service
Children called upon the country to give "love, care, encouragement, food and preparation for life."  Published 5th May, 12:00am
US Army Vet Joins RCIP
A sniper and weapons instructor, Constable Bothwell hopes that his military training will be an asset to the service. Published 5th May, 12:00am
Pre-School Assistance
Parents experiencing financial difficulty in sending their children to pre-school can apply for assistance.  Published 5th May, 12:00am
Summer Workshops at WRC
Living a balanced life, action planning for your life, reducing stress, communication, create the life you love and living truth. Published 4th May, 12:00am
RCIP School Officer for JGHS
A Canadian with a degree in social work and experience working with gangs is "eager to begin work." Published 4th May, 12:00am
Child Month: Honours for a Volunteer
Miss Joanna Clarke is honoured for her work with children. Published 4th May, 12:00am
What's New @ East End Primary?
ITALIC "serves as a wonderful motivator for teachers and revives the spirit of teaching." Published 4th May, 12:00am
PWD Prepares for Hurricane Season
All government buildings will be shuttered up during the annual Hurricane Preparedness Exercise on 5 May. Published 3rd May, 12:00am
Governor in UK
Mr. Dinwiddy is attending the annual Overseas Territories Governors Conference.  Published 3rd May, 12:00am
Empowering Our Children in Challenging Times
Dr. the Hon. Frank McField's message for Child Month. Published 3rd May, 12:00am
Dance at NCFA
Flowers and Christmas ornaments grace the Harquail stage. Published 3rd May, 12:00am
NCFA Success
Over 600 performances, over 200 gold medals awarded in music. Published 3rd May, 12:00am