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Press Releases: September 2004

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Lands & Survey Update
As of Monday, 11 October, the department hopes to be operational and completing land registry functions from the 2nd floor of the Cayman Corporate Centre on Hospital Road. Published 30th September, 12:00am
Water Restored to GT
By 1 October, the Water Authority will reach Guard House Hill, BT. Published 30th September, 12:00am
No September Bills
CUC, Cayman Water, Cable & Wireless and the Water Authority say any September charges will be added to October's bills.  Published 30th September, 12:00am
RCIP Reports Relative Calm
What is notable is the overall public order and the over 200 volunteers that have joined the ranks of the Special Constabulary.  Published 30th September, 12:00am
Water Being Restored on Western Peninsula
Cayman Water Company is working in Governor's Harbour, Watler's Road and Vista Del Mar.  Published 30th September, 12:00am
General Registy Update
The office has moved to the 4th floor of phase IV of Elizabethan Square and is offering more services. Published 30th September, 12:00am
District Storage Sites for Storm Debris
(1) Vegetation (2) construction waste (3) roofing metals and vehicles and (4) appliances -- move appropriately sorted materials to the temporary sites.  Published 30th September, 12:00am
National Recovery Fund
A U.S. Dollar and a Cayman Islands Dollar current account will be established at each of the local banks.  Published 28th September, 12:00am
Cabinet Considers Recovery Proposal
Government heard from General Wesley Clark who now works for a disaster preparedness and management firm.  Published 28th September, 12:00am
All Clear
The Governor lifted the State of Emergency, and the National Hurricane Committee stood down at 3pm Monday, 27 Sept. Published 28th September, 12:00am
Recovery Committee, 27 Sept
Restoration of power and water is moving more quickly than expected; the RCIP report a quiet weekend; and the tourism sector may be ready for an end-of-October re-opening.  Published 28th September, 12:00am
Emergency Powers to be Lifted
New legislation means RCIP can impose a curfew or a cordon in specific areas if either is required to maintain good order.  Published 25th September, 12:00am
Police Report, 24 September
Nine persons were arrested for curfew violations. Published 25th September, 12:00am
Govt Offers Use of Radio Communication System
Certain persons and businesses in the construction and trades industries will utilize the island-wide system.  Published 25th September, 12:00am
Housing Assistance
On the recommendation of the National Recovery Committee, Cabinet approved a proposal for assisting low-income, uninsured persons in the repair of their homes.  Published 25th September, 12:00am
Bermuda Regiment to Assist in Clean-up
The contingent's work will not be security-focused but will concentrate on widening of roads now narrowed by sand or debris and clearance of areas around public buildings. Published 25th September, 12:00am
Butterfield Donates $1Million
The Cayman Islands National Recovery Fund is off to a healthy start thanks to the Bank of Butterfield. Published 25th September, 12:00am
SUMA Up and Running
"When this is over, we will want international agencies to feel we've provided them with an accurate accounting of when their donations were received and when and where they were distributed."  Published 25th September, 12:00am
Police Post-Ivan Report
There have been nine burglaries and 14 arrests for similar offences, including curfew violation and looting. Published 24th September, 12:00am
Report from CUC
"All subsections have checked out and now it is a matter of restoring downed light poles and power lines and ascertaining the readiness of businesses and homes." Published 24th September, 12:00am
Recovery Committee, 17 Sept
Discussions about work permits, aid and security. Published 24th September, 12:00am
Red Cross Distribution Continues
Items being distributed include blankets, hygiene kits, kitchenware sets, plastic sheeting, large bottles of water, flashlights and batteries. Published 24th September, 12:00am
National Recovery Committee Meeting -- September 23
Relaxed curfew hours, a cruise ship as a temporary home for private sector staff, assistance for home repair, and progress with water and electricity restoration.  Published 24th September, 12:00am
Glass House to Re-Open
Business as usual at the Government Administration Building on Monday, 27 September at 8:30am.  Published 24th September, 12:00am
Announcement from Clearing Banks
Banking hours and a moratorium on loan repayments.  Published 24th September, 12:00am
Statement by the Deputy Chairman of the NHC
Government needs "all hands on deck"; the recovery will require some additional and even new responsibilities and re-arranging and re-deployment of duties in some sectors. Published 24th September, 12:00am
Garbage Collection
A schedule from Environmental Health; preparations are underway for resumption of other services.  Published 24th September, 12:00am
Courts Reconvened
Summary Court resumed on 17 September, with the hearing of five remand cases; the hearing of Grand Court matters, especially commercial cases, will begin Monday.  Published 24th September, 12:00am
Repairing of Cemeteries
Both East End and Bodden Town were damaged. Published 24th September, 12:00am
West Bay MLAs Report
They're focusing on assisting district residents to arrive at a contractors' assessment of the dollar value of repairing or replacing their homes.  Published 24th September, 12:00am
Assistance from PAHO
The Environmental Health Adviser for the Pan American Health Organisation based in Surinam is here to set up supply management software.  Published 24th September, 12:00am
MRCU Operating
Dr. Petrie reassures the public that there is a very low risk of mosquito-borne diseases. Published 24th September, 12:00am
Chamber Registering Workers
Caymanians seeking employment and work permit holders who may have lost their jobs.  Published 24th September, 12:00am
NHC Meeting, 21 September
868 in shelters and reports on education, counselling, insurance, and building repair.  Published 24th September, 12:00am
Overnight RCIP Report
No reports of curfew violations or incidents overnight and some reinforcements have arrived.  Published 24th September, 12:00am
Counselling Available
A schedule from the Department of Substance Abuse Services. Published 24th September, 12:00am
HODs for Ministry of HS,A,A&W Meet
Heads of departments updated Permanent Secretary Andrea Bryan on their areas of responsibility. Published 24th September, 12:00am
Survivors Search for Reasons and Pieces to Re-build
GIS' Lennon Christian writes about the prayers and the heroics. Published 24th September, 12:00am
Aid from British Government
It provided funds for 21 OT police officers, 5,000 tarpaulins, 100 chain-saws, water purification tablets, and 10,000 tetanus vaccinations. Published 24th September, 12:00am
New Work Permit Conditions
Temporary requirements will facilitate reconstruction and recovery.  Published 24th September, 12:00am
Hurricane-related Deaths
Only one so far, a man who apparently left the shelter in which he was accommodated. Published 24th September, 12:00am
Preliminary Damage Assessment
Ivan has damaged some 95% of Grand Cayman's buildings, with 10% to 15% of destroyed beyond repair.  Published 24th September, 12:00am
Cabinet Meets
The agenda included winding down of the work of the NHC and the resumption of responsibilities and services by respective ministries and portfolios.  Published 24th September, 12:00am
US and UK Consular Officials on Island
Issuing travel documents lost during the storm and making other travel arrangements for their nationals wishing to leave Grand Cayman.  Published 24th September, 12:00am
Curfew Relaxed
Now 10pm to 5am. Published 24th September, 12:00am
Special Desk for Financial Aid
The Portfolio of Finance & Economics has established a desk to deal with all matters relating to donations of financial relief. Published 24th September, 12:00am
Recovery Committee Meeting -- 22 September
Numbers in shelters, housing availablility, duty concessions, managing incoming humanitarian aid and more. Published 24th September, 12:00am
Recovery Committee Meeting, 18 Sept
A shorter curfew, reports from utilities, and other matters. Published 24th September, 12:00am
NHC Meeting
Friday, September 17. Published 24th September, 12:00am
National Recovery Committee Meeting
Sunday, 19 September Published 21st September, 12:00am
RCIP Wants Special Constables
Volunteers can help patrol communities. Published 21st September, 12:00am
Health Services Statement
Hospital and district health centres (except Bodden Town) are delivering quality patient care. Published 21st September, 12:00am
National Clean-up Committee
Needs trucks and truck drivers. Published 21st September, 12:00am
More British Relief Supplies Arrive
From the Department for International Development, including 10,000 tetanus vaccinations. Published 21st September, 12:00am
NHC Meeting
Monday, 20 September Published 21st September, 12:00am
Annual Review of Attorney General's Portfolio
Now available here; scroll down under "Local Issues". Published 8th September, 12:00am
RCIP Advisory on School Buses
A $500 fine if you're not driving and stopping legally when encountering a bus on the road.  Published 8th September, 12:00am
Lighthouse School Blue Iguana Playground
Thanks to CITA and its Taste of Cayman, students now have a high quality, interactive outdoor environment. Published 7th September, 12:00am
International Literacy Day: 8 September
In celebration, all schools will participate in some activity to support literacy development in the Cayman Islands.  Published 7th September, 12:00am
Education Minister Honours UC's Supporters
A celebratory event for those who contributed to the evolution of the Community College into a four-year degree granting institution.  Published 6th September, 12:00am
40 Summer Interns for NRA
Major projects included an inventory of drain wells in flood-prone areas; inventory of traffic signs; and traffic/pedestrian counts/studies.  Published 6th September, 12:00am
Crosswalk Signage Promotes Safety
New school-zone signs will be posted for about six months; then the public will be asked to provide feedback.  Published 6th September, 12:00am
Government, Landowners Discuss Hirst Road
The notification process needs to be improved, so landowners can understand the nature and extent of proposed road works and the process for seeking compensation.  Published 6th September, 12:00am
Last Status Grants under Quota System
The names of the 621 recipients have been published in Gazette No. 18 which appears here under "Publications". Published 6th September, 12:00am
Attorney General on the Caribbean Court of Justice
The Hon. Sam Bulgin addressed the Cayman Islands Law School Students Society (LSSS) at its Annual Gala.  Published 6th September, 12:00am
National Roads Authority
Responsible for the planning, construction and maintenance of all public roads, the agency came into being with the enactment of the National Roads Authority Law on 1 July. Published 6th September, 12:00am
Neighbourhood Watch for Hope Springs
RCIP Community Policing Officers helped the community develop its programme.  Published 3rd September, 12:00am
Murder Charges
Five Caymanian males charged with Conspiracy to Commit Murder.  Published 3rd September, 12:00am
Hirst Road: Ministry Statement
Landowners will be meeting with the ministries of Works and Planning.  Published 2nd September, 12:00am
Keep your Number
The ICT Authority wants public input on local number portability. Published 1st September, 12:00am