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Press Releases: November 2004

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World AIDS Day
Public Health is offering free HIV/AIDS and syphilis screening tests. Published 1st December, 12:00am
Bush on the BBC
In his continuing quest for international support, the Leader of Government Business discussed the local recovery. Published 1st December, 12:00am
CIRO Insurance Alert
Insurance companies SHOULD NOT be using government's duty concession in calculating payouts for vehicles damaged by Hurricane Ivan. Published 1st December, 12:00am
Awards for Police & Supporters
About 40 certificates were awarded to officers, civilian staff, Special Constabulary and volunteers during a short ceremony.  Published 1st December, 12:00am
Police Reports
A crime compilation for 21-27 November. Published 1st December, 12:00am
General Registry Update
It's offering services from three different locations. Published 1st December, 12:00am
PCDA&IT Tours Supermarkets
Minister Julianna O'Connor-Connolly, with reps from the departments of Planning and Environmental Health, checked on progress.  Published 1st December, 12:00am
Education Strategies Make Up for Lost Time
Revision of school calendars is among the steps being taken to create more curricular time for students. Published 29th November, 12:00am
Curfew Continues
For 28 November through 6 December, it remains 12 midnight to 5:00am. Published 29th November, 12:00am
Work Permit Concessions End Saturday
On 4 December, the Immigration Department discontinues the temporary concessions put in place after Hurricane Ivan. Published 29th November, 12:00am
Many Partners Aid Recovery
as education sector continues its thrust towards normalcy. Published 29th November, 12:00am
Education Sector: All Hands on Deck
Education Department staff redeployed as part of ministerial recovery team. Published 29th November, 12:00am
Education Recovery Phase Two
Student health and safety remain top priorities as $18m school rebuilding programme begins. Published 29th November, 12:00am
Minister Bush Announces Housing Solutions
An outline of a comprehensive emergency recovery plan. Published 29th November, 12:00am
Government High Schools Forge Ahead
John Gray now fully operational with resumption of Year 10; George Hicks operating on rotational basis for its three year groups. Published 29th November, 12:00am
Training for Community-based Peer Counsellors
A community peer counselling programme will soon start in each district. Published 29th November, 12:00am
WRC Hosts Business Improvement Workshop
Thursday, 2 December, sees the second in a series aimed at improving entrepreneurs' business skills. Published 29th November, 12:00am
Governor Receives Recovery Fund Donation
Benefactor Mrs Susan Olde contributes $750,000 to post-Ivan relief and reconstruction. Published 22nd November, 12:00am
Dr Brodlie Helps Children
After visiting schools and learning centres, the child psychologist gives advice on handling post-Ivan anxieties. Published 22nd November, 12:00am
Public Service Pensions Board Helps Pensioner
Mr. Elvin Seymour is one of the pensioners assisted by staff.  Published 19th November, 12:00am
Disaster Assistance Centres Get Phones
DACs become more accessible to the public through the donation of AT&T phones. Published 19th November, 12:00am
Curfew Relaxed
Curfew now midnight to 5:00 a.m. Published 19th November, 12:00am
Tourist Dies in Fall from Ship
CID investigates. Published 19th November, 12:00am
Mr. Bush's Thanksgiving Speech
"Today, as a country, we take time out to signal our recognition of God's protection and guidance..."  Published 18th November, 12:00am
Thanksgiving Ceremony Wednesday
A national holiday to express thanks to God for protection and the presaervation of life during the passage of Hurricane Ivan. Published 16th November, 12:00am
World Diabetes Day 2004: Free Testing This Week
This year the focus is on one of the major risk factors for type 2 diabetes: obesity.  Published 16th November, 12:00am
Learning Centres Provide Short-Term Solution
Centres follow an adapted curriculum and focus on core subjects and a range of enrichment opportunities.  Published 16th November, 12:00am
Minister's Message for World Diabetes Day
Though Cayman has a small population, the incidence of diabetes here is cause for concern...a balanced diet and exercise are weapons that can fight this disease.  Published 16th November, 12:00am
Weekend Police Report
20 motor vehicle accidents. Published 16th November, 12:00am
HRH Arrives Today
The Governor says that HRH The Earl of Wessex has a special attachment to Cayman.  Published 16th November, 12:00am
2nd Clothesline Art Project
To encourage artistic expression by victims of abuse, the "Clothesline Project" creates T-shirts.  Published 12th November, 12:00am
Helping Your Child after Ivan
Child Psychologist Dr Jerome Brodlie hosts a meeting for parents on Tuesday, 16 November at the Mary Miller Memorial Hall from 6.00-7.30pm. Published 12th November, 12:00am
FS Addresses Bankers Association
The new Financial Secretary, the Hon. Kenneth Jefferson, gives his first speech to the Islands' financial services industry. Published 12th November, 12:00am
Curfew Remains
The RCIP reviews it weekly. Published 12th November, 12:00am
CAA and CIAA Back on Track
Restructured to comply with a UK mandate; regulatory responsibilities stay with the CAA and service provision entities go to the Airports Authority.  Published 12th November, 12:00am
Overseas Communications to be Briefly Halted
Beginning at 11:00pm Saturday, 13 November, international telecommunications to and from the Cayman Islands will be interrupted for 12-14 hours. Published 11th November, 12:00am
Small Business Forum
A series of presentations covered topics like employment relations, immigration, insurance and development financing. Published 10th November, 12:00am
DEH Mould Workshops
Certified Industrial Hygienist Armando Chamorro, with 22 years experience, covers identification, environmental assessment, remediation procedures and safety equipment.  Published 10th November, 12:00am
Update on School Openings
"Every time we have had a setback with a school opening, it is because of a health issue. We are just NOT prepared to take any risks with our students or our teachers." Published 10th November, 12:00am
Abandoned Vehicles to be Removed in First Sweep
...if they impact public safety or present a health hazard or nuisance in public rights-of-way.  Published 10th November, 12:00am
Consider Those Who Made a Difference
The Governor's Office calls for award nominations focussing on individuals who made an outstanding contribution leading up to, during and since Hurricane Ivan. Published 10th November, 12:00am
Police Report: 10 November
A body was discovered in a burning vehicle. Published 10th November, 12:00am
First DACs Open
"Clearing houses of information", the first Disaster Assistance Centres opened in George Town and Bodden Town.  Published 10th November, 12:00am
Remembrance Day Service on Cayman Brac
It will take place Sunday, 14 November, at the War Memorial in Stake Bay, starting at 10.30am.  Published 9th November, 12:00am
Stay Over Tourists Invited Back
Travel restrictions to Grand Cayman will be lifted effective 20 November 2004. Published 9th November, 12:00am
Remembrance Day 2004
This Sunday (14 November) the service will begin at 10:57am at Elmslie Memorial Church, in front of the Memorial Cross. Members of the public are asked to assemble by 10:50am.  Published 9th November, 12:00am
Civil Service Reform Programme Announced
A new Portfolio of the Civil Service replaced the Personnel Department on 1 November. Published 8th November, 12:00am
Back to Normal
The Department of Agriculture has power! Published 8th November, 12:00am
Speech by the Chief Secretary
Delivered to the Heads of Departments. Included is a handout with short- and medium-term actions. Published 8th November, 12:00am
Weekend Police Report
A death in Newlands, a car accident, and several arrests -- including three for curfew violations. Published 8th November, 12:00am
UK Citizen?
You need a machine-readable passport or machine-readable visa to enter the USA. Published 8th November, 12:00am
WRC to Host Business Workshop
"Starting Your Business" presents issues that entrepreneurs need to consider before plunging into a new business venture. Published 6th November, 12:00am
More Counterfeit Currency
Again it's the $100 note. Characteristics here.  Published 6th November, 12:00am
Body Identified
One of the bodies discovered in a Randyke Gardens apartment has been identified as Jamaican National Junior Williams. Published 6th November, 12:00am
Win a Trip to New York City!
Sponge Bob poster contest for children. Published 6th November, 12:00am
CUC Loans Generators to Government
50 generators and extension cords will be distributed in the districts until full service is restored. Published 5th November, 12:00am
New National Recovery Fund Office
Thanks to Cable and Wireless' support, the NRF now has a permanent location in Trinity Square.  Published 5th November, 12:00am
Police Cars -- Soon to be Seen Everywhere
10 donated vehicles have been assigned to uniformed patrol officers in each district to promote high visibility.  Published 5th November, 12:00am
New Port Cargo Hours, Allowances and Fees
The period for which cargo does not incur any storage charges has been extended from five to ten working days; plus the port will remain open until 8:00pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  Published 4th November, 12:00am
Police Report: 4 Nov.
The police records office is now open and reminders on careless driving and the dangers of helping escaped prisoners. Published 4th November, 12:00am
Driving? Pull Over to Talk on Your Cell
The RCIP is noticing inattentive drivers. Published 4th November, 12:00am
Duty Concession on Replacement Vehicles
The 10% import duty reduction rate is effective from 12 October 2004 to 30 June 2005.  Published 3rd November, 12:00am
Insurance Losses Estimated Over $700 Million
Over CI$60million in interim payments has already been paid to policyholders. Published 3rd November, 12:00am
DOT Update
All tourism properties must be re-inspected and re-licensed; representatives attended the 27th annual Caribbean Tourism Conference in Aruba.  Published 2nd November, 12:00am
Police Report: 2 Nov.
New curfew passes are being issued. A warning to speeders. Published 2nd November, 12:00am
Counterfeit -- Beware
CI$100 bills. Check here for the bogus money's characteristics. Published 2nd November, 12:00am
Mr. Ryan Retires
After 39 years and two months of public service with Government, the Chief Secretary says farewell.  Published 2nd November, 12:00am
Another New Neighborhood Watch
This one at Sunset Retreat. Published 2nd November, 12:00am
Association Donates to CI National Recovery Fund
CI Society for Human Resource Professionals helps the recovery effort.  Published 2nd November, 12:00am
Schools Operating as Learning Centres
The centres are focusing on core subjects and a range of enrichment opportunities and are not able to accommodate the full school population.  Published 2nd November, 12:00am
Debris Removal: Tourism Routes a Priority
The cleanup began last weekend in preparation for the cruise ship arrivals and it will continue every weekend until 14 November.  Published 2nd November, 12:00am
Housing Recovery Grant Programme
The CIDB will distribute CI$5.5M to those individuals in most need of financial assistance.  Published 1st November, 12:00am
CIDB Seeks Qualified Contractors
They are needed to participate in the reconstruction/restoration of dwellings approved by the new Government grant programme. Published 1st November, 12:00am
Weekend Police Report
A death on the Brac, DUIs, curfew violations and other arrests on GC. Published 1st November, 12:00am
Visit of Shadow Foreign Secretary
The British Shadow Foreign Secretary and Deputy Leader of the Conservative Party, the Rt Hon Michael Ancram MP, will visit Wednesday, 3 November.  Published 1st November, 12:00am
CIRO Update: 28 Oct.
Paths used by students, marine debris, and more information is needed from the insurance industry regarding procedures -- these topics and more.  Published 1st November, 12:00am
Burning Debris -- Politely and Safely
There must be no risk to people or property and you must practice being a good neighbour.  Published 1st November, 12:00am
CITA Update: 29 Oct.
33% of condos will be open for Xmas; 48% of restaurants now open. Published 1st November, 12:00am