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Press Releases: August 2005

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EMS Suspended to Katrina States
Severe flooding and wind damage makes delivery impossible. Published 1st September, 12:00am
Employers Require 'Good Attitude'
Local businesses will have a say at the Education Conference regarding the types of skills and qualities students need.  Published 1st September, 12:00am
Meetings will Address Brac Education Needs
In conjunction with the national Education Conference on Grand Cayman, additional meetings will be held in the Brac. Published 1st September, 12:00am
CIMA Gets New Head of Banking
Mr Malcolm Eden will lead Banking Supervision after serving as deputy head since 2003.  Published 1st September, 12:00am
Flying the Cayman Car Flag Pays
Flying the Cayman Car Flag affords residents more than just a show of patriotism - it makes everyone part of the recovery process.  Published 1st September, 12:00am
Interactive Features Makes Conference Unique
With 550 invitations extended, this information-gathering effort is quite comprehensive.  Published 1st September, 12:00am
Parents Support High School Uniform Shop
The new facility at John Gray has four changing rooms and a full stock of items. Published 1st September, 12:00am
Pope John Paul II Stamp
The Cayman Islands Philatelic Bureau has issued this stamp in memory of the life of Pope John Paul II.  Published 1st September, 12:00am
Governor Releases Final Audit Report on NHCDT
The Auditor General's report on the National Housing and Community Development Trust is published on this website; scroll down to "Local Issues". Published 31st August, 12:00am
Minister of Education Invites Media Involvement
Local media representatives will meet with the minister to share their perspectives on education.  Published 30th August, 12:00am
Brac Gets Down to CIIB Business
The Bureau celebrated the graduation of over 30 participants in the Cayman Brac Small Business Workshop programme. Published 29th August, 12:00am
Cayman Recognized for Investment Potential
The Islands has the best IT and telecommunications infrastructure in the Caribbean, the London-based Foreign Direct Investment magazine said. Published 29th August, 12:00am
CPA to Hold 25th Small Country Conference
The 51st Plenary and 25th Small Countries Conference of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association will be in Fiji this year.  Published 29th August, 12:00am
Minister Absorbs Sister Islands' Appeal
"We want to make the Sister Islands as marketable as possible without comprising our heritage or the tranquillity of life in these islands." Published 29th August, 12:00am
Heritage House Preserves Brac Traditions
Cayman Brac's newest cultural attraction is a hit with residents. Published 29th August, 12:00am
Never too Young to Start Art
Expanding its popular Continuing Education courses the National Gallery is also offering some teen scholarships. Published 26th August, 12:00am
Legislative Assembly Resumes 29 August
It will be business as usual next week for members of the LA. Published 26th August, 12:00am
HMS Cumberland Visit
One of the most powerfully-armed frigates in the Royal Navy will call on Grand Cayman. Published 25th August, 12:00am
Brackers Host Top Officials
Cayman Brac's Department of Children and Family Services sat down with a ministerial delegation. Published 25th August, 12:00am
Cayman's Turtle Spotters
At the crack of dawn on four days of each week, volunteers can be found walking the Islands' beaches. Published 25th August, 12:00am
Taxi Fare Increase Agreed
The Public Transport Board approved the increase in fares requested by the Taxi Tour Operators Association.  Published 25th August, 12:00am
Keep a Second Exit Clear: Fire Service Advice
Keeping all windows battened up after an all clear could be a dangerous practice. Published 25th August, 12:00am
British Council Awards Vocational Study Visit
Employment Relations' Jean Solomon will attend a training programme in Burgos, Spain. Published 25th August, 12:00am
Education Dates
See important dates for the Sister Islands' schools. Published 25th August, 12:00am
Rotary Stamp Commemorates 100th Anniversary
'Rotary in the Cayman Islands' is a highly collectible stamp set available at post offices islandwide. Published 25th August, 12:00am
'People's Choice' Award
An intimate photograph by Tessa Ryan was declared the "People's Choice" in the 2005 McCoy Prize for Excellence in Caymanian Art.  Published 23rd August, 12:00am
New Orchid Stamp Blooms
This collection features colourful illustrations of six of Cayman's native orchids. Published 23rd August, 12:00am
Heritage House - Cayman Brac
This facility combines the best exhibit characteristics of a museum with the function facilities of an interpretive centre.  Published 23rd August, 12:00am
Minister Tunes into Radio Cayman
"The Voice of the Cayman Islands" hosted a visit by Minister McLean. Published 23rd August, 12:00am
Minister McLean Tours DEH
At the DEH offices he met staff and inspected facilities such as the laboratory and the landfill.  Published 23rd August, 12:00am
Turks & Caicos Delegation Taps Local Knowledge
Top officials from the Ministry for Health and Human Services and the Turks and Caicos Islands met to discuss Cayman's health care industry.  Published 22nd August, 12:00am
Minister McLean Tours West Bay Roads
He looked at areas that require immediate attention including re-paving and pot-hole repair. Published 22nd August, 12:00am
Minister's Visits Fruitful
Visits took the ministerial delegation from West Bay to Bodden Town and included stops at district offices and residential homes. Published 22nd August, 12:00am
Gallery Development Continues
The National Gallery is swinging into the fall season. Published 19th August, 12:00am
Minister Attends Commonwealth Education Conference
Topics under review included the Protocol for the Recruitment of Commonwealth Teachers, established in September 2004.  Published 19th August, 12:00am
Key Dates and Events for New School Year
Important dates and changes to school times.  Published 19th August, 12:00am
'Ivan' Coffee Table Book to be Unveiled
Paradise Interrupted, a photographic essay, commemorates the events of last September. Published 19th August, 12:00am
Cayman Islands Kidney Foundation
The Governor is the new organisation's patron.  Published 18th August, 12:00am
Cabinet to Sister Islands
The schedule includes a Cabinet meeting, the Small Business Workshop's closing ceremony, a reception at the Brac Reef Resort and a Heritage House reception. Published 18th August, 12:00am
Is Aquaculture for You?
The Cabinet Office is inviting applications from residents to attend an all-expense- paid aquaculture training programme.  Published 18th August, 12:00am
Cadet Corps Now Recruiting
Anyone between 11 - 18 years old is eligible to join the programme.  Published 17th August, 12:00am
National Gallery Gets New Education and Outreach Officer
Kushana Gentles is replacing Nickola McCoy, who heads off to art school in the UK this September.  Published 17th August, 12:00am
Cultural Scholarship Awarded
National Gallery Curator Natalie Coleman has received this year's Cultural Scholarship from the Education Council. Published 16th August, 12:00am
CNCF Presents a 'Poetry' Workshop
Attention budding poets - Leonard Dilbert will conduct an intensive creative writing workshop for 12 lucky people. Published 16th August, 12:00am
NRA and Ministry Meet on Future Plans
Top officials discussed policy issues, examined the current budget and created a list of priorities for the next year.  Published 15th August, 12:00am
Statement by Minister on Transport Providers
Taxi fares will not increase pending the outcome of the Public Transport Board's meeting on 24 August.  Published 15th August, 12:00am
Employers Add to Permit Crisis
Employers have to notify the Chief Immigration Officer when permit holders no longer work for them.  Published 15th August, 12:00am
Exporting a Vehicle? Contact DVL First
Exporting vehicles is a simple process - if you are aware of the proper procedure! Published 15th August, 12:00am
Governor Appoints New MACI Board
"I'm confident we have brought together a very competent and well-rounded group of individuals," the Governor said.  Published 15th August, 12:00am
PWD Celebrates Hard Work
Staff was thanked for "putting PWD back on the map" after Hurricane Ivan. Published 15th August, 12:00am
Minister McLean Visits PWD
The minister toured PWD's new offices, completed as part of its post-Ivan renovations.  Published 15th August, 12:00am
Spirit of Cooperation Secures More Funds for BIRP
The blue iguana is still the most endangered iguana in the world and its survival depends on the success of BIRP.  Published 12th August, 12:00am
Motor & General Donates Radar
The increase in traffic accidents caused by speeding prompted the gift. Published 12th August, 12:00am
Joint Statement by Tourism and the Taxi Tour Association.
All parties have agreed on a way forward after a meeting on Thursday, 11 August. Published 12th August, 12:00am
Firefighters Earn Certification
Cayman officers attended three weeks of intense training at SERCO International Fire Training Centre (IFTC) in the UK. Published 12th August, 12:00am
Public Service Pensions Board to Visit Cayman Brac
Residents can make appointments with representatives. Published 12th August, 12:00am
'Public Art' Project On Display
In a radical departure from the traditional, local artists converted hurricane battening into art pieces.  Published 12th August, 12:00am
A Summer to Remember
There were many 'oohs" and "ahs" from the students who saw Seven Mile Beach from above. Published 11th August, 12:00am
'Camp Survivor' A Hit in West Bay
Daily activities included devotions, arts and crafts, competitions, a treasure hunt,and beach outings. Published 11th August, 12:00am
Financial Secretary Supports 2005/2006 Strategic Policy Statement
Explaining the economic forecasts contained in the SPS and the basis on which the financial targets have been prepared. Published 11th August, 12:00am
New Board of Directors for NHCDT
Their first tasks are a comprehensive needs assessment and the creation of new selection criteria. Published 11th August, 12:00am
LOGB on the 2005/2006 Strategic Policy Statement
This is the first SPS to reflect the outcome goals, fiscal strategy, and priorities of the PPM Administration. Published 11th August, 12:00am
On the Wanderings of Nassau Grouper
A multi-year acoustic tagging project has started on Little Cayman to help scientists understand the annual grouper aggregation. Published 10th August, 12:00am
Immigration Ammendment Adresses Permit Issues
A crucial change to the Immigration Law will help those looking for work in the Cayman Islands. Published 10th August, 12:00am
Minister McLean Tours GT Roads
"The ministry and NRA will meet soon to examine our budget and create a list of priorities for the next year." Published 10th August, 12:00am
Cricket Will March to Canada Twice
The news just keeps getting better and better for cricket. Published 10th August, 12:00am
GPS Seminar Coming Soon
Hosted by Lands & Survey on 24 August 2005, this event will demonstrate the very latest in GPS technology. Published 10th August, 12:00am
Education Review for September Conference
The conference will provide a forum for the 500-plus participants to offer ideas and workable solutions. Published 10th August, 12:00am
By Land, Sea and Air The Queen's Baton Relay Journey Continues
The Cayman leg of the Queen's Baton Relay will be written into the Islands' history books. Published 10th August, 12:00am
Public Transport Permits Ready for Pick-up
All public transport owners and operators should collect these during regular office hours.  Published 10th August, 12:00am
Getting Ahead in Workplace Safety
Department of Employment Relations staff members are preparing to lead the way in the new focus on workplace safety. Published 9th August, 12:00am
East End Football Camp a Success
The camp attracted 80 kids from age 3 to 17.  Published 9th August, 12:00am
Minister McLean Tours CUC
CUC will be building more generators and expects that its capacity will equal pre-Ivan levels by next March.  Published 8th August, 12:00am
Breasfeeding is Best!
There is nothing better, says Mrs Laura Hydes, who raised her twins on breast milk.  Published 5th August, 12:00am
Disaster Management - A Community Approach
Empowering communities to take charge of their own recovery is vital to any disaster management plan. Published 5th August, 12:00am
Cayman Represented at Annual Atlantic Forum
Taura Ebanks, a young Caymanian, has been chosen to attend this year's conference in Sussex, UK.  Published 5th August, 12:00am
Summer Jobs Prepare Students for Future
The Department of Employment Relations' Summer Jobs Programme gives students the chance to prepare for the working world. Published 5th August, 12:00am
Have a CINICO Health Insurance Card?
You'll need your card and a photo ID to speed registration at the CI Hospital. Published 4th August, 12:00am
Parent Training Plans Reach New Level
Community representatives gathered for a three-day parenting workshop spearheaded by the National Parenting Programme. Published 3rd August, 12:00am
Kareem to Carry Queen's Relay Baton
The Islands' only Commonwealth Games medallist will carry the Queen's Baton to Hero's Square. Published 3rd August, 12:00am
MRCU Plane Incident
The plane skidded off the runway on landing. No-one was hurt. Published 2nd August, 12:00am
Freshmen Hear Advice and Encouragement
The ideals and dreams of Cayman's young people were highlighted during an information session for college-bound students. Published 2nd August, 12:00am
Farmers Welcome Minister's Visit
Reflecting on the growing bounty of local produce, Mr. Tibbetts asked residents to support farmers by buying their goods. Published 2nd August, 12:00am
Second Quarter CPI Index Released
Overall consumer prices for the second quarter exceeded the previous year's figures by 9.7 percent. Published 2nd August, 12:00am
Smart Food For Toddlers
Advice for healthy and happy mealtimes. Published 1st August, 12:00am
Over 100 Volunteer for Hurricane Shelters
Even as Hurricane Emily loomed, more than 100 people completed training as shelter wardens and support staff.  Published 1st August, 12:00am
Queen's Baton Relay Coming to Cayman
As part of the tradition of the Commonwealth Games, the Queen's Baton Relay will arrive this Friday (5th August). Published 1st August, 12:00am