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Press Releases: September 2005

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Immunization Coverage in Cayman
Cayman's immunization coverage continues to be in line with World Health Organization targets. Published 4th October, 12:00am
'Cayman Scholar' Applicants Sought
This prestigious which allows the recipient $25,000 per year for up to five years of study, is on offer once again. Published 4th October, 12:00am
HPC Guidelines for New Healthcare Facilities
Developers and owners must be aware of these new rules when applying for building approval. Published 4th October, 12:00am
Scholarships Encourage Young Artists
Three budding artists, Zack Myrie, Kidane Brooks and Priscilla Pouchie are actively engaged in local art programmes.  Published 3rd October, 12:00am
The Firearms Law to be Amended
This is part of an aggressive programme of legislative reform to stem the recent increase in violent crime.  Published 3rd October, 12:00am
New Management Staff for DVL
Filling two administrative posts recently, the department now runs at full strength. Published 3rd October, 12:00am
Annual Business Survey in October
Employment Relations will soon start the third-annual Occupational Wage Survey.  Published 3rd October, 12:00am
Pesticide Safety: a Successful Course
Representatives from a broad range of employers including government departments and pest control operators completed the course.  Published 3rd October, 12:00am
Local Books Celebrate Young Writers
The Coutts Collection 2005 and The Best of 21 serve as a testament to the value of creative writing.  Published 3rd October, 12:00am
New Reservation Information Requirements
Starting tomorrow (4 Oct), CAL will need additional information to issue tickets to or from the US. Published 3rd October, 12:00am
Minister's Message for International Day for Older Persons
The minister calls on all to encourage senior citizens to stay active as long as they can. Published 30th September, 12:00am
New 911 Staff
Five new staff members joined the 911 Emergency Communications Centre, strengthening one of Cayman's most vital services. Published 30th September, 12:00am
Cayman Assists Montserrat AG Office
Local attorney Mr. Charles Quin, QC, has agreed to act as Attorney General of Montserrat until a new permanent one has been appointed.  Published 29th September, 12:00am
Caring for Senior Citizens
Communities should honour and care for their senior citizens, said Minister for Health and Human Services. Published 29th September, 12:00am
Duty Concessions Coming to an End
Although duty concessions will end soon, Cabinet has extended the one on building materials, furniture, fixtures and appliances. Published 29th September, 12:00am
New Court of Appeal Appointment
Justice Elliott D. Mottley, QC, has been appointed to the Court of Appeal of the Cayman Islands. Published 29th September, 12:00am
911 Recognises Two Young Heroes
These two young local 'heroes' understand that 911 can help save the life of a loved one. Published 29th September, 12:00am
Throne Speech and Budget Address Announcement
HE the Governor Bruce H. Dinwiddy, CMG, will deliver his third and final Throne Speech Monday, 10 October. Published 29th September, 12:00am
LoGB Addresses Chamber of Commerce Luncheon
Several draft Bills aimed at combating violent crime will be tabled soon, he told the gathering. Published 29th September, 12:00am
National Gallery Art News
Read more about Art Trek, Art in the Workplace, and the Gallery's volunteer programme. Published 27th September, 12:00am
Ministry Reviews Library Facilities
A delegation gathered information from site visits and project manager reports, and identified measures to enhance the service.  Published 27th September, 12:00am Re-launches
The site provides access to all Lands and Survey services, including valuation, registry, survey and interactive mapping. Published 27th September, 12:00am
Kids Invited to Join Walkers' Art Club
The National Gallery is calling young artists with an interest in the visual arts to join this club. Published 26th September, 12:00am
Educators Finalising Conference Report
A team has compiled and distilled information received from the media, the conference and the Youth Commission. Published 26th September, 12:00am
Cayman Islands Butterfly Stamps
This colourful new stamp issue beautifully illustrates six butterflies that can be found throughout the Islands. Published 23rd September, 12:00am
NRA Shows Staff Their Appreciation
Just over a hundred staff members staff took a break from their busy work schedules to attend an appreciation lunch.  Published 22nd September, 12:00am
Older Persons to be Feted in October
After an unplanned respite last year, celebrating the achievements and value of older persons is again on the calendar. Published 22nd September, 12:00am
West Bay Parents Fine-tune Action Plan
The focus of the NPP's current parent-education drive is building self-esteem and discipline. Published 22nd September, 12:00am
Electrical Licensing Exams in October
Exams to be held in Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac. Published 22nd September, 12:00am
Early-Childhood Education Certificate Course Commences
This specialised training for early-childhood workers will advance quality pre-school education for all children.  Published 22nd September, 12:00am
LOGB Opens Pesticide Safety Course
He welcomed students to the Department of Agriculture's Safe Use and Handling of Pesticides course.  Published 21st September, 12:00am
Cayman Joins International Anti-doping Effort
Minister McLaughlin shared plans to bring local arrangements in line with international standards. Published 21st September, 12:00am
Know Your Banknotes
How to distinguish genuine Cayman Islands currency from counterfeit notes. Published 21st September, 12:00am
Indian High Commissioner Visits Cayman
HE Kailash Lal Agrawal, presented his credentials to HE the Governor Mr. Bruce Dinwiddy, CMG. Published 21st September, 12:00am
Strenghtening Ties with NGO's
Minister for Health and Human Services visited the NCVO to encourage a closer working relationship with non-govermental organizations. Published 19th September, 12:00am
DEH Hosts Hazard Responders Training
Government personnel from seven agencies attended the Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) certification training programme.  Published 19th September, 12:00am
John Gray Registration Closed
Government schools implement registration cut-off. Published 19th September, 12:00am
Keeping Up with The Ritz-Carlton
The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman is nearing completion and sooner than one may think, guests will be arriving.  Published 19th September, 12:00am
Counterfeit Currency in Circulation
A large amount of counterfeit CI$100, US$100 and US$20 bills are in circulation in the Islands, warns the FCU. Published 19th September, 12:00am
Mexican Team Studies Prickly Predator
The team looked at the state of Grand Cayman's Prickly Pear cactus, and the insect that destroys it - the cactus moth.  Published 16th September, 12:00am
Police Commissioner Appointed
The Governor's Office has announced the appointment of Mr Stuart Kernohan as the new Commissioner of the RCIP. Published 16th September, 12:00am
System Resumes for Students and Educators
The education machinery and process is now activated and progressing smoothly. Published 16th September, 12:00am
Moving Forward with Affordable Housing
The National Housing Trust is developing an immediate short term "map of action" to improve the delivery of affordable housing. Published 15th September, 12:00am
DEH Encourages Clean-up Committees
All residents must come together and clean up their properties, Chief Environmental Health Officer said.  Published 15th September, 12:00am
Recycling Programmes Temporarily Suspended
With the office paper recycling programme on hiatus the public is asked to shred or store paper until the programme resumes. Published 15th September, 12:00am
First Certified Inspector-General
The National Pensions Office now has Cayman's first certified Inspector General on staff. Published 14th September, 12:00am
Agriculture Presents Pesticide Handling Course
Participants will learn the proper selection, use and disposal of pesticides. Published 14th September, 12:00am
Fish Farmers to Undergo Training
The Cabinet Office has awarded four scholarships for an aquaculture training programme in North America. Published 14th September, 12:00am
CPA in Fiji
These islands hosted the Commonwealth's largest annual political gathering. Published 13th September, 12:00am
Employers Must Review Business Staffing Plans
A recommendation has been made to Cabinet to extend the deadline for the filing of these plans. Published 13th September, 12:00am
LOGB Speaks on Ivan Anniversary
This is a time to celebrate the spirit of Cayman's people, he told the LA. Published 12th September, 12:00am
Learn to Relax
The WRC and the Department of Counselling Services are offering residents a free Relaxation and Stress Reduction Workshop Published 12th September, 12:00am
Ivan DVD For Sale Soon
The DVD "36-Hours" will be available locally by the week of 26 September.  Published 12th September, 12:00am
SITA Brac Bash Cancelled
The event which takes place annually in September first started in 1996 when the Russian Frigate was sunk. Published 12th September, 12:00am
Surviving Ivan's Anniversary
Thinking back coupled with the possibility of more storms evolving before season's end, might cause anxiety. Published 9th September, 12:00am
George Hicks Opening Monday
The Ministry of Education has indicated that regrettably there will be a further delay in the opening of this school.  Published 9th September, 12:00am
Minister to Visit Brac
He will hold a mini-conference with teachers and parents discussing the future of education.  Published 8th September, 12:00am
Cydonie Prepares for Saturday
Her performance at the World Athlectics Finals in Morocco will be her last race for the 2005 season. Published 8th September, 12:00am
Re-opening of All Primary Schools
This is a final reminder of opening times for primary schools. Published 8th September, 12:00am
Teen Art Scholarships
The National Gallery offers young artists the opportunity to embark on their continuing education courses. Published 7th September, 12:00am
National Gallery Needs Scuplting Apprentices
The trainees will understudy professional sand sculptors from the company Sanding Ovations in the US.  Published 7th September, 12:00am
Delayed Start for JGHS Year 11/12
They'll start on Monday, 12 September, one day later than recently announced.  Published 7th September, 12:00am
Deutsche Bank Continues Gallery Intern Support
The renewal of this sponsorship is the latest achievement in the effort to awaken a passion for the visual arts. Published 6th September, 12:00am
Law Reform Commission Meets with AG
They discussed current issues in need of attention and lay the groundwork for developing new areas in the Islands' law.  Published 6th September, 12:00am
Discover the Great Masters
A masters art course for children presented by the National Gallery. Published 6th September, 12:00am
Education Essential to Democracy
Managing Director of Butterfield Bank, Mr. Conor O'Dea, addressed participants at the Education Conference.  Published 6th September, 12:00am
Work Permit Board Chairman Urges Compliance
The Board will be enforcing term limits and paying greater attention to appropriate geographic balance. Published 5th September, 12:00am
Delayed Opening of Some Primary Schools
Several primary schools will only reopen next week pending the completion of some key repairs. Published 5th September, 12:00am
LOGB Speaks at Education Conference
This conference promises to be a pivotal step in achieving our objective of improved educational quality in the Cayman Islands, he said. Published 5th September, 12:00am
Teaching Couples to Work It Out
Can couples learn how to avoid relationships pitfalls, and learn to deepen and maintain love for a lifetime? Published 5th September, 12:00am
Breaking Down Barriers
A team of experts and Cayman delegates examined ways to develop a regional social marketing programme for HIV/AIDS prevention. Published 2nd September, 12:00am
Education Minister Speaks at Conference
"There will be action; there will be progress; you will know about it." Published 2nd September, 12:00am
Keeping the Faith
The PPM's first 100 days. Published 2nd September, 12:00am
Regulations for Above Ground Storage Tanks
Did you know that according to the local Fire Code all above ground storage tanks must follow certain guidelines? Published 2nd September, 12:00am
SITA Raises Issues with Visiting Ministers
The message was clear: The Sister Islands need more exposure to increase their tourism revenue. Published 2nd September, 12:00am
Media Presents Public Feedback
The Minister listened to feedback local media had gathered for the Education Conference.  Published 2nd September, 12:00am
Students Get High Marks in Music
"This is a great tribute to the excellent standard of music teaching in the Cayman Islands." Published 2nd September, 12:00am
School Bus Information
The new school year's bus routes and stops. Published 2nd September, 12:00am
High School Orientation Rescheduled
Parents and guardians are advised that this minor change results from an all-out effort to complete work on classrooms. Published 2nd September, 12:00am
The Brac's New Counsellor
Mr. Joachim Skye is a master's level therapist with professional licensure in counselling and membership in the American Counselling Association.  Published 2nd September, 12:00am