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Press Releases: October 2004

Press releases are published as PDF documents. For more information read the PDF guidelines.

Business Recovery Planning Forum
It enabled participants to view the hurricane experience as one to learn from in terms of business practices and strategies.  Published 29th October, 12:00am
Port Workers
Shipping has almost quadrupled which means longer hours.  Published 29th October, 12:00am
Researching Ivan's Impact
A formal assessment will estimate our capacity to undertake reconstruction on our own and the extent to which international financial and technical cooperation are needed.  Published 29th October, 12:00am
DoT Update
This week four hotels were inspected and over 400 rooms are ready for tourist accommodation. Published 29th October, 12:00am
Ivan's Impact on CB & LC
The property damage estimate is CI$3,184,700; over 70% is damage to hotels, condominiums and apartments. Published 29th October, 12:00am
How Are You Feeling After Ivan?
Test yourself. Published 29th October, 12:00am
Beach and Underwater Cleanups
CITA calls for divers, snorklers & beachcombers.  Published 28th October, 12:00am
Police Report: 28 Oct.
Two bodies were discovered at a Randyke Gardens apartment yesterday at 5:56pm.  Published 28th October, 12:00am
Police Report: 27 Oct.
In Little Cayman, three injured in a one vehicle accident involving a minivan that overturned. Published 28th October, 12:00am
Immigration Boards Meeting
Each of the three boards is now meeting at least once per week to process the large numbers of work permit applications and Trade & Business licenses that are being received.  Published 28th October, 12:00am
Update on National Recovery
A speech given in the Legislative Assembly, 28 October, by the Leader of Government Business. Published 28th October, 12:00am
Cruise Ships Back on Monday!
A statement from the Leader of Government Business and a schedule. Published 28th October, 12:00am
Conch and Whelk Season: 1 November
Check here for limits, and remember -- all marine conservation laws are being enforced and officers are on patrol! Published 28th October, 12:00am
DEH Turns 30
During the week 17-24 October, despite working long hours in the Post-Ivan recovery effort, staff was involved in several activities.  Published 28th October, 12:00am
Parentcraft Classes Resume
Expectant couples!  Published 27th October, 12:00am
17 November -- Still a Holiday
Not Elections Day, but now a day of thanksgiving! Published 27th October, 12:00am
Re-housing Remaining Shelterees
The number of residents in shelters has been declining, as they return to their homes, find alternative accommodation or are relocated. Published 27th October, 12:00am
Lion's Pool Re-Opens
And it will resume its swimming programme on 1 November.  Published 27th October, 12:00am
CUC Update: 26 Oct.
A CUC-chartered vessel arrived yesterday with transformers, poles and bucket trucks. Published 26th October, 12:00am
Privy Council Issues Order
It amends the Constitution allowing British OT citizens who are also British citizens to vote & requiring the Governor to dissolve the Assembly no later than 17 March 2005. Published 26th October, 12:00am
PWD Report: 'The Way Forward'
Shelters, shutters, government buildings -- PWD reviews methods and materials. Published 26th October, 12:00am
Cemetery Cleanup Underway
A crew is clearing vegetation, sand, and preparing for repainting.  Published 26th October, 12:00am
Body Identified
The body recovered from the mangroves over a week ago belongs to Mr. Osley Ebanks, missing since the hurricane. Published 25th October, 12:00am
Governor to UK
HE The Governor will attend official talks and then remain in the UK on leave until Saturday, 30 October. Published 25th October, 12:00am
Police Report: 24 Oct.
Two in custody following a report of a WB shooting and a report of two missing persons.  Published 25th October, 12:00am
Port Manages Import Rush
In six days the port unloaded seven vessels and loaded a barge for the Brac -- this more than doubles the normal weekly work schedule.  Published 25th October, 12:00am
Appointments in Portfolio of Finance & Economics
Four Caymanian civil servants are promoted to senior positions in the restructured Portfolio.  Published 22nd October, 12:00am
CIRO Progress Report: 18 Oct.
Housing, shelters, school openings, hazardous materials, cars on the dock in Miami... Published 22nd October, 12:00am
First CaymanSpirit Published
GIS' weekly newsletter focusses on the work of CIRO -- see it below under Local Issues.  Published 22nd October, 12:00am
Police Report: 21 & 22 Oct.
Several persons were arrested for various offences, including DUI and violating curfew.  Published 22nd October, 12:00am
Generator Safety
Information from Health Services and CUC. Published 22nd October, 12:00am
Handling Hazardous Chemicals
Now that you've survived Ivan don't let down your guard to the hazards that exist in the workplace and at home.  Published 22nd October, 12:00am
Debris Removal Underway in Priority Areas
DEH has a plan -- Prospect early next week, followed by Cumber Ave. and Belford Estates in Bodden Town. Published 22nd October, 12:00am
Shots are available, plus information on how to stay healthy. Published 20th October, 12:00am
Police Report -- 20 Oct
Thanks to all of the civilians who were sworn in as temporary Special Constables.  Published 20th October, 12:00am
Royal Visit in November
HRH The Earl of Wessex celebrated our Quincentennial and now returns with encouragement.  Published 20th October, 12:00am
Liquor Licenses
The Board wants to expedite renewals. Information here. Published 20th October, 12:00am
Public Health Update
Less cases of rash and gastroenteritis but people are being injured cleaning debris. Tetanus shots still available. Published 20th October, 12:00am
Pre-schools and Day Care Centres
Information about the 13 that are now open. Published 20th October, 12:00am
Bermuda Team Continues GT Clean-up
The first group's tour of duty worked in the Swamp and Windsor Park communities. Published 20th October, 12:00am
MRCU Larviciding Schedule
Pellets will be dropped over stagnant and standing water -- mosquito breeding sites. The larvicide does not present a threat to humans, pets or wildlife. Published 19th October, 12:00am
Pests! Flies!
Flies contaminate food; when feeding, flies expel saliva and feces that may contain bacteria.  Published 19th October, 12:00am
District Learning Centres to Operate
Churches open their halls so students' education can progress.  Published 19th October, 12:00am
FCO Official to Visit
The economic adviser for the OTs will help prepare a socio-economic and environmental assessment of Ivan's impact. Published 19th October, 12:00am
Small Business Assistance
CIDB and CIIB is offering free one-on-one confidential consulting by trained professional staff and experienced volunteer business analysts.  Published 18th October, 12:00am
Cayman Islands Diabetes Association
No more meetings this year. Published 18th October, 12:00am
Police Report, 15 & 18 Oct
It includes a reminder that it's an offence to burn refuse.  Published 18th October, 12:00am
Statement from the Governor & Leader of Government Business
Thanks to Almighty God for sparing us from greater loss of life...(which) was in no small part due to the excellence of the pre-hurricane planning (and) the thorough preparedness of the community. Published 18th October, 12:00am
Public Transport Operators Should Report Losses
The Vehicle and Licensing Department needs to know how many vehicles were lost from fleets, the number of seats lost, and more. Published 18th October, 12:00am
HSA Child Clinics
Information on Infant Clinics and Child Health Clinics. NOTE: Has your child missed a scheduled vaccination? Published 14th October, 12:00am
GC Liquor Licensing -- New Hours
Licensed premises are now required to close no later than one hour before the start of curfew. Published 14th October, 12:00am
Police Reports, 13 & 14 Oct.
Arrests for wounding, assault, burglary. Published 14th October, 12:00am
Report from Cayman Islands Tourism Association
When CITA's members -- hotels, condos, watersports, dive operations, transportation, attractions, and restaurants -- will be ready. Published 14th October, 12:00am
HSA Update
All clinics, including the Dental, General Practice and Specialists clinics, are now fully operational.  Published 12th October, 12:00am
Water Authority Update
Water is available to 96% of customers.  Published 12th October, 12:00am
Children and Family Services Report
Shelters, food, social problems, the young and the elderly, and much more. Published 12th October, 12:00am
Helping Hands to the Rescue
With help from Air Jamaica and the Rotary Club of GC (Sunrise), 13 Canadian nurses and a social worker came to assist the healthcare team at the CI Hospital.  Published 11th October, 12:00am
Generator Theft
Secure yours. Note colour, make, model, and serial number. Published 11th October, 12:00am
From 18 October until 1 November 2004, persons residing illegally in Cayman have an opportunity to leave without fear of prosecution.  Published 11th October, 12:00am
Lands and Survey Opens New Office
Land registry services will resume on Wednesday, 13 October, on the second floor of the Cayman Corporate Centre.  Published 11th October, 12:00am
Water Update 11 Oct 04
How are things going in South Sound and Bodden Town? Published 11th October, 12:00am
New Acting Head of the Governor's Office.
Mr. Simon Tonge has served in the South Asia Department in the FCO, Jakarta, and as Press Officer to the British Embassy in Kabul. Published 8th October, 12:00am
Police Report, 8 Oct.
An assault during a burglary, an illegal firearm arrest, some passports are found and a warning on stopping at traffic light junctions. Published 8th October, 12:00am
Generators and Safety
People have been showing up at Accident & Emergency with burns and symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. Published 8th October, 12:00am
Recovery Committee Meeting, 4 October
Reports from RCIP, CUC, the Water Authority, Cayman Water, and DEH. Also discussed: vehicles, duty concessions and the port. Published 8th October, 12:00am
As of Monday, 11 October, customers with Seven Mile Beach postal boxes are asked to begin retrieving their mail from the Airport Post Office. Published 8th October, 12:00am
CSYSGA: Departments Relocated
The Ministry is operating from its offices in the Glass House; its departments in the Tower have moved.  Published 8th October, 12:00am
CUC Restoration Update
1,200 premises have been reenergized and customer connections are occurring more rapidly now that reconstruction of power lines in George Town is nearing completion.  Published 7th October, 12:00am
RCIP: Owners Check Your Firearms
Ensure that all weapons/ammunition are accounted for and that security provisions are adequate.  Published 7th October, 12:00am
CI National Recovery Fund
The Trustees assure the public that the fund will be audited and that considerable checks are in place to ensure proper placement and use of donations.  Published 7th October, 12:00am
Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant Update
South Sound has water and electrical equipment at the new treatment plant was badly damaged by Ivan. Published 7th October, 12:00am
GIS Briefing, 7 October
A summary showing how Grand Cayman is progressing. Published 7th October, 12:00am
Public Health Update
Dr. Kumar reports on broken bones, rashes, gastroenteritis, tetanus and deaths since 12 Sept. Published 6th October, 12:00am
Bars, Pubs, Nightclubs: New Closing Time
The GC Liquor Licensing Board says close by 9:00pm because of the curfew.  Published 6th October, 12:00am
Owen Roberts Operating Hours
6:30am - 6:30pm daily; no night operations at this time.  Published 6th October, 12:00am
Experts Sign on to Accelerate Recovery
James Lee Witt Associates will start helping with Cabinet's priorities -- removing debris and devising means of temporary housing for the homeless. Published 6th October, 12:00am
Financial Services Attracts New Members
Morgan Stanley Fund Services, the Dexia Group, Mitsubishi Corporation, and Mourant du Feu & Jeune have joined the Cayman Islands financial services community. Published 6th October, 12:00am
New Immigration Regulations
Children and property owners may travel to Grand Cayman; and earlier post-Ivan work permit arrangements are formailised. Published 6th October, 12:00am
Women's Resource Centre Reopens
Counselling is available for anyone seeking emotional support in the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan.  Published 5th October, 12:00am
Minister Reviews Operations with HoDs
Hon. Gilbert McLean: "At this point the country needs to look at services that are critical to our existence..." Published 5th October, 12:00am
Recovery Committee Meets, 1 October
Civil Aviation and Immigration reported and the Committee discussed price gougers and others taking advantage of post-Ivan difficulties. Published 5th October, 12:00am
Planning Department: Operations Update
Moving files and equipment from the Tower to Queensgate House -- limited service begins 11 October. Published 5th October, 12:00am
News from Health Services
This week's schedule of physician services at the District Clinics; Specialist Clinic and Women's Health services are resuming regular hours, and more!  Published 4th October, 12:00am
Vioxx Withdrawn by Manufacturer
Stop taking this prescription drug and see your doctor or pharmacist. Published 4th October, 12:00am
Water Supply Update
Work continues in South Sound and begins on the Bodden Town relief road and on Sandy Ground Drive.  Published 4th October, 12:00am
Health Information -- Post-Ivan
Stress, tetanus, how to stay healthy -- Public Health and DSAS provide info. Published 2nd October, 12:00am
Roof Repair Assistance for Uninsured Persons
The National Recovery Fund, the official fund chaired by HE the Governor Mr. Bruce Dinwiddy, CMG, is already being put to work.  Published 2nd October, 12:00am
Funds to Fix Homes
Application forms for financial assistance from the Cayman Islands National Recovery Fund are now available. Published 2nd October, 12:00am
Water -- 90% Restored
Some homes and businesses need pipes or leaking plumbing fixed before reconnection. Published 2nd October, 12:00am
An Update on Shelters
Children and Family Services now manage the shelters and, since its offices were damaged, the Department is also working out of the shelters. Published 2nd October, 12:00am
An Ivan Retrospective
GIS' Joan Scott-Campbell takes a look back... Published 2nd October, 12:00am
An Update on Schools
The Ministry and Department of Education are getting schools rebuilt and classes started. Published 2nd October, 12:00am
Our National Radiocommunication System
The Government owned system performed reliably and operated continuously before, during and after Hurricane Ivan. Published 2nd October, 12:00am
Electrical Reconnections
Government electrical inspectors must inspect and approve premises as being ready to receive power.  Published 1st October, 12:00am
911 Telecommunicators Recognised
The Association of Public Safety Communications Officials praised their professionalism and commitment.  Published 1st October, 12:00am
Recovery Committee, 29 September
Seconded OTs police officers will be leaving, Government is recasting the budget, and many companies are short of accommodation for staff. Published 1st October, 12:00am
From the Building Control Unit
All buildings with major damage should be reviewed and inspected to ensure that repairs are done correctly to prevent future damage during high winds.  Published 1st October, 12:00am