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Press Releases: October 2005

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DEH announces Island Wide Clean Up
A bulk waste clean up on Grand Cayman will start on Saturday, 5 November. See 2005's collection schedule plus what will be removed and what not. Published 31st October, 12:00am
Christmas Stamps on Sale Now
The issue has four stamps that form part of a souvenir sheet depicting the story of Christ's birth.  Published 31st October, 12:00am
Further Information on Visa Requirements
The application form and fact sheet are available for downloading from the Immigration website at Published 31st October, 12:00am
Government Settles Claim
A recent decision in a court case has resulted in an amendment to the 2005-2006 Budget enabling Government pay to Dr. Astley McLaughlin $454,000. Published 31st October, 12:00am
3rd Annual Cayman Islands Sandsculpting Competition
DOT and the National Gallery present the 3rd Annual CI Sand Sculpting Competition on Saturday, 12 November. Published 31st October, 12:00am
Primary Students Spell S-U-C-C-E-S-S
After several elimination rounds featuring verbose children from schools islandwide, the 2005 RBC Primary School Spelling Bee preliminaries came to an end. Published 31st October, 12:00am
JGHS Students Join Special-Interest Clubs
Some 42 different activities - ranging from the school band to the new Auto and Flight Club - were offered during the school's annual 'Clubs' expo. Published 31st October, 12:00am
Processing of Air Ambulance Service Examined
Members of the LA were assured that no one determined by the authorities to need overseas treatment and requiring air ambulance evacuation would be denied this service. Published 29th October, 12:00am
Livestock Meeting for Farmers
Farmers who have ordered livestock imported from the US should attend an important meeting on 2 November at 6.00pm.  Published 29th October, 12:00am
Passport Office Opens Doors
Customers were welcomed at the new location in Sussex House (next door to Immigration Headquarters) starting 17 October. Published 29th October, 12:00am
Boys and Leaders Bid Chief Scout Adieu
Chief Scout of the Cayman Islands, His Excellency the Governor Mr. Bruce Dinwiddy CMG, was bid adieu by officials and members of the Scouting Movement. Published 28th October, 12:00am
National Education Document Made Public
Copies of 'National Consensus on the Future of Education in the Cayman Islands' were presented to the Governor and key sponsors of the education conference.  Published 28th October, 12:00am
Cayman Government meets UK Officials
Government is prepared to reopen discussions with the UK regarding constitutional modernisation, Leader of Government Business said in London. Published 28th October, 12:00am
Government to Talk to Fuel Suppliers Soon
Negotiations on licence renewals will start early giving Government time to explore other options should suppliers again threaten to pull out of Cayman. Published 28th October, 12:00am
Cayman Satisfied with CARICOM Relations
Current relations will be maintained, but Government does not intend to extend it any further. Published 28th October, 12:00am
Finance Committee Votes on Health, Law and Order
Members voted more than $57 million for Health and Human Services while major items in the Chief Secretary's Portfolio will go towards stamping out crime. Published 28th October, 12:00am
ESO Release Quarterly CPI Index
Overall consumer prices for the third quarter exceeded previous years' figures by 8.4 percent. Published 28th October, 12:00am
Faith Hospital to Offer Dialysis Services Soon
Dialysis patients on the Brac will be able to receive treatment on the island by the end of this year. Published 28th October, 12:00am
CAL Urges Passengers to Reconfirm Travel Plans
Due to Wilma it is not 'business-as-usual' in South Florida and travellers should reconfirm hotel and other reservations to avoid distressing situations.  Published 27th October, 12:00am
Government to Build New Offices
Government plans to make mortgage payments for this construction with a portion of the $8 million now spent annually on rent.  Published 27th October, 12:00am
Budget Deliberations in Finance Committee Begin Today
The Financial Secretary urged Members to make every attempt to complete their deliberations soon. Published 27th October, 12:00am
Commissioner Emphasises Community Policing
It is essential for the RCIP to build trust and confidence in communities on all three Islands, Police Commissioner Kernohan told the LA. Published 27th October, 12:00am
FCU Warns of Fraudulent IRS Documents
The US Treasury Department confirmed that IRS letters and accompanying forms currently circulating in Grand Cayman are false.  Published 27th October, 12:00am
Cayman's Jamaica Visa Office Opens Monday (31 Oct)
The office is located on the 9th floor of The Towers on Dominica Drive in New Kingston.  Published 27th October, 12:00am
Updating CI Drivers' Licences
Now meeting international standards the CI licence could serve as an authentic 'document of identification'.  Published 27th October, 12:00am
The CAACI Continues Staff Training
Remaining current with industry developments and management techniques associated with maintaining international standards are vital. Published 27th October, 12:00am
Regional Research Project to Start in Schools
The study will explore how socializing agents such as school and home might contribute to the creation of a culture of violence.  Published 26th October, 12:00am
Civil Servants Bid HE Farewell
Civil servants joined senior government officials in widely attended farewell reception for outgoing Governor Bruce Dinwiddy, CMG, and wife Emma. Published 26th October, 12:00am
Happy Seniors Celebrate
There was no shortage of entertainment at the North Side Seniors' Luncheon that celebrated International Day of Older Persons. Published 26th October, 12:00am
Government Introduces Visa Requirement for Four Countries
Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala and Jamaica will join 112 other countries whose nationals presently need visas to visit Cayman. Published 26th October, 12:00am
Iggy Supports Recycling at School Fair
Iggy the Iguana, DEH's recycling mascot, visited John Gray High School to help promote recycling.  Published 25th October, 12:00am
Swearing In of Commissioner of Police
Newly appointed Commissioner of Police Stuart Kernohan was officially sworn in on Thursday, 20 October.  Published 25th October, 12:00am
New GIS Staff Strengthens Unit
A total of seven persons will now cover public information roles for the high-demand government sector. Published 25th October, 12:00am
Tourism Minister gives Port update following Hurricane Wilma
It can take some five days to repair Wilma-related damage to cruise facilities at both the North and South terminals. Published 25th October, 12:00am
Longer Prison Time before Parole
An amendment to the Prisons Law will ensure that some convicted persons serve more than half their time before becoming eligible for parole. Published 25th October, 12:00am
Conch-Whelk Season
Begins 1 November. Published 24th October, 12:00am
Mutual Fund Registration Fees to Increase
Raising of these fees marks the only new revenue-earning measure taken by Government in the 2005-2006 budget.  Published 24th October, 12:00am
Royal Visitor for Shipping Registry
HRH Princess Anne visited the Registry's exhibition booth at a London conference. Published 21st October, 12:00am
Flu Shots Now Available
The Public Health Department is advising residents that these shots are now available at all HSA facilities. Published 20th October, 12:00am
DEH Warns of Lunch Box Lead
In a proactive move, DEH has contacted and advised local retailers to voluntarily withdraw any plastic lunch boxes from their shelves.  Published 20th October, 12:00am
Cubans Arrive on Cayman Brac
Ten Cubans, nine males and one female, are now in secure accommodations on Grand Cayman after arriving last Saturday, 15 October. Published 20th October, 12:00am
36-Hours Available in the Brac
Residents and visitors can purchase this newly released feature length DVD at the Cayman Brac Museum.  Published 20th October, 12:00am
Tour Guide Training Seminar
Boatswain's Beach/Cayman Turtle Farm advises all tour operators of the final Tour Guide training seminar. Published 20th October, 12:00am
Planning Department's Electrical Seminar
The seminar will review electrical designs for single family, multi-family and commercial developments. Published 20th October, 12:00am
Cayman Takes Proactive Approach to Bird Flu
Announcing the preventative measures in the LA, Minister Eden stressed that there is no imminent threat from avian flu to the Islands. Published 18th October, 12:00am
LA Approves Rezoning
Members in the House gave their unanimous nod to rezoning some 36 acres adjoining the Esterley Tibbetts Highway.  Published 18th October, 12:00am
Update on Counterfeit Currency
Detectives from the FCU have arrested three persons for Possession of Counterfeit Currency. Published 18th October, 12:00am
The National Gallery Art Flix Series presents:
Wassily Kandinsky  Published 18th October, 12:00am
Marine Life Depends on Public Cooperation
Increasing their presence DOE hopes to see the a drop in Marine Conservation Law violations. Published 17th October, 12:00am
Minister Eden Attends PAHO Meeting
Cayman recently joined health ministers from countries all over the Americas at the PAHO headquarters in Washington.  Published 17th October, 12:00am
"36-Hours" DVD Now Available for Purchase
Governor Bruce Dinwiddy offered his strong support, saying: "I hope the community will continue to support the Recovery Fund through the challenging times ahead by purchasing this historic DVD."  Published 17th October, 12:00am
Strong Curb on Illegal Weapons
Persons found with illegal guns will have to spend no less than 10 years behind bars before any possibility of release, according to a soon to be gazetted change to the Firearms Law. Published 17th October, 12:00am
Minister Visits BT Primary
Minister Alden McLaughlin received a warm welcome from the principal, all the staff and 173 students.  Published 17th October, 12:00am
Lending a Hand - at 92!
An energetic lady who never allows her age to restrict her Lillian Pierson still takes care of herself and those around her. Published 17th October, 12:00am
Lighthouse School Bids Farewell to Mrs Dinwiddy
Principal Shari Bovell thanked Mrs. Dinwiddy for her support and involvement in the literacy programmes at the school.  Published 17th October, 12:00am
NHC Advisories on CaymanPrepared
Updates on TD #24 are available on; use the link on the right. Published 16th October, 12:00am
House Approves Criminal Justice System Reform
Members this (Friday) morning gave their support to nine pieces of legislation that reflect Government's seriousness about stamping out the increase in violent crime. Published 15th October, 12:00am
Qualities of Educated Caymanian
Delegates at the National Education Conference developed the list of qualities and used them as a framework to deliberate on the education system.  Published 15th October, 12:00am
Dental Clinic to Close for Repairs
Limited service will be provided at the Dental Caravan and Bodden Town District Health Centre.  Published 14th October, 12:00am
Civil Service Reform Measures Introduced
Modernisation Cayman's Civil Service takes a major step forward with the proposed introduction of the Public Service Management Bill, 2005.  Published 14th October, 12:00am
Education Minister Promises Changes
The Legislative Assembly adopted the report on the recent National Education Conference. Published 14th October, 12:00am
Heavy Cake Company Gets Ministerial Support
A Caymanian woman with a taste for heavy cake has turned her passion into what she believes will become a successful venture.  Published 14th October, 12:00am
Taming the Homework Monster
For parents having trouble motivating their children to do homework, help is on the way. Published 14th October, 12:00am
GIS Produces DVD of Education Conference
The DVD was presented to the Minister of Education in advance of distribution to all conference delegates.  Published 13th October, 12:00am
Government Announces New Education Strategies
The Minister announced strategies to implement the report of the National Education Conference.  Published 13th October, 12:00am
Spending on Ivan to End
Funds in this year's budget for Hurricane Ivan recovery is expected to be the last. Published 13th October, 12:00am
Cayman Embarks on New Education Era
The accent will be towards a students-centred education system so Cayman can take its place among the best systems in the world. Published 13th October, 12:00am
Stamp Duty Cut Remains
Government is continuing its open-ended concessions on stamp duty, the infrastructural fund and building permit fees. Published 13th October, 12:00am
Still in Tune
In 1958, a young Wellesley Howell arrived from Jamaica with a saxophone in one hand and a suitcase in another. Published 13th October, 12:00am
New On-island Training for Social Workers
A historic partnership between the DCFS and UWI will boost the development of home-grown social workers. Published 13th October, 12:00am
High Tea at the Governor's
Hosted by Mrs. Emma Dinwiddy, guests were treated to an afternoon of live music, gourmet sandwiches and cakes.  Published 12th October, 12:00am
Social Exclusion Expert Makes Headlines in Spain
A study trip to the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training in Spain turned into a chance to 'sell' Cayman.  Published 12th October, 12:00am
Ministry Supports Mental Health
Health and Human Services hosted an open house event in Heroes Square promoting mental health services in Cayman.  Published 12th October, 12:00am
Cubans Stop off on Cayman Brac
Officials on Cayman Brac reported that a small boat with six Cuban men on board made a short stop there. Published 12th October, 12:00am
HE spends time with Speaker, MLAs
Dignitaries met at a reception hosted by Speaker Edna Moyle in the Members' dining room at the LA. Published 12th October, 12:00am
Historic Coverage of the LA
GIS made history today when, for the first time, the unit covered the proceedings in the LA in both print and video. Published 12th October, 12:00am
Celebrating Cayman's Senior Citizens
North Side and George Town seniors are in for a treat. Published 12th October, 12:00am
Elgin Avenue Work Begins
Road work is scheduled to take place between 9am and 4pm to minimize disruption to the traffic flow.  Published 11th October, 12:00am
Freedom of Information Law Coming
A law allowing the public access to official records will be promosed in the coming months. For more details, scroll down to 'Local Issues'. Published 11th October, 12:00am
Governor Looks Back Fondly on Term
In his last address to the LA, His Excellency reflected in a more personal vein on some highlights of his term. Published 11th October, 12:00am
Budget Surplus Projected
The budget set continued hurricane recovery, crime fighting, families and communities, education, and health as priorities. Published 11th October, 12:00am
HE Delivers His Final Throne Speech
On a day of several firsts and poignant lasts, the Governor welcomed the move to presenting a less exhaustive speech. Published 11th October, 12:00am
Semi-Annual Labour Force Survey Underway
Starting on Saturday, 15 October, the survey will be conducted over three weeks on Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac.  Published 11th October, 12:00am
World Mental Health Day 2005
How you live may affect your mental health more than you think. Published 10th October, 12:00am
A Last Appearance by Governors' Traditional Uniform
In line with modern practice the Governors' ceremonial garb will no longer feature in public life. Published 10th October, 12:00am
Cabinet Pilots Legislative Reform of Criminal Justice System
A package of legislation to stem the upsurge in violent crimes and the increasing use of firearms is being introduced.  Published 10th October, 12:00am
Agriculture Feed Subsidy to End
Introduced in the wake of Hurricane Ivan, this special subsidy will end on 28 October 2005. Published 10th October, 12:00am
World Mental Health Day - A Message from the Minister
"We cannot deny the connection between healthy minds and healthy bodies". Published 10th October, 12:00am
NRA's Post-Ivan Road Work Continues
The authority has been working non-stop this year to complete post-Ivan road repairs and to begin new road works. Published 6th October, 12:00am
Students Benefit from Textbook Donations
Students are reading more, and teachers and librarians across Grand Cayman are happier. Published 6th October, 12:00am
Art Party Resounding Success
Children had a great time moving between three art activities supervised by their parents. Published 6th October, 12:00am
LOGB Addresses Rally Against Crime
Government will support in word and deed - a zero tolerance policy for crime. Published 5th October, 12:00am
Artists' Information Sought for Tourist Map
The National Gallery and DOT will produce the second printing of the map-format publication, Artists' Trail. Published 5th October, 12:00am