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Press Releases: March 2005

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Enhanced Security at Hospital
Patients entering or leaving the hospital must use the main entrance, and visiting hours will be rigidly enforced. Published 31st March, 12:00am
Want Permanent Residency?
To comply with the law, applicants will sit a culture and history test.  Published 31st March, 12:00am
Appeal for Witnesses
There was an accident involving a Jeep and a bicycle, 23 March, in the parking lot of Crescent Point Resort.  Published 31st March, 12:00am
A Shooting in West Bay
Gunshots hit a car and a house and injured one man. Published 31st March, 12:00am
Shooting at Hospital
A man was shot and later died from his injuries. Published 31st March, 12:00am
Statement from Police
Five persons arrested in a "swift, targeted and aggressive police response." Published 31st March, 12:00am
Health Care Reform Comes to Cayman
Reform means access -- to quality, affordable health insurance; to protection under the law; to modern, efficient services; to registered medical practitioners and licensed facilities. Published 31st March, 12:00am
Mrs Eloise Reid Retires as CEO of HSA
Mrs. Reid has given 29 years of outstanding service to the HSA.  Published 30th March, 12:00am
Police Report - 30 March
Gunshots were fired in Bodden Town. Published 30th March, 12:00am
Weekly Traffic Statistics
Sixty-six persons ticketed for speeding and five persons arrested for DUI. Published 30th March, 12:00am
Litter and Cleanup Vehicles
DEH appeals to debris haulers to ensure that waste doesn't spill on roads.  Published 30th March, 12:00am
London Office Donates Funds
Officials representing education, culture and recovery received more than $100,000. Published 29th March, 12:00am
CIMA Board Meets
Discussed: the IMF report, membership in the IOSC, the FSF focus on OFCs and CIMA's review of domestic insurance industry practices post-Ivan.  Published 29th March, 12:00am
East End Shooting
A 35-year old Caymanian male sustained a gunshot wound at a liquor license premises on Tuesday, 29 March. Published 29th March, 12:00am
Police Report: Easter Weekend
"Although persons were arrested, I am pleased that no serious or fatal accidents occurred on the roads." Published 29th March, 12:00am
The National Gallery opens a new exhibition in April featuring the work of the Islands' most renowned watercolourists. Published 24th March, 12:00am
Spotlight on Shipping Registry's Progress
At a recent meeting, owners and managers were updated on the progress in the area of compliance with international maritime standards. Published 24th March, 12:00am
Ministry of Planning Visits Cayman Brac
Officials visited the Sister Islands to present new public works vehicles and to meet with District Administration staff.  Published 24th March, 12:00am
Police Report: 24 March
A sudden death and four appear in court on burglary or robbery charges. Published 24th March, 12:00am
PAHO/WHO Rep Visits
Dr. Pate lauded Cayman's health care system for its high standards and expressed admiration for the determination with which health care workers are rebuilding and recovering after Ivan. Published 24th March, 12:00am
NHC Meets to Revise Plan
NHC subcommittees will be structured into operational areas, laying the foundation for a national emergency management system. Published 23rd March, 12:00am
Commonwealth Baton for Cayman
The Commonwealth Games Queen's Baton Relay will be here in August. Published 23rd March, 12:00am
Easter Weekend
The RCIP encourages the public to be safe -- follow the rules on the road and in the water.  Published 23rd March, 12:00am
RCIP Notices
Tour bus operators -- watch where you park. And a reward offered for information. Published 23rd March, 12:00am
Two Students Meet the Queen
Cayman's Commonwealth Day representatives, they were invited to a reception where they met Her Majesty. Published 23rd March, 12:00am
Stress Toolkit Workshop
Honouring Women Month continues with this workshop from the Women's Resource Centre. Published 22nd March, 12:00am
Officers Earn Praise
RCIP officers were recently commended for their efforts in recapturing an escaped prisoner.  Published 22nd March, 12:00am
RCIP K9 on School Visit
K-9 Officer Andy Scott spoke to First Baptist WEE Care students about the police service -- and brought his dog Ben for show 'n tell. Published 22nd March, 12:00am
Police Report: 21 March & Weekly Traffic Stats
Two arrests for burglary; 82 traffic tickets issued last week. Published 22nd March, 12:00am
Bounty for Maple House
A cellphone, refrigerator, television and DVD player were donated by the organisers and sponsors of Good Times II. Published 22nd March, 12:00am
Antarctica Presentation Raises Funds
Andrew Moon's "Voyage to the South Pole" raised money for the National Recovery Fund, the Junior Sailing Programme and the National Gallery. Published 21st March, 12:00am
Toddlers Creativity Wins
Montessori Del Sol's Blue Iguana collage won an honourable mention at the Art@Governors competition. Published 21st March, 12:00am
CIMA Advises Dyoll Policyholders
You may wish to consider seeking alternative insurance cover. Published 21st March, 12:00am
Police Report: 18 March
A two-vehicle accident, an arrest for assault and dangerous driving, and 3 charged with robbery. Published 21st March, 12:00am
Long Service Awards for Uniformed Branches
28 members of the police, fire and prison services have served for 18 years or more.  Published 21st March, 12:00am
T.E. McField Community Park
School Road has been closed off to the general motoring public from 4 March onward to facilitate a new public square.  Published 21st March, 12:00am
Youth Commission's Concerns
Literacy, road fatalities, and the welfare of the family structure in the country's post-Ivan recovery and restoration activities. Published 21st March, 12:00am
National Gallery Events for April
An exhibit opening, Art Trek, Art Flix, events for Earth Week and CayFest and more! Published 17th March, 12:00am
Ministry Partner -- Cayman Hospice Care
"I am recommending to Government that provision be made in the budget for an annual grant..." Published 17th March, 12:00am
Police Report: 17 March
An accident and several arrests. Published 17th March, 12:00am
National Parenting Programme
Phase Three's outreach initiative is underway.  Published 17th March, 12:00am
Pink Ladies Donate
CI$25,000 for the Cayman Islands National Recovery Fund. Published 17th March, 12:00am
Stronger Ties with Asian Business
The Cayman Islands Investment Bureau's Hong Kong office was opened on 15 March. Published 16th March, 12:00am
Mr. Bush's Hong Kong Speech
"...developing closer relationships will lead to new and exciting business opportunities for both of our countries."  Published 16th March, 12:00am
Police Report: 16 March
A murder charge plus the police are looking for stolen vehicles. Published 16th March, 12:00am
New Leaders at the Helm
The Water Authority has announced the appointment of two new deputy directors. Published 16th March, 12:00am
Art Internship
Wanted: a Caymanian high school graduate interested in a year's work experience before college. Published 15th March, 12:00am
MRCU Welcomes New Scientists
The three will allow the unit to expand its research capacity to cover different subjects.  Published 15th March, 12:00am
Police Report: 15 March
Last week's traffic statistics, a warning for truck drivers and an arrest for reckless driving. Published 15th March, 12:00am
Economic Diversification Funds Available
"This is a great opportunity for budding Caymanian entrepreneurs who are having problems raising finance by traditional means." Published 15th March, 12:00am
Governor Prorogues the LA
Two proclamations were issued today, one dissolves the legislature -- the other declares that elections will be held in two months. Published 15th March, 12:00am
International Women's Day Message
The UN states: No enduring solution to society's most threatening social, economic and political problems can be found without the full participation and the full empowerment of the world's women. Published 14th March, 12:00am
Pensions Office: Planning Ahead
The National Pensions Office (NPO) recently held a strategic planning session to discuss key goals and aims for the future. Published 14th March, 12:00am
Chevening Scholarships
Caymanians interested in postgraduate study in Britain have until 21 March to apply for this prestigious award. Published 14th March, 12:00am
Police Report: March 14
A death on a work site. Published 14th March, 12:00am
National Gallery Presents
"Anchored in Landscapes" Published 11th March, 12:00am
Candidates Must Register Financial Interests
Is there any financial interest or other material benefit which might be thought to influence an MLA's actions, speeches or votes?  Published 11th March, 12:00am
US Law School Conducts Course in Cayman
US students combined spring break with education. Published 11th March, 12:00am
Cricket Wrap Up
Cayman places fifth at ICC tournament. Published 11th March, 12:00am
Drugs Task Force Weekly Report
Two George Town residents arrested. Published 11th March, 12:00am
Police Report: 11 March
A robbery and traffic accident. Published 11th March, 12:00am
14th Annual Parlimentary Prayer Breakfast
Message from the president of Cayman National Bank, Mr. Ormond Williams. Published 11th March, 12:00am
National Gallery presents Art Flix
This film experience will focus on The Impressionists. Published 10th March, 12:00am
New Pensions Inspector Appointed
Mr. Pierre Lautischer joins the National Pensions Office.  Published 10th March, 12:00am
Police Report: 10 March
A murder, an appeal for witnesses to an accident and the weekly traffic statistics. Published 10th March, 12:00am
Bush Welcomed at 'Eighth Wonder of the World'
The Cayman delegation toured the world-famous Palm Island development in Dubai. Published 10th March, 12:00am
Don't Slip Up
The combination of shopping and discipline is working. Published 9th March, 12:00am
Police Report: 9 March
Police responded to several traffic accidents. Published 9th March, 12:00am
Chief Justice to UN World Congress
He will speak about economic crime and international co-operation.  Published 9th March, 12:00am
Protection from Wild Fires
The dry season has created a potential fire trap. Published 8th March, 12:00am
Public Record Informs the Public
The 45-minute informative radio magazine is back! Published 8th March, 12:00am
Community Police Visit Schools
Officers talk to the students about road safety.  Published 8th March, 12:00am
Police Report: 8 March
Police are investigating the death of a 69-year old male cruise ship passenger. Published 8th March, 12:00am
Water Authority Shows It Cares
Three community organisations received donations. Published 8th March, 12:00am
Sports Department Honours Women
A tribute to the ways women have added to the vitality, richness and diversity of the Caymanian culture.  Published 8th March, 12:00am
Head of OT Department Visits
Mr Tony Crombie will meet with Government ministers and officials. Published 7th March, 12:00am
Police Report: 4-7 March
The weekend was marred by two fatal accidents. Published 7th March, 12:00am
Watlers Road Committee Meeting
Members discussed goals for 2005. Published 7th March, 12:00am
Temporary Assignment for Permanent Secretary
Permanent Secretary for Education is on assignment to the Ministry for Tourism, Environment, Development and Commerce.  Published 7th March, 12:00am
Scout Week 2005 "Best Ever"
A full moon and bonfire was the perfect end to a exceptional Scout Week. Published 7th March, 12:00am
Minister Weighs in on Easing Burdens
Changes to the Planning Law and the Building Code to ease post-Ivan rebuilding burden. Published 4th March, 12:00am
Electricity Regulatory Authority Law 2005
This bill is a big step forward in introducing competition in the electricity industry.  Published 4th March, 12:00am
Robbery Investigation
Police need your help. Published 4th March, 12:00am
Activities for Honouring Women Month
All center around the theme "Resilient Mind, Body & Spirit". Published 3rd March, 12:00am
Police Report: 3 March
Roads closed Sunday for the marathon, injuries during an accident and a burglary. Published 3rd March, 12:00am
BTPS Visits the GT Police Station
A social studies class saw various departments and asked questions about the police service.  Published 3rd March, 12:00am
Drugs Seized at Port
1000 pounds of ganja and hashish were concealed in a false compartment inside an empty container being shipped to the US.  Published 3rd March, 12:00am
Sport Brings Community Together
The Youth and Sports West Bay Community Football League's 5 teams had fans watching each game. Published 3rd March, 12:00am
School Inspectors' Training Resumes
Two days of coaching for nine trainee local occasional inspectors recently took place on Cayman Brac.  Published 3rd March, 12:00am
Minister Addresses LA
Certain planning regulations are relaxed in The Development and Planning (Amendment) Regulations, 2004.  Published 3rd March, 12:00am
Further Changes to Planning Law
Additional amendments vary the composition of the Appeals Tribunal and amend the definition of 'development'. Published 3rd March, 12:00am
Coaching for Success Kicks Off
The high school mentoring programme has 24 coaches and 27 students.  Published 2nd March, 12:00am
Police Report: 2 March
Several arrests and a sudden death. Published 2nd March, 12:00am
Manderson Recaptured
The perennial prison escapee was arrested in the vicinity of Grand Harbour while traveling in a car to George Town. Published 2nd March, 12:00am
London Office Raises CI$80,000
Some of London's most influential people attended a black tie hurricane relief affair at Westminster Palace. Published 2nd March, 12:00am
RCIP Report: Cayman Brac Operation
Five persons were arrested during the four-day operation, carried out by police and customs officers in conjunction with Jamaican authorities. Published 2nd March, 12:00am
Port Advice: "Check for Yourself"
By logging onto and searching by the control number or the shipping company's account code, importers can track their goods.  Published 2nd March, 12:00am
Wednesday Self-Help Workshops
Life, work and spirituality are the topics as the WRC begins "Honouring Women Month". Published 1st March, 12:00am
Save a Life...Give Blood
As long as donors replenish the blood supply, there will always be enough blood for you, your family, and your friends. Published 1st March, 12:00am
Weekly Traffic Statistics
69 tickets, 5 accidents. Published 1st March, 12:00am
Burglary: Safety Tips from the RCIP
Recommendations for your home and business.  Published 1st March, 12:00am