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Press Releases: December 2004

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New Year's Honours
Eleven receive the CI Certificate & Badge of Honour; the Queen honours two. Published 31st December, 12:00am
Police Report: 31 December
A one car accident leads to DUI arrest. Published 31st December, 12:00am
Library's Holiday Gift
The Perdue family, here for a family reunion, donated the money they would otherwise have used to purchase gifts.  Published 30th December, 12:00am
Christmas Cheer for All
"This is probably the most donations we have ever received for the Christmas period..."  Published 30th December, 12:00am
Owners of Licensed Firearms...
have until Monday, 31 January 2005, to renew their licenses.  Published 30th December, 12:00am
Police Report: 30 December
Two arrests, one for theft and one for burglary and drugs. Published 30th December, 12:00am
Easter Egg Run Produces Xmas Presents
Proceeds from the RCIP's spring event bought gifts for children, the elderly and the hospital. Published 30th December, 12:00am
Police Report: 29 December
Several persons were arrested for DUI over the holidays, also a car fire and some accidents. Published 30th December, 12:00am
NRF Donation from Ivan Book Authors
Karie Bergstrom and Sheree Ebanks, co-authors of the book "Spirit of Cayman - the Aftermath of Ivan", donated $10,000 to the National Recovery Fund.  Published 24th December, 12:00am
CICSA Christmas Raffle Extravaganza
Prizes included bedroom sets and mattresses donated by Rooms To Go, along with household appliances from A L Thompson.  Published 24th December, 12:00am
Police Report: 24 December
A boat and trailer were stolen from an open lot on West Bay Road.  Published 24th December, 12:00am
Take Care with Fireworks
The RCIP reminds the public during the holiday season that extra precautions should always be taken when setting off fireworks. Published 24th December, 12:00am
Body Identified
The body found in October in a GT apartment has been identified as Jamaican national Patrecia Ann Marie Young. Published 24th December, 12:00am
New Supt. of Pensions
Mr. Cyril Theriault helps to ensure that all employees are enrolled in a registered pension plan that meets National Pensions Law standards.  Published 22nd December, 12:00am
Beachcomber Donates to CINRF
These condos on Seven Mile Beach suffered severe damage but owners put $10,000 into the Recovery Fund -- hoping to help a local family rebuild. Published 22nd December, 12:00am
Christmas Treat
Bodden Town Football Club made sure Santa brought goodies to Bodden Town & Savannah primary schools. Published 22nd December, 12:00am
Sigma Finance Donates to CINRF
One of the longest-established financial companies in Cayman has donated CI$10,000 to the National Recovery Fund.  Published 22nd December, 12:00am
Installed: One Seismograph
"What is unusual is that there has been over 6 weeks of activity in the region, resulting in 5 events recorded with a magnitude greater than 5..." Published 21st December, 12:00am
Law School Proposes New Certifying Partner
The West Indies Council of Legal Education may become the new overseas certifying partner for the Professional Practice Course.  Published 21st December, 12:00am
Presents for Cayman's Children
Thanks to the Lochers, the Aqua Hut, FedEx plus other dive fans and contributors from Toledo, Ohio. Published 21st December, 12:00am
CIMA to Review Domestic Insurance Market
The Board of Directors announced its decision in light of issues arising from Hurricane Ivan, including claims of underinsurance. Published 21st December, 12:00am
CITA's 2005 Plans
Include attending trade shows, helping members reopen, and maintaining a strong relationship with government. Published 21st December, 12:00am
BTPS Thanks Donors
Three generous donors gave money to the PTA to offset post-Ivan expenses. Published 21st December, 12:00am
Home Again: Housing Grants Rebuild Lives
Allegra Wood: Thanks to family, friends and a CIDB grant, she has a roof over her head for Christmas.  Published 20th December, 12:00am
Minister's Association Helps Rebuild
The Association focusses on those most in need and is working closely with the Department of Children and Family Services. Published 20th December, 12:00am
National Recovery Fund: Homes Priority One
"...the whole process worked quickly. The contractors repaired the roof and replaced two windows in about a week and a half and everything went smoothly." Published 20th December, 12:00am
Debriefing to Unload Tensions
The Community-based Peer Support Project will employ a technique called 'debriefing' to help people who are fearful or anxious. Published 20th December, 12:00am
Health Ministry Sharpens Outlook
The Ministry of HSAA&W lays out its current recovery and future mitigation arrangements.  Published 20th December, 12:00am
Community Support Group Completes Training
Sessions for peer counselors focused on post-disaster emotional symptoms, grief and loss, and the methods and characteristics of group therapy.  Published 17th December, 12:00am
New Buses for Lighthouse School
One is a specially fitted 12-seater wheelchair bus, the other is a 30-seat Coaster bus for transporting students to and from school.  Published 17th December, 12:00am
Accident Victim Identified
Jeffery Keith Grimmett was fatally injured after being hit by a vehicle on 10 December Published 17th December, 12:00am
CIMA sees documents signed by the Hon. George McCarthy (the new chief secretary), identifying him as the financial secretary. Published 17th December, 12:00am
Ivan Ribbons to Raise Money for CINRF
Governor Bruce Dinwiddy bought the first one and encouraged cruise ship visitors to give generously when buying theirs.  Published 17th December, 12:00am
Foster's Supports Education Recovery
Fosters Food Fair has donated $100,000 towards the purchase of three modular classrooms for government schools.  Published 17th December, 12:00am
Chippers to Help Farmers
Chipped material is an excellent mulch that conserves soil moisture and reduces weed growth.  Published 16th December, 12:00am
Firework Safety
Be careful -- dry vegetation abounds and many homes have open eaves or tarps on the roof. Published 15th December, 12:00am
Smith into Royal Aeronautical Society
Director-General of Civil Aviation Richard Smith was inducted as a 'Fellow' of the society.  Published 15th December, 12:00am
FSU Tips for Parenting Teens
RCIP's Family Support Unit has some advice for parents who are raising teenagers. Published 15th December, 12:00am
More Traffic Signals Operating
The two waterfront traffic signals -- at Fort Street and by the National Museum -- will be replaced this week. Published 14th December, 12:00am
Post-Ivan ITALIC Plans on Track
Training resumed for teachers on four different curriculum software packages.  Published 14th December, 12:00am
CIMA's Review of Regulations & Legislation Done
Mr. Timothy Ridley, chairman of the Monetary Authority, announced the completion of the task force reports on banking, insurance, investments and securities and fiduciary services. Published 14th December, 12:00am
Funding Proposals Sought
The Economic Diversification Programme Budget was established to help OTs diversify their economic bases, lessening dependence on primary sectors. Published 14th December, 12:00am
Coaching for Success Needs Volunteers
"We started it to help students achieve their full potential at school and gain leadership skills. It turned out to be very rewarding for both students and mentors." Published 14th December, 12:00am
Controlling Post-disaster Stress
Read about peer counselling and where to get help. Published 13th December, 12:00am
Port Backlog Increasing -- and Possibly Unavoidable.
More than three times the usual number of ships are bombarding the system, which has reduced equipment to deal with the onrush. Further, goods aren't being collected at the distribution end fast enough.  Published 13th December, 12:00am
Fatal Accident
On Friday, 10 December, at 10:30pm, a 43-year-old American male was killed after being hit by an SUV on West Bay Road.  Published 13th December, 12:00am
Mutilated Money
CIMA reminds everyone that at least three-quarters of a note should be present, preferably with visible portions of both serial numbers, for value to be given. Published 13th December, 12:00am
Witt on Our Recovery
James Lee Witt of Witt Associates praised our speed, determination and the level of cooperation between government and the private sector.  Published 13th December, 12:00am
DAC Survey: Assessing Needs
33% reported their dwellings were uninhabitable; over half had at least one family member with a medical need; about 36% were struggling to provide adequate nutrition for their family.  Published 13th December, 12:00am
What's Driving our Frustration
Post-disaster recovery syndrome -- read about it -- you'll understand what's happening and be able to better control reactions, as well as understand when others demonstrate impatience.  Published 13th December, 12:00am
New School's Inauguration
Cayman's latest primary school (remember?), Prospect Primary School, will be officially opened on Tuesday, 14 December, at 4 pm.  Published 13th December, 12:00am
Governor Visits National Museum
The nearly 150-year-old harbour-front building sustained rainwater damage to the roof during Ivan.  Published 10th December, 12:00am
Police News, 8 & 10 December
A sudden death, a reminder to drive safely during the holiday season, a plea for landlords and tenants to work things out, and arrests. Published 10th December, 12:00am
Speeding Up Vehicle Licensing
An increase in the number of visitors to the Department of Vehicle Licensing has meant that customers have been facing long queues at the service counters and inspection pit.  Published 10th December, 12:00am
Hurricane Ivan Ribbons on Sale
Staff in the Governor's Office will raise money for the National Recovery Fund by selling lapel ribbons to cruise ship visitors.  Published 10th December, 12:00am
ECLAC Report Summary
Ivan's damage is estimated at $75,700 per person, the highest ever encountered by ECLAC. This posting contains updated statistics. Published 9th December, 12:00am
Curfew Lifted
There will still be a strong police presence on the roads, and motorists are reminded to use caution when driving. Published 9th December, 12:00am
Minister's Statement: The Port is Overwhelmed.
The volume of cargo has more than doubled and there are limited transportation and storage facilities. Eight new measures will improve the situation.  Published 8th December, 12:00am
Visitors Breach Entry Requirements
Immigration is concerned about those who attempt to gain entry but are unable to meet basic requirements; some 50 persons were returned to Jamaica.  Published 8th December, 12:00am
Re-build Hurricane Proof
Take time to safeguard your home against the fury of the next hurricane.  Published 8th December, 12:00am
Police: Theft Arrests
Five male North Side residents arrested. Published 8th December, 12:00am
Election 11 May 2005
Last day to register to vote: 4 January. Nomination day: 16 March Published 8th December, 12:00am
Minister Thanks BT Seventh-day Adventist Church
The BT clinic is temporarily located in the church. Published 7th December, 12:00am
The Price Gouging Control Law
The law puts the burden of proof on the person accused of price gouging to show that any increase is "reasonable and not unconscionable."  Published 7th December, 12:00am
Debris Management
Sorting instructions and what to do with hazardous materials. Published 7th December, 12:00am
Landfill Fire
The fire is not endangering any residents but smoke will be a nuisance. Published 7th December, 12:00am
Lobster Season: Dates CORRECTED
1 December through 28 February. Published 6th December, 12:00am
Deadline Extended
The Government Housing Recovery Grant programme will remain in effect until further notice because of the delays applicants are experiencing in getting estimates for repairs and sourcing materials.  Published 6th December, 12:00am
Brac Hospitality
Immediately after Ivan, there was a place to go where water was running, utility poles standing and cars being driven. Published 6th December, 12:00am
Land Fill Tour
Officials saw the post-Ivan solid waste that is coming into the site and were shown how the waste is processed. Published 6th December, 12:00am
News from MRCU
"Aedes aegypti" is under control and night flights have resumed. Published 6th December, 12:00am
Modular Classrooms: A Temporary Solution
A number have been ordered and are scheduled to arrive by January to resolve immediate space issues for schools.  Published 6th December, 12:00am
Blue Iquana Stamp Issue
Depicting the most endangered iguana in the world, it's the ultimate collectible for Christmas. Published 6th December, 12:00am
Planning Thanks Overseas Inspectors
Don Hurst took a week of unpaid vacation and his employer paid his salary for a week and Mark Abraham from Texas volunteered for three weeks.  Published 3rd December, 12:00am
Health Minister Draws National Attention to HIV/AIDS
In the Caribbean, AIDS is the leading cause of death among adults aged 15-44.  Published 3rd December, 12:00am
Minister Visits Giglioli Centre
The Hon. Julianna O'Connor-Connolly toured the offices of DEH, MRCU and DOE.  Published 3rd December, 12:00am
Travel Trailers on the Way
The trailers are 32ft long and 8ft wide, sleep six people, & are fully furnished, including appliances, water heaters and a/c.  Published 3rd December, 12:00am
New Schedule for DACs
George Town is open Monday to Friday, noon to 6pm. Bodden Town, North Side and West Bay are open Monday, Wednesday and Friday, noon to 6 pm. East End is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 10am-4pm.  Published 3rd December, 12:00am
Appointed Queen's Counsel: Hon. Samuel Bulgin JP, and Messrs Nigel Clifford, Charles Quin, and Graham Ritchie Published 3rd December, 12:00am
Temporary Location for GT Library
Opening at The Commerce Building on Dr Roy's Drive on Monday, 6 December, from 10am to 5.30pm, it will mainly be operating a lending service.  Published 3rd December, 12:00am
CIMA to Investigate Insurance Practices
Complaints include the industry's adoption of across-the-board dollar figures per square-foot in assessing replacement value of homes and dragging of feet in settling claims. Published 3rd December, 12:00am