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Press Releases: May 2005

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Caribbean Nutrition Day: "Healthy Eating and Active Living"
Caribbean Nutrition Day will be celebrated for the first time this year. Published 1st June, 12:00am
UK Wildlife Show Works With DOE
The popular TV programme features the Islands' unique turtle research programme.  Published 31st May, 12:00am
Minister of Health Services Speaks on No Tobacco Day
"I ask everyone to work towards making the Cayman Islands tobacco-free." Published 31st May, 12:00am
World No Tobacco Day - 31 May
The role of health professionals. Published 31st May, 12:00am
Police Report: 31 May
Arrests for robbery and burglary, investigations for an assault and arson. Published 31st May, 12:00am
Pedro Visit Promises Better Things to Come
Touring the attraction, Minister Clifford reinforced his commitment to take more tourists beyond George Town.  Published 31st May, 12:00am
Climate Change Workshop Marks Start of Hurricane Season
UK and Caribbean experts will present a two day workshop for government planners. Published 30th May, 12:00am
Financial Crime Unit Investigates SEGOES
The Unit is asking investors to help with information. Published 30th May, 12:00am
Ministry Makes Courtesy Call
"I am pleased to begin the process of reacquainting myself with the staff and work plans of the various agencies." Published 30th May, 12:00am
Teachers' Dedication to Technology Recognised
Teachers have been diligently learning about and training their peers on the integration of technology in schools. Published 30th May, 12:00am
Computer Services Thanks Staff
The men and women of Computer Services always serve Government to the best of their abilities.  Published 27th May, 12:00am
Police Report: 27 May
A women was assaulted and robbed in West Bay. Published 27th May, 12:00am
Man Reported Missing Dead
The remains that washed up on a Jamaican beach are those of Cayman resident Deanroy Lawson. Published 27th May, 12:00am
Combat Gun Crime
Since 7 April police have seized 4 pistols and 236 rounds of ammunition. Published 27th May, 12:00am
Cubans Returned
In keeping with current Government policy, eleven of the twelve Cuban migrants were repatriated this week.  Published 27th May, 12:00am
New Education Minister Gets Down to Business
"Over the next month, I hope to visit as many departments and schools as possible." Published 27th May, 12:00am
MLAT Annual Meeting
CI and US government representatives met to discuss the cases on which the two countries are currently cooperating. Published 27th May, 12:00am
Department Honours Secretary's Day
The Education Department recently celebrated the work of their administrative and secretarial staff at a luncheon. Published 27th May, 12:00am
School Registration for 2005/6 Now Underway
All children who will be aged five before 31 January 2006 must be registered. Published 26th May, 12:00am
Cooperation Underscores Intolerance of Banking-system Abuse
Cayman and the US' top justice officials met today (26 May) in Washington, DC, to share the outcome of their cooperative efforts.  Published 26th May, 12:00am
Police Report: 26 May
Drug raids, firearms arrest, investigation of dog shooting. Published 26th May, 12:00am
Chief Secretary's Address on Financial Management Reform
Government performance matters, he tells workshop attendees. Published 26th May, 12:00am
Spotts Straight Speed Trap
15 motorists caught speeding. Published 26th May, 12:00am
HSA Gets New Ambulances
Two brand new state-of-the-art emergency vehicles arrived this week. Published 25th May, 12:00am
Police Report: 25 May
Four persons were arrested in a 6-minute period DUI. Published 25th May, 12:00am
Job Shadowing a Success for John Gray Students
"The job shadowing experiences motivated the students and the responses from employers were extremely positive."  Published 25th May, 12:00am
Honesty Still the Best Policy
Red Bay Primary School students return a lost wallet to the rightful owner. Published 25th May, 12:00am
Red Bay Primary Receives Store Donations
The school store received some generous donations to stock up on goodies to reward students. Published 25th May, 12:00am
Hot Mix Asphalt Paving at the Hyatt Roundabout
Please note times and dates of lane diversions and temporary closures at the Hyatt roundabout this week.  Published 25th May, 12:00am
CISR Chooses Yachtmaster Training
The Shipping Registry has approved the globally recognised International Yachtmaster Training (IYT) for the registry's Yachtmaster Coastal, Offshore and Ocean certification. Published 24th May, 12:00am
Financial Secretary Addresses Public Finance Association
A regional conference, meeting to study Government's financial reform, hears these remarks from the Hon. Kenneth Jefferson. Published 24th May, 12:00am
Police Report: 24 May
A school's office was ransacked over the weekend. Published 24th May, 12:00am
New Cabinet's Ministerial Responsibilities
The old Ministries remain until the new budget period begins 1 July. Published 24th May, 12:00am
Shipping Registry Boosts European Rating
20 participating maritime administrations improved Cayman's rating from 'grey' to 'white'. Published 24th May, 12:00am
Focus on Education
A look at the specialised programmes that address children's individual educational needs. Published 24th May, 12:00am
Development Industry Heats Up
Cayman's weather is not the only thing warming up as summer approaches. Published 24th May, 12:00am
Law Library Gets Big Boost
Two alumni donates CI$10,000 to restore the devastated library. Published 23rd May, 12:00am
Police Report: 23 May
Police made several arrests over the weekend. Published 23rd May, 12:00am
Police Fundraiser
Help raise money for two worthy causes while enjoying yourself. Published 23rd May, 12:00am
Workshop on Government Financial Management Reform
Senior finance managers from 20 Caribbean countries will attend the event co-hosted by the Portfolio of Finance and Economics.  Published 23rd May, 12:00am
Law Reform Commission Established
This commission will study and review Cayman's statutes and other laws.  Published 23rd May, 12:00am
Museum Restoration Commences with Donations
The funds will be used to the start the most urgent repairs - especially the roof. Published 20th May, 12:00am
Adrian Now Tropical Depression
The remnant of Adrian is expected to pass just east of the Cayman Islands Saturday evening. Published 20th May, 12:00am
Port Storage Times Revert
With operations now up-to-date, the Port Authority will return to its normal hours from Sunday, 29 May. Published 20th May, 12:00am
NPP Forging Ahead
After wide consultation action plans are now being developed. Published 20th May, 12:00am
Police Report: 20 May
Man allegedly robbed while cycling in North Sound Way. Published 20th May, 12:00am
Family Nights: A Little Time - A Lot of Love
The National Youth Commission has designated each Saturday evening this month as 'Family Night'. Published 20th May, 12:00am
NHC Statement on Adrian: Thursday
Despite Adrian's intensifing to hurricane force, forecasts still say the system will emerge into the Caribbean as no more than a tropical depression.  Published 19th May, 12:00am
Police Report: 19 May
911 operators dealt with 50 calls, but no major incidents. Published 19th May, 12:00am
Education Ministry Hold Annual Retreat
Under discussion were major achievements, initiatives and challenges over the past four years. Published 19th May, 12:00am
Hurricane Shelters for 2005
See the updated list of public hurricane shelters and emergency medical centres (EMCs) for this season. Published 18th May, 12:00am
Caymanian Arrested in Jamaica
Jamaican police found 35 kilograms of ganja in the boat on which the man was travelling. Published 18th May, 12:00am
Police Report: 17 May
Drugs arrests in North Side, and a severe marine accident. Published 18th May, 12:00am
Cabinet Members Sworn in
Following the election of ministers in the Legislative Assembly this morning, Members and Ministers of Cabinet were sworn in. Published 18th May, 12:00am
New Temporary Work Permit Rules
A new application form, medicals with lab tests, English proficiency tests and photographs required.  Published 18th May, 12:00am
Tropical Storm Adrian: No Threat
Forecasted to weaken to a tropical depression as it passes over Central America, the storm is not forecasted to strengthen when it enters the Caribbean. Published 18th May, 12:00am
PWD and NRA Prepares for 2005 Hurricane Season
"If anything, this year's exercise is more important than ever."  Published 18th May, 12:00am
Public Invited to LA Swearing-in Ceremony
The ceremony starting the new term of the Legislative Assembly will take place this Wednesday, 8 May. Published 17th May, 12:00am
Cayman Judge at Caribbean Court Opening
Cayman's high standard of jurisprudence earned the Islands an invitation to this long-awaited ceremony. Published 17th May, 12:00am
Farmers Apply for Loans and Grants Now!
Applications for help to replace damaged infrastructure and buy replacement livestock is open from 17 - 27 May. Published 13th May, 12:00am
Police Report: 13 May
Police released traffic statistics for the period January to May. Published 13th May, 12:00am
Liquor Licence Renewals
Applying for your renewal? Don't forget inspections! Published 13th May, 12:00am
Changes to Canadian Law Good for Students
New policy will allow foreign students to work off-campus while studying. Published 13th May, 12:00am
Sea Turtle Nesting Season Begins
DOE will begin monitoring the beaches this month. Published 12th May, 12:00am
Police Report: 11 & 12 May
The RCIP had a quiet 24 hrs with only a few calls on Election Day. Published 12th May, 12:00am
Polio Outbreak in Yemen
Living in a global village, this underscores the importance of vaccination. Published 10th May, 12:00am
Focus on Education
Special educational needs support programmes - part 2. Published 10th May, 12:00am
Police Report: 10 May
Five burglaries reported on Monday. Published 10th May, 12:00am
CDERA/UNDP Post-Ivan Review
Attendees assessed lessons learned from 2004's destructive hurricane season. Published 10th May, 12:00am
Vehicle Inspector Retires
Elbert Connor will soon trade his inspector shirt for more casual attire after 20 years of service. Published 10th May, 12:00am
Electrical Licensing Exams in May
The next Electrical Licensing Exam is scheduled for 26 May at the Planning Department. Published 10th May, 12:00am
Groundbreaking for New MRCU Building
Construction will start on the 5,000 square foot building.  Published 9th May, 12:00am
Roundabout at Prospect and Holly Drive
The new mini-roundabout at this intersection represents the second step in a traffic-calming plan for the area.  Published 9th May, 12:00am
Police Report: 6 - 9 May
Pre-dawn raid on weekend pays off. Published 9th May, 12:00am
Fifteen Arrested for Immigration Offences
Chief Immigration Officer appealed for the public's cooperation in identifying offenders. Published 9th May, 12:00am
More Cubans Repatriated
The group that arrived in Cayman Brac on 1 April 2005 are back in Cuba.  Published 5th May, 12:00am
Police Report: 5 May
Two drivers fled the scene of an accident before police arrived. Published 5th May, 12:00am
HPC Opens New Office
The commission moved into the Sigma building. Published 5th May, 12:00am
TVET Conference Focuses on Skills
Developing a fully accredited competency- based training and certification for skilled workers is important.  Published 5th May, 12:00am
Planning Dept on the Move
Planning is moving to Leeward 1 Regatta Park.  Published 4th May, 12:00am
George Town Land Fill - New Hours
The landfill will be returning to normal operational hours from Sunday, 8 May.  Published 4th May, 12:00am
Police Report:4 May
Cash robbed from the East End Public Library. Published 4th May, 12:00am
Donation to NRF Welcomed
CIIB gives CI$50,000.00 for recovery. Published 4th May, 12:00am
Red Cross Week: 1-8 May
This year focuses on family disaster planning and community based preparedness. Published 3rd May, 12:00am
Barkers Land Transfer
The country's first national park has expanded.  Published 3rd May, 12:00am
Police Report: 3 May
A male was shot several times in the chest. Published 3rd May, 12:00am
Extinguishing the Threat of Fire
Texaco workers received training from Fire Services.  Published 3rd May, 12:00am
NRA Moves Ahead
Brand new gear worth over CI$1 million arrived recently. Published 3rd May, 12:00am
Cayman Car Flag for Chief Secretary
"This gives us all the opportunity to demonstrate our national pride as well as to support our local economy and the ongoing recovery efforts."  Published 2nd May, 12:00am
School Closings for Elections
Government schools will close at noon on Tuesday, 10 May, to ensure readiness of centres to be used as polling stations.  Published 2nd May, 12:00am
National Trust Plants Trees
For Earth Day, ten native trees were planted -- either Ironwood or Broadleaf because they give good shade and mature attractively. Published 2nd May, 12:00am
Avoid Blister Beetles!
A substance is secreted when the beetle's body is pressed, rubbed or crushed that causes blisters on sensitive areas like the neck and arms. Published 2nd May, 12:00am
Farmers to Get Financial Help
Loans and grants will focus on recovery, but the DOA also plans to address the expansion of existing farming operations and the establishment of new, commercially viable operations. Published 2nd May, 12:00am
More Mental Health Services
The Ministry and the Authority are collaborating on new initiatives. Published 2nd May, 12:00am