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Press Releases: January 2005

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RCIP Seizes Pocket Bikes
18 illegal vehicles were found on the road in West Bay. Published 31st January, 12:00am
Port Initiatives Implemented
The volume of containers processed by the port exceeds 74,000 tons, almost 100% in excess of pre-Ivan figures. Published 31st January, 12:00am
New Leadership for NRA
Former Chief Engineer of PWD Colford Scott is now Managing Director of the National Roads Authority.  Published 31st January, 12:00am
"The Spirit is Alive: Replanting and Re-growing" is the theme for Ash Wednesday's ag event.  Published 31st January, 12:00am
Goring Avenue -- Almost Done
The Water Authority has finished laying its pipes and the NRA takes over. Published 31st January, 12:00am
Governor Visits Archive
Storm surge caused extensive damage to the ground floor where many semi-active government documents were stored.  Published 31st January, 12:00am
Recyclers to Figi
The JGHS club supports Seacology, an organisation that, for example, funds community centres in return for fish reserves.  Published 31st January, 12:00am
Statement from the Financial Secretary
Recent media coverage has inaccurately stated that the contents of a "report" to Cabinet from CIMA on the insurance industry post-Ivan will not be made available to the public.  Published 28th January, 12:00am
Police Report: 27 January
Car accidents and a sudden death. Published 28th January, 12:00am
Police Report: Burglary on the Brac
A large quantity of cash was stolen from a business premises in West End.  Published 26th January, 12:00am
Housing Grants Top $2.6 Million
The Housing Recovery Grant, government's assistance programme for those affected by Hurricane Ivan, has funded 225 projects.  Published 26th January, 12:00am
Be First in Line
Regular operating hours for the Dept. of Vehicle Licensing & Transport in West Bay and on Elgin Avenue and Walkers Road. Published 26th January, 12:00am
Financial Services Growth in 2004
Funds domiciled in the jurisdiction increased by 25%; 75 new captives were licensed, representing a 7% net increase. Published 25th January, 12:00am
UNDP on Future Disaster Mitigation
The United Nations Development Programme wants to increase our capacity to reduce vulnerability to hurricanes or other natural disasters. Published 25th January, 12:00am
Ministers' Association Helping Out
"Love in Action" continues to put roofs over people's heads.  Published 25th January, 12:00am
London Office Organises Fundraiser
A number of institutions and individuals have sponsored tables to support this fully booked event.  Published 25th January, 12:00am
Port Expansion Completed
More dockside access to commercial vessels and more room and amenities for cruise passengers. Published 25th January, 12:00am
Temporary Homes Arrive
The first 28 travel-trailers will help meet the urgent needs of homeowners faced by damaged or lost homes following Ivan. Published 25th January, 12:00am
Police Report: 25 January
The long weekend roundup. Published 25th January, 12:00am
Update on Accident
One died, the other was flown to Jamaica for further treatment. Published 25th January, 12:00am
Police Report: 21 January
Motor vehicle accidents. Published 21st January, 12:00am
Executive Director Appointed for CI Investment Bureau
Dax Basdeo is ready to help expand and diversify our economy and promote investment. Published 21st January, 12:00am
New Government Office Buildings
The Government Office Accommodation Project Team will seek responses from firms willing and able to offer proposals on the provision of new accommodation. Published 21st January, 12:00am
Funds for Veterans
A donation from the Royal Commonwealth Ex-Servcies League will help repair homes. Published 21st January, 12:00am
Temporary Classrooms
20 modular classrooms are now on island -- 11 go to JGHS.  Published 21st January, 12:00am
Cooperation Works on Oil
A multi-agency team is finalizing containment while mitigating and preventing environmental threat from dislodged oil-storage drums that were swept through the GT landfill during Hurricane Ivan.  Published 21st January, 12:00am
DCFS Receives School Supplies Donation
The CI Student Association gives $1000 for needy children. Published 21st January, 12:00am
Police Report: 20 January
Two men seriously injured in a one car accident. Published 20th January, 12:00am
Norwalk Virus Outbreak
Only healthy passengers from "Mariner of the Seas" were allowed to disembark. Published 20th January, 12:00am
Traditional Ag Show on Ash Wednesday?
The Minister for Agriculture met with farmers and exhibitors to discuss the proposal of having a scaled down event.  Published 20th January, 12:00am
Mr. Bush addresses Business Outlook Forum
"Government will recognise several large and extraordinary expenses relating to relief and recovery from Ivan, amounting to approximately $31 million. These expenses will result in Government recording an overall deficit in the 2004/5 fiscal year."  Published 20th January, 12:00am
AG's Speech Opening Ivan Law Conference
"We as members of the legal profession and of the society in general need to discuss matters, examine alternative strategies and ultimately find a way to prevent any such similar problems from re-occurring..."  Published 20th January, 12:00am
Need a Police Report or Record?
Pick them up from the George Town Police Station on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Published 20th January, 12:00am
Police Report: 19 January
The accident in Savannah, burglary & dangerous driving. Published 19th January, 12:00am
RCIP Notices
Found property and a reminder on LOUD music. Published 19th January, 12:00am
Arrest Made
The RCIP made an arrest following yesterday's fatal accident. Published 18th January, 12:00am
Police Report: 17 January
A prowler, a burglar, several DUI arrests. Published 18th January, 12:00am
First Recovery Fund Ribbon Tins Opened
A check for $10,000! Another for $5,000!  Published 18th January, 12:00am
Utilities & Road Works Coordinate
The National Roads Authority is working in tandem with the Water Authority to complete work on Goring Ave.  Published 18th January, 12:00am
Fatal Accident
A police officer driving to work dies in a two car accident. Published 17th January, 12:00am
Ivan's Cemetery Disruption
DEH asks for public assistance in replacing headstones moved by the storm. Published 17th January, 12:00am
Not on the Beach!
Remember that horse riding on any part of Seven Mile Beach is prohibited. Published 17th January, 12:00am
Final ECLAC Report On-Line
"The Impact of Hurricane Ivan in the Cayman Islands" can be found here in 'Local Issues' -- scroll down. Published 14th January, 12:00am
WRC to Host Business Workshop
How to improve an existing business, particularly in sales, operations, and managing human resources.  Published 14th January, 12:00am
Trailers Need Planning Approval
Residents using a trailer home as a temporary housing solution should call the Planning Department.  Published 14th January, 12:00am
Truancy is Against the Law
Parents should inform the Education Department if their child now is attending school overseas.  Published 14th January, 12:00am
Changes at Port
The Port has hired additional staff and will move to a two-shift system, allowing the cargo distribution centre to operate 24-hours.  Published 14th January, 12:00am
Ivan Spares New Law Books
Two Law School instructors present copies of books they've written to the Chief Justice. Published 14th January, 12:00am
Containers Delivered to Your Door
Dedicated full containers will go directly from the dock to major importers.  Published 14th January, 12:00am
Police Report: 13 January
A driver arrested following a motor vehicle accident for having no insurance and no license.  Published 13th January, 12:00am
Land for Craft Market
The Kirkconnell family has donated the use of a plot of land in George Town.  Published 13th January, 12:00am
Police Report: 12 January
Last night an accident, a disturbance and an arrest for burglary. Published 12th January, 12:00am
New Guidelines for Illegal Cuban Migrants
Migrants will be refused permission to land and will no longer be given assistance to enable them to continue their journey; they may depart immediately or be repatriated.  Published 12th January, 12:00am
Government's Internal Guidelines on Cuban Migrants
These guidelines define the manner in which reception, accommodation and repatriation should be carried out.  Published 12th January, 12:00am
School Development Advisor Appointed
Mr. Gareth Long will act as a critical link between the Education Department, the Schools' Inspectorate and schools themselves. Published 12th January, 12:00am
No Fishing
Designated grouper spawning areas are off limits! Published 12th January, 12:00am
Police Report: 10 January
Wounding, a car accident, arrests for theft. Published 11th January, 12:00am
Police Report: 11 January
Several arrests for drunk driving and theft. Published 11th January, 12:00am
Chief Justice's Address
For the Grand Court opening, Mr. Smellie reviews the judiciary's performance. Published 11th January, 12:00am
Shamrock Road -- Road Works
The two miles of the second westbound lane, damaged by Hurricane Ivan, will be rebuilt. Published 11th January, 12:00am
Director of Tourism Appointed
Ms Pilar Bush accepts the challenge. Published 11th January, 12:00am
WB CID Requests Help
They're looking for a suspect in a sexual assault. Published 7th January, 12:00am
New Year's Honours
Profiles of eight of the honourees. Published 7th January, 12:00am
Grand Court Opening 2005
In his motion to the court the Attorney General said that, despite the traumas everyone suffered, the Islands' legal and judicial system continues to function at a high quality level. Published 7th January, 12:00am
Small Quake on Tuesday
At 2:20pm but smaller than a magnitude of four. Published 7th January, 12:00am
Attorney General's Address
For the Grand Court opening, Mr. Bulgin looks at legislation and government's legal department. Published 7th January, 12:00am
Community Police Spread Xmas Cheer
Officers distributed toys donated by Rotary Club Central and Atlantic Department Store.  Published 6th January, 12:00am
Police Report: 5 January
Motor vehicle accidents and an arrest for theft. Published 6th January, 12:00am
Pocket Bikes: Another Warning
Prosecution plus confiscation of the bike for persons caught driving these on the road. Published 6th January, 12:00am
Police Report 3 & 4 January
Traffic offenses, a sudden death and a wounding. Published 6th January, 12:00am