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Press Releases: February 2005

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Tips on Requesting Files at Planning
If you lost copies of development applications during hurricane Ivan, you may be able to get copies from Planning. Published 28th February, 12:00am
Book Smarts to Street Smarts: A Trip to the Grocery Store
BTPS students had to apply the concept of a healthy diet by choosing food to buy and they had to keep within a $10-budget.  Published 28th February, 12:00am
Weekend Police Report
An SUV overturns, causing serious injury and more. Published 28th February, 12:00am
New Chief Inspector of Schools
Helena McVeigh joined the Schools' Inspectorate in January 2004 as a senior inspector and became Acting Chief Inspector in April 2004. Published 28th February, 12:00am
Staff Changes and More at Planning
The department has hired new personnel and has announced several promotions. Published 28th February, 12:00am
Rebuilding Schools
PWD prepared detailed scopes of work on each site, itemizing the damage and repair specifications, so contracts could be put in place. Published 25th February, 12:00am
Police Report: 25 February
A sudden death. Published 25th February, 12:00am
Books for Schools
Visiting child psychologist Dr Jerry Brodlie brought 3000 library books donated by US schools.  Published 25th February, 12:00am
Education Council Scholarships
The deadline for applications for overseas study is 31 March. Published 25th February, 12:00am
Lobster Season Closes
28 February is the last day. Published 24th February, 12:00am
Deloitte to Restructure PWD
PWD needs a stronger finance section and effective human resources support. Published 24th February, 12:00am
Regional Education USA Advising Conference
An Employment Relations representative attended; on the agenda -- professional development and US education opportunities.  Published 24th February, 12:00am
Police Report: 24 February
A robbery -- the RCIP is looking for two male suspects. Published 24th February, 12:00am
7 Year Fixed Term: BSPB Exempts Some Professionals
Competition for qualified personnel is fierce and Cayman, thanks to Ivan, is currently at a disadvantage. Published 24th February, 12:00am
DEH Warning
Chilled food containers must be picked up from the Port Cargo Distribution Centre within half hour of notification.  Published 23rd February, 12:00am
Police Report: 23 February
An arrest for drugs and theft. Published 23rd February, 12:00am
Ministers Inspect Schools' Progress
They visited Savannah and Bodden Town primaries to view modular classrooms and to assess the rebuilding process. Published 23rd February, 12:00am
2004 CPI
It increased by 4.4%; there were moderate increases through the first three quarters of the year and a sharp rise in the final quarter. Published 23rd February, 12:00am
Graduated Licensing Bill
The Hon. McKeeva Bush: "Knowing that there exists something that can help reduce the number of teen motor vehicle crashes, I rise to table a bill that will amend the Traffic Law."  Published 23rd February, 12:00am
Session on Uterine Fibroids
At Thursday's (24 February) Women's Resource Centre health information session. Published 22nd February, 12:00am
Valentine Smiles
Students, and children and senior citizens at the George Town Hospital, received gifts from Rehoboth Ministries. Published 22nd February, 12:00am
Water Authority Donates Computers
Four computers are destined for the GTPS computer lab, while the remaining two will go to children who need a computer at home.  Published 22nd February, 12:00am
Police Reports
Arrests, a house fire, a fall from a motorbike. Published 22nd February, 12:00am
Reading Marathon
With schoolchildren having to forego the usual sports activities, North Side Primary decided to stage a "Reading Olympics." Published 22nd February, 12:00am
Blood: Donors Urgently Needed
The Blood Bank launched an appeal, looking for new donors and asking local donors to bolster the critically low blood supply on Grand Cayman.  Published 22nd February, 12:00am
Concert to Stand-in for Festival
A joint effort between John Gray High School and Wesleyan Christian Academy is set for Thursday, 21 April 2005.  Published 22nd February, 12:00am
Difficulties with New Telephone Numbers
A business with its own PBX will likely have to reprogram it to access new numbers. Published 18th February, 12:00am
Police Report: 17 February
A tourist dies in the water and stolen property is recovered. Published 18th February, 12:00am
West Bay Road Congestion & Crosswalks
RCIP Reminders: the Galleria Loop will be closed Monday, 6:30-9am; and both motorists and pedestrians need a crosswalk refresher.  Published 18th February, 12:00am
National Cricket Team to Malaysia
Cayman faces Fiji, Qatar and Zambia in its quest to qualify for the World Cup. Published 18th February, 12:00am
Soon: Prospect Traffic Calming
The NRA conducted a study to determine the speed and volume of motorists traveling through the Prospect Park area. Published 18th February, 12:00am
Derelict Vehicles
These are not being accepted at the landfill! Published 18th February, 12:00am
BT Clinic Phone Number
Call the original number, 947-2299, to reach the clinic at the Seventh Day Adventist Church Youth Hall. Published 18th February, 12:00am
RCIP Shift Inspectors
Inspectors Elliott, Cupid and Ebanks were all promoted in 2004 and Inspector Bodden was promoted at the end of 2003. Published 17th February, 12:00am
Government Shares Transmission Tower
dms Broadcasting's 3 radio stations will make use of government's telecomm infrastructure. Published 16th February, 12:00am
Update on Shamrock Rd Repairs
Now in its final stages, they'll rebuild the second westbound lane and extend this lane down to Spotts Newlands Road.  Published 16th February, 12:00am
WADA Athlete Guide
Minister of Sports Frank McField presented the World Anti-Doping Agency guide to a large group of athletes. Published 16th February, 12:00am
USCG Vessel to Visit
This time its the Seneca, 14-17 March. Published 16th February, 12:00am
Fraudulent Internet Sites
The RCIP and the US Secret Service have busted an operator of a fake CI financial services site. Published 16th February, 12:00am
Police Report: 16 February
Arrests: one for assault, three for burglary. Published 16th February, 12:00am
Licensees Urged to Contact Liquor Board
All licence holders who have not reopened post-Ivan and/or do not intend to continue operations... Published 15th February, 12:00am
Police Report: 15 February
Arrests for theft and drugs. Published 15th February, 12:00am
Traffic Report
The RCIP issued 48 traffic tickets and 46 speeding tickets last week. Published 15th February, 12:00am
Increased Investor Interest
The Investment Bureau has reported a sharp increase in the level of interest expressed by European investors. Published 14th February, 12:00am
Heavy Equipment for DEH
11 new vehicles will help meet the growing demands of sanitation and environmental health.  Published 14th February, 12:00am
National Workshop to Address Parenting
Focusing on the outcomes community groups, friends and family want: "They all play a critical role in parenting and their views need to be considered in any design of a national parenting programme." Published 14th February, 12:00am
Police Report: 14 February
A teen sustains head and knee injuries after falling off a pocket bike... Published 14th February, 12:00am
Education Pays Tribute
Four colleagues have recently died. Published 11th February, 12:00am
Police Report: 11 February
A quiet night -- only a few incidents to report. Published 11th February, 12:00am
Prison Cricket Teams Visit
From the Bermudian side: "The hospitality was outstanding, despite obvious signs of Hurricane Ivan."  Published 11th February, 12:00am
OTs Minister Bill Rammell sets out the UK's view on the method for Overseas Territories to move to independence. Published 11th February, 12:00am
Regulatory responsibility: Civil Aviation Authority of the CI at Grand Harbour; airport business services: CI Airports Authority on Owen Roberts Drive. Published 10th February, 12:00am
Police Holiday Report
Arrests for drugs and DUI; investigations into a stolen boat and a missing teen. Published 10th February, 12:00am
A Special Gift
The family of late Police Constable Niven Dixon received his former K-9 partner, Brandy. Published 10th February, 12:00am
Police Reports: 7-8 February
14 minor road traffic accidents over the weekend; five domestic violence incidents on Tuesday. Published 10th February, 12:00am
NRF Receives Donation from Film
The Governor received a DVD of the documentary and a $10,000 cheque for the National Recovery Fund.  Published 10th February, 12:00am
Cubans Repatriated
One group gone, two will soon leave. Published 10th February, 12:00am
Time is Running Out: Pleading for Pledges
Hosting more than 100 influential persons from the private sector, the Governor urged support for the National Recovery Fund. Published 10th February, 12:00am
More New Year's Honourees
Tommy Bodden, Gelia Frederick-van Genderen, Darrel Rankine, Jessie Smith, and Crosby McDonald Solomon.  Published 8th February, 12:00am
More Trailers on the Way
Another 44 trailers are currently being manufactured and are scheduled to arrive in the next 6-7 weeks.  Published 7th February, 12:00am
NS Community Officer Visits Primary School
Alex Schulz assisted year three students with a fundraiser.  Published 7th February, 12:00am
Police More Vigilant in 2005
They have many concerns including children without seatbelts or infants without approved child seats and Ivan-damaged vehicles.  Published 7th February, 12:00am
Port to Publish Schedule
A 'due-to-arrive' container list would allow customers to make collection arrangements ahead of time. Published 7th February, 12:00am
Agriculture Day Promises Lots of Fun
Story tellers, arts and crafts, plants for sale, demonstrations, information, food and more. Published 7th February, 12:00am
Guiding Small Business to Success
More than fifty potential entrepreneurs and small business owners benefited from the recent Small Business Workshop series.  Published 7th February, 12:00am
USCG Cutter Harriet Lane
Will make a routine visit to Grand Cayman next month.  Published 7th February, 12:00am
30 persons have signed up as participants in the two "Neighbours Helping Neighbours" support groups.  Published 4th February, 12:00am
Festival of Arts Mostly On Hold
There WILL be a literary competition. Published 4th February, 12:00am
CITA: Tourism Bouncing Back
A list of open and available Grand Cayman members -- and all Sister Island properties and tourism-related businesses are open.  Published 4th February, 12:00am
General Registry Relocation
Births, Deaths, Marriages and Public Records is located in Suite 108 on the ground floor of Elizabethan Square. Published 4th February, 12:00am
New Revenue Unit
Mr Lee Ramoon will direct the new entity that will focus on the collection, forecasting, and reporting of all executive revenue.  Published 4th February, 12:00am
RCIP Advisory
No loitering at businesses open 24 hours; phone lines at BT station are now working. Published 4th February, 12:00am
Virus Outbreak -- Guidelines Here
Public Health is monitoring an outbreak of gastroenteritis (diarrhoea and vomiting).  Published 3rd February, 12:00am
Police Report: 3 February
Two Toyota Corollas parked next to each other; both with the keys left in the ignition...  Published 3rd February, 12:00am
Aubrey Bodden: Cayman Scholar
Ms Bodden is attending Cornell University, majoring in biology; she's interested in genetics and neurobiology. Published 3rd February, 12:00am
ESO Labour Force Survey
Grand Cayman's population decreased by 20%, from 42,397 in April 2004 to 33,853 in November. Published 3rd February, 12:00am
RCIP Traffic Report
One week, 102 traffic tickets, 19 speeding tickets, and 4 arrests for DUI. Published 3rd February, 12:00am
Doubling Up at APO
Since the Seven Mile Beach Post Office was damaged and closed due to Hurricane Ivan, the APO has operated like two post offices in one.  Published 2nd February, 12:00am
Police Report: 31 January
A sudden death, two injured in an accident, and an appeal for information. Published 2nd February, 12:00am
RCIP Restructuring
The RCIP will have two areas, Operations and Management Services, each led by a Chief Superintendent. Published 2nd February, 12:00am
Lions Swim Programme
The Lions Aquatic Centre resumed all scheduled programming on Tuesday, 25 January. Published 2nd February, 12:00am
Stats on Fatal Accidents
More residents are dying on the roads. Published 2nd February, 12:00am
DARE Begins
RCIP Community Policing Officers recently began teaching Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) classes to year six students in government and private schools.  Published 2nd February, 12:00am
Max Jones Heads PWD
Priority: 100 government facilities damaged by Ivan must be returned to their pre-storm condition and better. Published 1st February, 12:00am
London Luncheon a Success
Over 85 top names from London's financial sector attended and we promoted our well regulated business environment and complete range of services.  Published 1st February, 12:00am
Chief Secretary Holds First Pledge Ceremony
Since November 2004 all persons naturalised as a British Overseas Territories Citizen of the Cayman Islands swear an oath.  Published 1st February, 12:00am
RCIP Special Ops
Road blocks checking for insurance, expired licenses and expired coupons caught 114 persons.  Published 1st February, 12:00am
Vehicle Thefts
Safety tips so yours won't be next. Published 1st February, 12:00am
Justice Telford Georges Dies
He was a member of the Court of Appeal from its establishment in 1984 until his retirement in December 2000. Published 1st February, 12:00am