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Press Releases: July 2004

Press releases are published as PDF documents. For more information read the PDF guidelines.

Honour Student Gets New PC
Hard work earned a John A. Cumber student a new computer.  Published 30th July, 12:00am
New Cemetery for East End
Construction on a new cemetery in East End began. Published 30th July, 12:00am
Bodden Road Bin Removed
Residents on Bodden Road are pleased to get rid of an eyesore.  Published 30th July, 12:00am
Start Your Career With Hands-on Experience
Take a summer job to gain work experience.  Published 29th July, 12:00am
New Judicial Finance Office Opens
It is now easier and more convenient to pay court fees and fines. Published 29th July, 12:00am
Voter's ID Cards Processing Schedule
Venues and dates for the public for 2004. Published 29th July, 12:00am
Sports Nominations Wanted NOW
National Sports Awards -- forms and criteria are on this site under "Local Issues"; scroll down.  Published 28th July, 12:00am
Business Staffing Plan Board Progresses
12 plans and 6 variations to existing plans have been reviewed and 34 more submissions will be reviewed over the next few months. Published 26th July, 12:00am
PSPB Celebrates with Zoe
The Public Service Pensions Board office threw a birthday party for heart patient Zoe Solomon -- now 3 years old. Published 23rd July, 12:00am
CPI Report
Prices, as measured by the Consumer Price Index, have increased 2.1%.  Published 23rd July, 12:00am
Help for Summer School
The Education Department's programme is financially supported by parents/guardians and the business community. Published 23rd July, 12:00am
Eight Horses Die in Fire
Fire Services responded to the 911 call which stated that the building was 'totally engulfed'. Published 23rd July, 12:00am
Mosquito Control on Cayman Brac
Rainfall led to ideal conditions for mosquito breeding and Brackers have complained. Published 22nd July, 12:00am
Changing of the Guard at CIMA
The Cayman Islands Monetary Authority's new chairman is Mr. Tim Ridley. Published 22nd July, 12:00am
Carson Ebanks' MBE
Mr. Ebanks, who was off-island on official business and missed the presentations at the Queen's Birthday parade, accepted his distinction during a ceremony at Government House. Published 21st July, 12:00am
British? In-Transit through the USA?
The USA will require a machine readable passport or visa by 26 October 2004. Published 21st July, 12:00am
Public Input Invited for New Education and Training Bill
Copies of the drafting regulations are available on or scroll down to the Local Issues section on; get hard copies from the ministry by calling 244-2417. Published 21st July, 12:00am
Six Medals for Cayman in Youth Track Meet
Chantelle Morrison took two golds in the under-11 girls' 100m and 200m at the 10th Biennial Caribbean Union of Teachers Track and Field Championships. Published 21st July, 12:00am
Purchase of Brac Land for Affordable Housing
More than five acres of land were purchased in Watering Place for the planned 15 concrete block homes. Published 20th July, 12:00am
Acting Governor Clarifies Media Queries
Cuban migrants, including those featured in a recent article alleging bribery, left the Islands in accordance with official policy.  Published 20th July, 12:00am
It's Time for New Students' Health Screening
Before entering public or private schools, all new students must have medical check-ups. Published 20th July, 12:00am
Ian Forte Joins Court of Appeals
For the past five years, Justice Forte has been serving as President of the Jamaica Court of Appeals.  Published 19th July, 12:00am
Cayman's First Cultural 'Ambassadors'
To promote the Islands' heritage internationally, it's Harris McCoy in the UK and Bendel Hydes in the USA. Published 16th July, 12:00am
Government Will Introduce Granduated Licensing
Leader of Government Business the Hon. McKeeva Bush said, "The loss of another young life this past weekend in a motor vehicle accident is a painful tragedy that I do not want to see repeated."  Published 16th July, 12:00am
Statement Regarding Washington Post Article
At this time, government reserves its comments concerning the article, as it is looking into the matter. Published 16th July, 12:00am
Cayman Represented at Library Conference
Bev Speirs studied building and protecting legal collections at the 19th Annual Conference of the Caribbean Association of Law Librarians. Published 16th July, 12:00am
Bush: "Give the Cayman Islands greater autonomy"
The Leader of Government Business delivered a sharp rebuke to Brussels and the UK on their attempts to influence Cayman's fiscal policy. Published 15th July, 12:00am
Leader of Government Business Meets Senior British Judge
Minister Bush emphasised the strengths of the Cayman legal system to Lord Justice Dyson.  Published 15th July, 12:00am
Complaints Commissioner Sworn In
"Access to justice is promoted when the interaction of residents with government departments results in just and fair decisions," explains Dr. John Epp. Published 15th July, 12:00am
The Complaints Commissioner's Office: How It Works
The CCO has jurisdiction to consider decisions taken in the course of maladministration by a government entity, including ministries, companies, departments, portfolios and statutory boards/authorities.  Published 15th July, 12:00am
Bush Speaks to the Caribbean on the BBC
Minister Bush restated his demands for the development of a new constitutional arrangement and freedom from the influence of EU directives. Published 15th July, 12:00am
National Beautification Team Launched
The committee will improve the Islands' image through landscaping, and by using local flora and resources. Published 9th July, 12:00am
Improving Government Performance
The "Payment on Delivery" concept was introduced into Government on 1 July as part of the ongoing public sector reform programme.  Published 9th July, 12:00am
LoGB Speech in Brussels
"The Constitutional Position of the Cayman Islands -- EU and Member State Territories: Challenges for the Future"  Published 8th July, 12:00am
Government Signs Anti-doping Agreement
Cayman commits to fair and equal participation in sporting competitions. Published 8th July, 12:00am
Scholarship Students Do Cayman Proud
Seven new university grads profiled here. Published 8th July, 12:00am
Annex Closed
From now through late September so the field can be resurfaced. Published 8th July, 12:00am
Savannah Primary No. 1 at Recycling
All house teams performed so well that DEH awarded prizes to the entire school.  Published 8th July, 12:00am
Cayman Complies with ISPS Code
The code implements requirements through which ships, shipping companies, and port facilities can co-operate to deter acts that threaten security in the international maritime transport sector.  Published 7th July, 12:00am
Occupational Wage Survey
Employment Relations will contact 300 businesses starting Monday, 12 July.  Published 7th July, 12:00am
Ministry of Culture Helps Panoramers
A CI$1,000 donation will help with their trip to England in July. Published 7th July, 12:00am
Government has expanded electronic learning initiatives to include the entire workforce -- ITALIC TOO (Improving Teaching and Learning in the Cayman Islands, Training for Occupational Opportunities). Published 7th July, 12:00am
DEH Food Course for Supervisors and Managers
It covers temperature control, cross contamination, personal hygiene, equipment maintenance, water disposal and more. Published 2nd July, 12:00am
Throne Speech 2004
Delivered by HE The Governor Mr. Bruce Dinwiddy, CMG at the State Opening of the Legislative Assembly, 2 July. Published 2nd July, 12:00am
CIO Franz Manderson
He starts his new job on 12 July after finishing his legal articles at Walkers. Published 2nd July, 12:00am
Registration for Summer Jobs Closed
Employment Relations will still be working on placing the remaining students on its list. Published 2nd July, 12:00am
Preparing for the Working World
Employment Relations joins Children and Family Services "Stars" (Support Towards Autonomy, Retraining and Self Sufficiency) Initiative. Published 2nd July, 12:00am
New Teacher at RBPS
Cetonya Cacho, from Boatswain Bay and a JGHS graduate, earned bachelor's degrees in education and psychology at the University of Miami and was Associate Teacher of the Year! Published 1st July, 12:00am
State Opening of Legislative Assembly
Friday, 2 July -- members of the public planning to attend are asked to be seated no later than 9:35am.  Published 1st July, 12:00am