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Press Releases: April 2005

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Police Report: 29 April
Three masked men allegedly demanded money from two George Town residents.  Published 2nd May, 12:00am
SMB Post Office To Reopen
Work is almost complete and plans are to re-open in mid-May.  Published 2nd May, 12:00am
ITALIC - Reading and Comprehension Update
"The programmes help a wide variety of students overcome literacy problems." Published 2nd May, 12:00am
Health Centre Re-Opens
Bodden Town's Jessie Ritch Memorial Health Centre was the only health facility closed due to Hurricane Ivan damage. Published 29th April, 12:00am
TVET Conference on Workforce Skills
It will highlight developing accredited competency-based training for skilled workers.  Published 29th April, 12:00am
Cubans Repatriated
Twelve Cubans from a group of illegal migrants that arrived in Cayman Brac on 30 January were repatriated to Cuba on 27 April. Published 29th April, 12:00am
South Sound Dock Restored
"Cayman's public docks are part of the critical infrastructure for our watersports industry and we understand their importance to sports tourism, local fisherman and general boating enthusiasts." Published 29th April, 12:00am
Aircraft Emergency: 28 April
A Delta Boeing 757 made an unscheduled landing at Owen Roberts due to engine trouble.  Published 29th April, 12:00am
Training For Early Childhood Practitioners
A globally recognized certificate programme is being introduced. Published 29th April, 12:00am
CIIB Launches Business Opportunity Listings
New service will help businesses find alternative financing sources.  Published 28th April, 12:00am
Cingular Answers Prospect Primary's Call
The school's Merit Store received a CI$4,000 donation. Published 28th April, 12:00am
Art Scholarship Student Excels
Young Caymanian artist's work on show at 2005 BFA Senior Painting Show. Published 28th April, 12:00am
Celebrating Success at Eagle House
Residents completed a training programme for re-entering the job market.  Published 28th April, 12:00am
Construction Safety
Recent spate of accidents prompt inspectors to do on-site visits. Published 28th April, 12:00am
Restaurateurs Collaborate on Mattsafe Benefit
"We are trying to save the young people from deaths on our roads".  Published 28th April, 12:00am
Police Report: 28 April
Police made five arrests. Published 28th April, 12:00am
DoE Mangrove Planting Project a Great Success
More than 600 trees were planted in one day. Published 27th April, 12:00am
Conch and Whelk Season To Close Soon
No taking of conch and whelk from 1 May through 31 October. Published 27th April, 12:00am
UK Programme Offers Environmental Fellowships
Three funded positions are available from October at the Centre for Ecology and Conservation in the UK. Published 27th April, 12:00am
Political Candidates Face Youth in Forum
A face-off between young people and aspiring politicians will be held this Saturday. Published 27th April, 12:00am
Police Report: 27 April
Police is investigating an incident of indecent assualt. Published 27th April, 12:00am
Education Ministry Gives Thanks
Special mention was made of teachers' dedication after Ivan. Published 27th April, 12:00am
Port Authority's Hours Change
Updated information on storage and collection of goods. Published 27th April, 12:00am
School Registration Begins
Enrolment will take place at the school the child will attend. Published 27th April, 12:00am
Are Vaccines Safe?
Answers to some of the questions parents commonly ask. Published 26th April, 12:00am
Vaccine Safety - Truth or Myth?
How to find reliable information on vaccination. Published 26th April, 12:00am
Police Report: 25 & 26 April
Police arrested three on suspicion of arson. Published 26th April, 12:00am
West Bay Students Focus on Birds
"Birds can do anything you and I can do - and more!"  Published 26th April, 12:00am
Vaccination Week - a message from the Minister of Health
Disease prevention is the key to public health. Published 22nd April, 12:00am
Focus on Education: Special Educational Needs
The SEN policy provides guidelines for schools on educational provisions and services. Published 22nd April, 12:00am
Police Report: 22 April
Police responded to four separate incidents of theft, a DUI and a light traffic accident. Published 22nd April, 12:00am
Police Officer Commended
PC Dwayne Jones received praise for his integrity and professionalism. Published 22nd April, 12:00am
FS Speaks at Insurance Conference
Cayman is increasingly the domicile of choice for captive insurance companies. Published 21st April, 12:00am
Police Report: 21 April
Young man injures himself after accidentally discharging a firearm. Published 21st April, 12:00am
DOE Mangrove Planting Project
A mammoth planting session is planned for South Sound. Published 20th April, 12:00am
Police Report: 20 April
The driver of a stolen vehicle lost control and crashed in South Sound. Published 20th April, 12:00am
Police Report: 19 April
A serious assualt and a burglary are under investigation. Published 20th April, 12:00am
Phoenix Assists Youth to Rise Again
Participating in Eagle House's Pre Release Programme creates a win-win situation. Published 20th April, 12:00am
Lunchtime Lecture -- Watermarks
On Wednesday, 27 April: Will you be craving a bit of culture? Published 19th April, 12:00am
UNDP-ECLAC Workshop Scheduled
Experienced ECLAC and UNDP facilitators will present ways to assess damages caused by natural disasters. Published 19th April, 12:00am
The Job of the Complaints Commissioner
This public information session at the WRC will educate people about the commissioner's services.  Published 19th April, 12:00am
Islands Celebrate Poetry Month
An 'Evening of Poetry' will be a celebration of the beauty of words.  Published 19th April, 12:00am
Art Flix at the National Gallery
This month's art history lecture and film evening discover the world of Joan Miro. Published 19th April, 12:00am
Vaccination Week in the Americas - 2005
Next week will focus on the importance of immunization. Published 18th April, 12:00am
Police Report: 18 April
Assaults on police result in several arrests. Published 18th April, 12:00am
Fundraising Spring Concert
Joint concert bands and choirs will entertain for a good cause. Published 18th April, 12:00am
Brac Security Strenghtened
Police and Immigration reinforcements travelled to Cayman Brac after a peaceful protest by Cubans. Published 18th April, 12:00am
'Artists Away' Programme
Applications are now being accepted for the summer 2005 period. Published 18th April, 12:00am
Artist Instructs on Aesthetics
Local artists had a chance to study under Cayman's most celebrated artist. Published 18th April, 12:00am
Minister's Earth Week Message
This year's theme is Protect Our Children and Our Future. Published 15th April, 12:00am
Regulatory Creep: Myth or Reality?
A speech by Monetary Authority Chairman Timothy Ridley. Published 15th April, 12:00am
Police Report: 15 April
Active search for the two missing Caymanian males called off. Published 15th April, 12:00am
New Parcel Regulations for Canada Post
Parcels must state the sender's full name and address. Published 15th April, 12:00am
Diversions at the Hyatt Roundabout
Traffic flow to change starting Monday 18 April 2005. Published 14th April, 12:00am
Police Report: 14 April
Bricks worth thousands of dollars stolen from a South Sound address. Published 14th April, 12:00am
Missing Vessel
A search is on for a sports fishing vessel with two Caymanian males onboard. Published 14th April, 12:00am
Importation of Jamaican Agricultural Products
This protocol is designed to regularise trade; it also provides protection from pests.  Published 13th April, 12:00am
New Education and Training Bill on Web
Right here. Scroll down; it's under Local Issues. Published 13th April, 12:00am
School Inspectors Review New York Schools
The inspections proved useful in a number of ways. Published 13th April, 12:00am
Police Report: 13 April
Two burglaries and a road rage incident were reported. Published 13th April, 12:00am
Port Storage Times Back to Normal
Five business days, after that storage charges apply and after 28 days goods are disposed of at public auction.  Published 13th April, 12:00am
Presentation on Constitutional Reform
By Professor Jeffrey Jowell, QC, an expert in constitutional, administrative and human rights law, on Thursday, 14 April, at the Family Life Centre, 7-9 pm. Published 13th April, 12:00am
New Solid Waste Management Office
The location is more convenient for customers. Published 13th April, 12:00am
Comment on the New Education Law
Thanks to Ivan, completion is set for June 2005. Copies of the draft legislation are available for public feedback until the end of May. Published 12th April, 12:00am
Three for R 'n R
US Coast Guard Cutters "Forward", "Swordfish" and "Dallas" will be visiting over the next few weeks. Published 12th April, 12:00am
Groundbreaking for West Bay High School
The school will be on Crown Land surrounding the cricket oval and bordering the primary school. Published 12th April, 12:00am
Police Report: 12 April
A burglary, an accident, a vehicle broken into. Published 12th April, 12:00am
Police Report: 11 April
A Drugs Task Force operation resulted in eight arrests. Published 11th April, 12:00am
Earth Week Calendar 2005
Times and dates of all the activities celebrating Earth Week this year. Published 8th April, 12:00am
Public Health: Stop Taking Bextra
The drug has been withdrawn by its manufacturer. Published 8th April, 12:00am
Police Report: 8 April
A Caymanian male was arrested for conspiracy to commit murder. Published 8th April, 12:00am
Children's Strength Celebrated
The theme for this year's Child Month is 'Resilient Children - the Way Forward.'  Published 8th April, 12:00am
School Inspectors' Training Resumes
The chief inspector of schools visited Cayman Brac for training.  Published 8th April, 12:00am
World Health Day - Great Expectations
The feature series will tell the story of six women and their babies over the coming months. Published 7th April, 12:00am
Police Report: 7 April
Two burglaries were reported at separate condo complexes. Published 7th April, 12:00am
Minister's World Health Day Message
This year's theme - "Make every mother and child count" - is very appropriate for the Islands.  Published 7th April, 12:00am
Police Report: 6 April
During the last week police have arrested seven men aged between 23 and 44 years for DUI. Published 6th April, 12:00am
How to Make an Anonymous Tip
Assist police in the fight against crime by making a call to 911 or Crimestoppers at 800-TIPS. Published 5th April, 12:00am
Police Report: 5 April
The investigation into the murder of Todd Powery in West Bay continues. Published 5th April, 12:00am
Groundbreaking for New Boxing Centre
Budding pugilists and experienced boxers alike will benefit from this new centre. Published 5th April, 12:00am
Governor's Statement on Crime
It outlines four initiatives being taken by Government. Published 5th April, 12:00am
Tobacco Act to be Developed
A committee will work towards implementing provisions of a new international health treaty. Published 4th April, 12:00am
Police Report: 4 April
Officers responded to an array of calls, including 14 domestic incidents and 9 relatively minor motor vehicle accidents. Published 4th April, 12:00am
Public Works to Restructure
To be more more efficient and competitive PWD will undergo major changes. Published 4th April, 12:00am
Ongoing Efforts to Clean Up Grand Cayman
CITA members and volunteers collected 120 bags of garbage. Published 4th April, 12:00am
First Caymanian to Attend Fire Academy
Deputy Chief Fire Officer Roy Grant will attend a two week executive course in the US. Published 1st April, 12:00am
Police Report: 1 April
Five burglaries reported in the George Town area. Published 1st April, 12:00am
New Immigration Office in Honduras
To strengthen service to the many Hondurans visiting Cayman, Immigration has relocated its visa office from Tegucigalpa to La Ceiba. Published 1st April, 12:00am