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Press Releases: June 2005

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NRA Prepares for Hurricane Season
Clearing drains, filling potholes...  Published 30th June, 12:00am
Island Games Basketball
Both CI teams beat the home squads and are into the semi-finals. Published 30th June, 12:00am
Officers & Sea Swim
The RCIP has supported the Flowers Swim for the last six years.  Published 30th June, 12:00am
National Gallery Supports Summer Jobs
"It's our responsibility to support and nurture Cayman's students, but it is also a rewarding experience for us." Published 30th June, 12:00am
Minister Inspects Faith Hospital
The tour coincided with the arrival of a new ambulance and a new ultrasound machine Published 29th June, 12:00am
Student Health Screening Scheduled
All new students entering school in Cayman, plus children from kindergarten entering year one, are required to do a health screening.  Published 29th June, 12:00am
Construction Safety
The Ministry and DER are developing training awareness programmes aimed at building a culture of safety within local work places. Published 29th June, 12:00am
Staff Care is Her Priority
Acting HSA CEO Shirline Henriques; "Our clinical standards and the care given by our health care workers are equal to, and in many cases surpass, what you will get in other Caribbean countries and even in North America."  Published 29th June, 12:00am
Ready to Help?
Volunteer to be a hurricane shelter warden. Published 29th June, 12:00am
Ms Jen Retires After 33 Years
Jennifer Ritchie served as personal assistant to a who's who of Cayman politicians.  Published 29th June, 12:00am
More Basketball Results
The women remain undefeated. Published 29th June, 12:00am
Advice for Summer Travellers
Before your date of departure -- check relevant documents to ensure they are in order.  Published 28th June, 12:00am
RCIP Says "Thanks"
To the organizers of "Walk Against Violence" -- the Crisis Centre, NDC and Purple Dragon Martial Arts.  Published 28th June, 12:00am
Royal Commonwealth Society Essay Competition Prizes
Cayman's 26 winning students came from 14 different schools; 11 students received high commendations and 15 earned commendations.  Published 27th June, 12:00am
Minister Tours Sister Islands
For the Hon. Anthony Eden, airport operations, health services and agriculture were on the agenda. Published 27th June, 12:00am
Go Team!
Both the men's and women's basketball teams beat the Isle of Man. Published 27th June, 12:00am
Police Commissioner Retires
The Governor has accepted the retirement for personal reasons of Mr. Buel Braggs. Published 27th June, 12:00am
PAHO Caribbean Media Awards
Work may be submitted on any health or health-related issue, published or broadcast between 1 June 2004 and 31 May 2005.  Published 27th June, 12:00am
UCCI for Fall
Enrolment begins on Monday, 27 June; classes begin on 5 September. Published 24th June, 12:00am
Employment Relations' Construction Safety Meeting
Agenda topics include the formation of a Steering Committee for development of industry safety standards Published 24th June, 12:00am
RCIP: Special Operation
An anti-drug and firearms operation in West Bay, 4 arrested.  Published 24th June, 12:00am
National HIV Testing Day
Know your HIV status. For those who test positive, early treatment means better quality of life. Published 24th June, 12:00am
Summer Jobs Provide Valuable Experience
Employment Relations is trying to place 20 students already registered with its programme.  Published 24th June, 12:00am
New Opportunities for Local Investment
The CIIB has launched two free services that will assist businesses to match with potential investors. Published 23rd June, 12:00am
RCIP LC Receives New Equipment
Drivers beware! A new patrol vehicle and an Intoxilyzer will help make the roads safer. Published 23rd June, 12:00am
New Executive for CI Olympic Committee
Olympic sailor Donald McLean takes the CIOC helm promising transparency and communication with member associations and the public.  Published 23rd June, 12:00am
Closure of the CIIB (Hong Kong) Office
The Minister of Tourism, Environment, Development & Commerce's statement made in the Legislative Assembly.  Published 23rd June, 12:00am
Governor's Office Releases Auditor General's Report
The report on the National Housing and Community Development Trust is available on this website; scroll down to Local Issues.  Published 22nd June, 12:00am
During the past month the RCIP has conducted a number of pro-active policing initiatives leading to a number of persons being charged with offences. Published 22nd June, 12:00am
No Dancing on Sundays
Liquor license holders are reminded that there has been no change to the law relating to the operation of licensed premises on Sundays.  Published 22nd June, 12:00am
Minister Inspires Island Games Athletes
Interim Sports Minister Arden McLean: "We have not invested in you because we think you can win. We know that you can." Published 22nd June, 12:00am
Tennis Team Off to Gibraltar
Travelling with the strongest team ever thanks to Nigel Mitten -- out of retirement for a shot at more Island Games medals. Published 22nd June, 12:00am
Gibraltar: Basketball Has the Power to Win
Cayman is looking to repeat or better its 2003 performance in Guernsey where the women took bronze and the men silver.  Published 22nd June, 12:00am
Faces Behind the HRG
Uninsured, underinsured or those without means have been helped by the dedicated officers of the Housing Recovery Grant. Published 21st June, 12:00am
Cayman to Island Games
39 athletes to the Shetland Islands and 40 to Gibraltar. Published 21st June, 12:00am
US Student Visas
Caymanian students must appear for a personal interview at the United States Embassy in Jamaica.  Published 20th June, 12:00am
Health Minister Continues Visits
The Hon. Anthony Eden visits CINICO, HIC, and the HPC.  Published 17th June, 12:00am
Minister Attends Meetings with CAL & Port
The Hon Charles Clifford thanked their staffs for the contribution they've made to the recovery. Published 17th June, 12:00am
Port State Control Information System
The Caribbean will be able to use the same approach as other countries in conducting ship inspections and then will be able to share information on inspected ships.  Published 16th June, 12:00am
Prospect and Holly Drive
The NRA will hold a meeting at the new mini-roundabout on Friday, 17 June, to discuss residents' concerns about the new mini.  Published 16th June, 12:00am
New Health Minister Visits CI Hospital
Mr. Eden discussed HSA strengths and areas requiring improvement and sought staff views on how to achieve even better service.  Published 16th June, 12:00am
Indian Scholarship Offer
A local resident can broaden her/his educational and cultural horizons by studying in India.  Published 16th June, 12:00am
Safety First
Crab season demands more care from drivers and crab catchers. Published 16th June, 12:00am
Four Way Stops
Lots of complaints about drivers' handling these incorrectly. Published 16th June, 12:00am
School Tours
For the new government, George Town and Red Bay primaries were on the agenda. Published 15th June, 12:00am
"Gangs and Organized Crime"
A seminar for the RCIP improves officers' knowledge and skills. Published 15th June, 12:00am
Registration for Summer School
Forms are to be returned to the child's school by Friday, 24 June.  Published 15th June, 12:00am
Renewal Reminder from Liquor Licensing
All holders of liquor licenses and music and dancing licenses: the deadline for renewal is 1 August 2005.  Published 15th June, 12:00am
PWD's New Fleet
28 new vehicles -- many with diesel engines that are more water resistant and fuel-efficient. Published 14th June, 12:00am
Minister Will Meet Monthly with CITA
Items discussed at the first meeting included the National Tourism Management Policy, Shipwreck City and the Scuba Diving Hall of Fame.  Published 14th June, 12:00am
Queen's Birthday Honours
Four Certificates and Badges of Honour, an OBE and an MBE, and honours for two RCIP officers.  Published 11th June, 12:00am
Nassau Grouper Tagged
15 underwater listening devices are investigating the behaviour of the fish at the Little Cayman aggregation.  Published 10th June, 12:00am
Master Electrical License
Licensed electricians who wish to apply for a master license need to submit their application and fees to the Planning Department by 30 June. Published 10th June, 12:00am
Cayman's Investment Promotion Strategy
"Ad hoc approaches to development can no longer be tolerated. To maximise the CIIB's ability to succeed, a rational and inclusive approach to inward investment generation must be employed."  Published 10th June, 12:00am
Minister Tours Water Authority
Minster Arden McLean talked about plans to establish a utilities commission and expand water and sewerage works in the eastern districts. Published 10th June, 12:00am
27 More STARSS!
Participants in the "Support Towards Autonomy, Retraining and Self-Sufficiency" programme attended a completion and recognition ceremony. Published 10th June, 12:00am
Strengthening Local Disease Surveillance
Cayman has a model surveillance system, says visiting epidiomologist. Published 9th June, 12:00am
NHC Support Agencies Ready to Assist
Those flooded out and needing temporary accommodation should call Children and Family Services. Published 9th June, 12:00am
Tropical Storm Arlene
The NHC declares a tropical storm warning with squalls and gusty winds expected to continue over the next 12 hours. Published 9th June, 12:00am
LOGB Greets Brazil Ambassador
They discussed matters of mutual interest and exchanged mementoes from each country. Published 9th June, 12:00am
Safety Concerns for Storage Tanks
All above ground storage tanks MUST follow Fire Code guidelines. Published 9th June, 12:00am
Tropical Storm Warning Discontinued
At 4pm, Thursday, 9 June, the warning for Arlene was lifted for the Cayman Islands. Published 9th June, 12:00am
TS Arlene Wrap-up
Some shelters are open, the Glass House will be open tomorrow, listen for school information tomorrow morning. Published 9th June, 12:00am
Queens' Birthday Parade 2005
All residents are invited to the parade and the traditional garden reception at Government House. Published 8th June, 12:00am
Children and Family Services Gets $10,000
The Barbadian Community donated the money to Life Line.  Published 8th June, 12:00am
Ramoon to Compete in Weah Farewell Match
The game will feature a George Weah select side and a team from Olympique Marseille, where Weah ended his career. Published 8th June, 12:00am
Wet Weather Ahead
Tropical Depression #1 is located to the west of the Cayman Islands and moving north. Published 8th June, 12:00am
SMB Re-opens 15 June
SMB customers should clear their mailboxes at the airport location to help with the move. Published 8th June, 12:00am
LoGB addresses the 10th Meeting of the CPSCC
"The Caribbean Port State Control effort has significantly reduced the number of substandard ships plying in the region." Published 8th June, 12:00am
Welcome: Caribbean Port State Control Committee
CISR CEO Joel Walton: " the main we live in open, developing tourism-based economies where imports, clean marine environments and effective maritime security measures are must haves - not options."  Published 8th June, 12:00am
High-ranking FCO Official Visits this Week
Mr. Robert Nicholas Culshaw MVO will meet with Government officials on his three day tour. Published 7th June, 12:00am
Pre-school Assistance
Parents who have financial difficulty in sending their children to pre-school should apply for help now. Published 6th June, 12:00am
Lions Club Meet a Roaring Success
Andrew Mackay and Laura Stafford dominated the swim event. Published 6th June, 12:00am
Leader of Government Business Opens Financial Workshop
"Financial management reform can transform the way a government operates at both political and civil service levels." Published 6th June, 12:00am
New Deputy Director at PWD
Public Works has recently appointed the first of three new deputy directors as part of its major restructuring. Published 3rd June, 12:00am
Government Responds to Post-Ivan Work Permit Challenges
Immigration is implementing measures to fast-track the some 5,000 pending applications for renewal of annual permits.  Published 3rd June, 12:00am
New Government Grapples with Key Issues Facing Islands
One of the first priorities is to ensure a seamless transition. Published 3rd June, 12:00am
Cayman hosts Port State Control Meeting
The CISR helps to ensure the requirements for safety, security and pollution prevention of foreign ships visiting Cayman are being met.  Published 2nd June, 12:00am
Senior-Level Appointments in Finance Portfolio
Mrs Anne Owens to the position of Assistant Financial Secretary (Public Finance); and Mr Duncan Nicol to the position of Director, Tax Information Authority. Published 2nd June, 12:00am
Child Month Honour to Floyd Bush
Coach Floyd, thanks for 24 years with West Bay children's soccer teams. Published 2nd June, 12:00am
Housing Costs Drive Inflation Higher
Rental prices, property insurance premiums and other housing-related costs are 29% higher than a year ago.  Published 2nd June, 12:00am
Cayman Musicians a Hit in Cuba
Intransit and Jeffery Seymour, a.k.a. Big J, gave stirring performances at the 9th annual Cubadisco last week in Havana.  Published 2nd June, 12:00am
Pet Therapy at Lighthouse School
Students were treated to a visit by several pets and their owners. Published 1st June, 12:00am
NHC Better and Stronger for 2005 Hurricane Season
After months of planning and consutation, the NHC emerges with a streamlined structure. Published 1st June, 12:00am
Quitting is Everyone's Business
Smoking is not only bad for smokers. Published 1st June, 12:00am