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Press Releases: November 2005

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Governor Tours Blue Iguana Recovery Programme and Botanic Park
During the tour the Jacks heard about the impressive results of the Blue Iguana Captive Breeding Programme for Cayman's largest native land animal.  Published 30th November, 12:00am
DEH Meat Inspections
The department is requesting that all persons intending to slaughter animals for the holidays has them inspected by department officials. Published 30th November, 12:00am
Everyone is Invited to Savannah's Celebrations
The theme of the Savannah Primary School's 65th anniversary celebration is 'Savannah through the Ages'.  Published 30th November, 12:00am
Water Authority Part of WHO Desalination Committee
Director Dr. Gelia Frederick-van Genderen attended the meeting of the technical and steering committees in Kuwait. Published 30th November, 12:00am
Ambitious Capital Spending by Government
By the end of its fourth fiscal year, in June 2009, Government intends to spend $235.6 million in capital projects. Published 30th November, 12:00am
CIMA's 10,000th Fund Sign of Industry Growth
It also shows the unexpected benefits of the Savings Tax Directive. Published 30th November, 12:00am
Human Rights Committee Meets
The newly formed Human Rights Committee held its first meeting of the year on 28 November 2005. Published 30th November, 12:00am
CIIB Attends Gulf Coast Business Recovery Forum
The forum was intended to develop a clear understanding of the impact of hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and to develop realistic, cohesive action plans.  Published 29th November, 12:00am
New Year's Honours Reminder
All completed applications for Her Majesty the Queen's New Year's Honours List 2006 should be returned to the Governor's Office no later than 5 December.  Published 29th November, 12:00am
Caribbean Hurricane Survival Guide Soon Come
The book draws upon the practical experience of islanders and will tell how to deal with storms and the predicted sea level rise due to climate change. Published 29th November, 12:00am
Gangs Outlawed in Cayman
Simply being a member of a gang or knowing of their illegal activity is now punishable with heavy fines and long terms of imprisonment.  Published 29th November, 12:00am
Cubans Spotted Off Cayman Brac
A boat with 12 Cuban migrants -ten males and two females - on board arrived off Spot Bay, Cayman Brac on Sunday, 27 November.  Published 29th November, 12:00am
ICTA Issues Documents on Locking of Mobile Handsets
The document on the public consultation proceedings is available at Published 29th November, 12:00am
Prospect Area Rodent Control
Starting 6 December, DEH officers will be setting rat bait around residences and other locations in this area.  Published 29th November, 12:00am
NYC Statement on Sunday Entertainment Decision
The commission uncoditionally supports government's recent decision to uphold the traditional and legal positions on Sunday entertainment.  Published 29th November, 12:00am
Airport Emergency: Plane Lands Safely
A CAL Boeing has landed safely this evening (Sunday, 27 November)at Owen Roberts International Airport after reporting a 'landing gear unsafe' warning.  Published 28th November, 12:00am
Get Rid of Holiday Stress!
Do you feel like you experience too much STRESS and not enough HOLIDAY each year? Let the Women's Resource Centre help. Published 28th November, 12:00am
National Teachers' Appreciation Week
Message from the Hon. Alden McLaughlin, Minister of Education, Training, Employment, Youth, Sports and Culture. Published 28th November, 12:00am
Regional Banks Have Unique Assets
Opportunities for Caribbean indigenous banks to solidify a place in the market can come through leverage of their unique assets Published 28th November, 12:00am
Changes to Emergency Powers Law
The law now allows for the Governor to consult with the LOGB before declaring or revoking a state of emergency in the Islands. Published 28th November, 12:00am
Sustainable Living Forum in the Sister Islands
Government and business and community leaders are joining together to focus on sustainable development. Published 28th November, 12:00am
International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women
A message from the Minister for Health and Human Services, the Hon Anthony Eden, OBE, JP. Published 28th November, 12:00am
Jamaica Introduces Visa Requirement
At 12:00 noon today (Friday 25 November) the Jamaican Government announced its decision to require entry visas for Caymanians travelling to Jamaica.  Published 25th November, 12:00am
New Governor Sworn In
See the Leader of Government's welcoming address plus photos. Published 24th November, 12:00am
Cayman Prosecutes Key Supporter in Major Money-Laundering Scheme
The sentencing of Mr. Patrick Thomas Tibbetts confirmed Government's commitment to fight crime. Published 24th November, 12:00am
Legislature Gets New Serjeant-at-Arms
Erstwhile RCIPS Sergeant Javin Powery brings to the post some 20 years experience as a police officer.  Published 24th November, 12:00am
Post Office Introduces Christmas Cards
The cards are available in packs of five and showcase past Christmas stamps contrasted against vibrant backdrops.  Published 24th November, 12:00am
World Aids Day - 1 December
In celebration of this day the HSA is offering free screening tests for HIV/AIDS and Syphilis on all three islands. Published 24th November, 12:00am
Sustainable Living Forum in Cayman Brac
The forum will include panel presentations by government and private sector representatives followed by open discussion sessions. Published 24th November, 12:00am
DOE Hero Saves Boy's Life
The rough waters in Hog Sty Bay almost took the life of a young boy who got swept out to sea. Published 24th November, 12:00am
Long Term Solution for BT Floods
Some considerations include a comprehensive survey of the landscape, excavation of natural ponds to increase holding capacity, and digging a culvert. Published 23rd November, 12:00am
Regulatory and Compliance Risks - Views from the Regulators
The speech delivered by CIMA Managing Director Mrs. Cindy Scotland at the Caribbean Association of Indigenous Banks Conference. Published 23rd November, 12:00am
Crime Amendments Now Law
The nine amendments aimed at further curbing crime, range from longer jail time to the right of police to request information from phone companies. Published 23rd November, 12:00am
Strategic Planning for Airports Authority
A five-year plan to make Owen Roberts International Airport the region's best small destination airport was the focus of a recent three-day workshop. Published 23rd November, 12:00am
Lobster Season Reminder!
With lobster season opening soon the Department of Environment is reminding people of the restrictions. Published 23rd November, 12:00am
Public School Calendar 2005 - 2006
See the Education Council's national calendar for all public schools in the Cayman Islands.  Published 22nd November, 12:00am
Budget Allocations Reflect Govt's Dedication to Education
The bulk of the nearly $100 million annual budget approved for the Ministry of Education, Training, Employment, Youth, Sports & Culture is for education. Published 22nd November, 12:00am
A Cookbook by Caymanian Legend Land on Book Shelves
After more than 45 years in the restaurant and tourism business, Suzy Soto has published a unique cookbook called Cookin' & Laughin' in the Cayman Islands. Published 22nd November, 12:00am
Christmas Mail Deliveries
'Tis the season to start sending if you want to ensure timely delivery. Published 21st November, 12:00am
New Anti-doping Agency Seeking Administrator
The person will set up the operational structure that will guide the development of an anti-doping programme for the Caribbean. Published 21st November, 12:00am
New Governor Arriving Soon
Cayman's Governor Designate and his wife will arrive on Grand Cayman on Wednesday, 23 November, and sworn in later that day. Published 18th November, 12:00am
Cabinet Visits the Ritz-Carlton
Members toured the facility and were updated on the opening events scheduled in the coming months. Published 18th November, 12:00am
More Cubans Arrive on the Brac
The seven Cubans arrived in a 16-ft aluminium vessel, landing at the Panama Canal area of Creek.  Published 18th November, 12:00am
Visa Issue Arrangements Operating Smoothly
In the ten working days since the new visa system was introduced, 112 visas have been issued to Jamaicans.  Published 18th November, 12:00am
'All Aboard' for National Education Week
With this year's theme 'Destination Reading - All Aboard', the focus will be on literacy projects. Published 17th November, 12:00am
Help a Friend
Learn the do's and don'ts of helping a victim of abuse by participating in the WRC's latest workshop. Published 16th November, 12:00am
Parent Education Meetings Continue
The National Parenting Programme invites all to participate in 'Bridging the Gap...Helping our Children Achieve their Full Academic Potential.'  Published 16th November, 12:00am
Break the Silence
It is time again for survivors of abuse, and their supporters, to engage in the healing process through the WRC's "Clothesline Project." Published 16th November, 12:00am
Monetary Authority Issues New Banknotes
A reprint of the "C" series $100, $25, $10, $5 and $1 banknotes will replenish current stocks. Published 16th November, 12:00am
Cayman's FRA Functioning Well
The authority plans to continue participating in the international effort against money laundering. Published 15th November, 12:00am
World Diabetes Day - 14 November
This year's theme is "Put Feet First: Prevent Amputation". See dates and times of local events. Published 15th November, 12:00am
Public Service Hiring Rules Changed
The soon-to-be enacted Public Service Management Law provides for hiring power to be delegated to Chief Officers with, with a few exceptions. Published 15th November, 12:00am
Clarification on Jamaican Visa Issues
In response to inquiries regarding the recently introduced visa programme, the Portfolio of Internal/External Affairs has issued the following comments. Published 15th November, 12:00am
Young Caymanians to attend Commonwealth Youth Forum
Representing the Islands, Knolis Scott and Shari Webb will travel to Malta this month.  Published 15th November, 12:00am
Junior School Prefects and Monitors Appointed
This completed an important phase of the restructuring of the school system at John A Cumber Primary.  Published 15th November, 12:00am
Electrical Workshops Held
A total of fifty-one electrical designers and installers representing local companies attended Planning's one-day workshops.  Published 15th November, 12:00am
Emergency Responders Tested
CIAA's latest airport emergency exercise proved to be a worthy test of emergency responders' abilities. Published 11th November, 12:00am
Brac & Prep Schools Top Senior Speller Prelims
During two "wordy" evenings, teenage students displayed their mastery by aptly spelling words like zucchini, annihilate and chrysanthemum.  Published 11th November, 12:00am
A 'Land and Sea Co-operative'
Local scouts joined the annual Caribbean Award Scheme Council (CASC) Expedition/Adventurous Journey in the Bahamas. Published 11th November, 12:00am
Safeguards in Info Technology Law
Protecting a person's private affairs was the focus of discussion as the LA considers changing the law. Published 11th November, 12:00am
On-island Training for Social Workers Begins
The joint venture between the Children and Family Services and the UWI School of Continuing Studies, got off to a good start for eleven trainees. Published 11th November, 12:00am
Remembrance Day Reminder
See times and venues for Remembrance Day services on Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac. Published 11th November, 12:00am
Lighthouse School Celebrates Heritage Day
Lighthouse School had a special assembly centred on the theme "Children Are Our Heritage -Teach Them Well".  Published 11th November, 12:00am
Couples Workshop Prompts a Repeat
The Counselling Centre's workshop, "Fighting for Your Marriage" is back by popular demand. Sign up now! Published 11th November, 12:00am
George Town Rodent Control
A comprehensive rodent control programme will start Tuesday, 15 November by setting rat bait around residences and other locations.  Published 10th November, 12:00am
Cayman to Share Resources in Crime Fighting
A witness-protection mechanism involving Overseas Territories will be one part of this wide-ranging programme. Published 10th November, 12:00am
New Year's Eve to Remain Dry
After considering public input on amending the law to allow for alcohol sales and live music beyond midnight Cabinet decided not to approve it. Published 10th November, 12:00am
LA Holds Prayers for the Nation
House Members interrupted regular proceedings to observe Cayman's annual National Day of Prayer and Thanksgiving. Published 10th November, 12:00am
Final Reform Segment Reaching Fruition
Legislation that will formalize the movement to modernise the Public Service gets wide support. Published 10th November, 12:00am
CI to Participate in OECD Global Forum
The agenda will be devoted to level playing field issues in relation to international cooperation in tax matters via the exchange of information.  Published 10th November, 12:00am
DER and Private Sector Engage Young People
Thanks to a DER career development and job placement programme, a part-time delivery job became a full-time career.  Published 10th November, 12:00am
Reports, Papers Tabled in the House
The first report for a full year of activities of the Financial Reporting Authority. Published 10th November, 12:00am
CSX Gearing Up for Higher Growth
The expected progress is a direct result of the recognition the CSX had received from UK Inland Revenue.  Published 9th November, 12:00am
Ministry Launches Education Video-Conferencing
This latest technological development is part of the Ministry's ongoing commitment to effectively use ICT to enrich the education service.  Published 9th November, 12:00am
Veterans Pin the Acting Governor
Members of the Cayman Islands Veterans Association paid a special visit to Mr. George McCarthy, OBE, JP pinning a poppy to his jacket. Published 9th November, 12:00am
Remembrance Day Celebration
This Sunday (13 November) Cayman will again pay tribute to those who defended their countries during times of war.  Published 9th November, 12:00am
Gov't Takes Vital Step to Let the Sunshine' In
A new era of open government was heralded when the Freedom of Information Bill, 2005, was tabled. Scroll down to 'Local Issues' to see the entire bill. Published 9th November, 12:00am
LOGB Speaks on Unveiling of Freedom of Information Bill, 2005
The bill is about creating a fair balance between Government's right to act and the right of the public to access certain information, he said. Published 9th November, 12:00am
Government to Tackle Cruise-tourist Volumes
Major elements in their strategy are rescheduling of cruise ships to less heavily subscribed days, and providing more onshore activities. Published 9th November, 12:00am
CAL Receives Post-Ivan Insurance Settlement
Cayman Airways Ltd. received a final payment of US$1,050,000. Published 9th November, 12:00am
Nine Million for Road Works
Work on the Esterley Tibbetts Highway and Eastern Districts roads, and settlement for land acquisition are included in the budget for road works. Published 4th November, 12:00am
Cayman's Strength and Stability Showcased
Steady growth in Cayman's captive industry has made the Islands one of the world's leading domiciles for this industry. Published 4th November, 12:00am
CIMA Board Highlights Industry Developments
The licensing of a major new open-market reinsurance company was one of the major happenings underlined at a CIMA Board meeting. Published 4th November, 12:00am
Public Consultation for Freedom of Information
This long-awaited bill, that seeks to give the public a right of access to official documents, will soon be available on for comments. Published 4th November, 12:00am
Government is Sole Ash Collector
Residents will not be allowed to take any ash from burnt trash at the dumpsites created to hold destroyed items after Hurricane debris. Published 4th November, 12:00am
Understanding Alternative Energy
The National Trust presents a free two-day workshop on alternative energy sources and their role in disaster response.  Published 4th November, 12:00am
Sponsor Receives Student Literary Books
Literary benefactor Coutts was recently presented with sets of The Coutts Collection 2005 and The Best of 21. Published 4th November, 12:00am
New Chief Officer for Health and Human Services
Mrs. Diane Montoya will succeed the current Chief Officer, Ms. Andrea Bryan MBE, JP, who is retiring later this year. Published 4th November, 12:00am
Workshop Focuses on More than Just Beauty
With an eye on proper sanitation procedures at salons, DEH will conducts a community education programme. Published 4th November, 12:00am
Airport Emergency Exercise Tests Agencies' Readiness
The public will see some unusual activity at and in the vicinity of the Owen Roberts International Airport on Tuesday, 8 November. Published 4th November, 12:00am
Dancing to Art
Top local dancers will use their own motions to interpret the artwork of Al Ebanks. Published 3rd November, 12:00am
Remembrance Day Tributes
Anyone intending to lay a poppy wreath at the annual Remembrance Day Service is asked to contact the Chief Secretary's Office. Published 3rd November, 12:00am
Needs of Elderly Elaborated in Finance Committee
Plans for a purpose-built facility on the Brac Bluff for high-risk patients requiring round-the-clock medical attention has been put forward. Published 3rd November, 12:00am
Command & Control Training for Fire Services
To stay abreast of the latest fire fighting technologies key officers attended the National Emergency Training Centre in the US.  Published 3rd November, 12:00am
Local Delegation Tours Florida Farms and Ag Expo
They selected some 45 cattle and 100 goats for purchase to help farmers replace and upgrade their stock following Hurricane Ivan. Published 2nd November, 12:00am
US Postal Service Advisory
There is still no delivery service in some areas affected by hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Published 2nd November, 12:00am
Tourism Honors Industry
CITA will host the 2nd Annual Stingray Tourism Awards Ceremony recognizing those who have excelled in Cayman's tourism operations. Published 2nd November, 12:00am
DoA New Vehicles Handover
Minister for Agriculture and representatives from the department received two new vehicles this week enhancing the department's fleet.  Published 2nd November, 12:00am
More Funds for Burial Assistance Sought
A call was also made for Children and Family Services to educate people on the services offered for burials and the requirements to receive this benefit. Published 2nd November, 12:00am
Fire Officers Participate in High-rise Training
Attending the Chicago Fire Department's High-Rise Life Safety Conference, officers also did hands-on exercises in four of the US's tallest buildings.  Published 2nd November, 12:00am
Acting Governor Invites Nominations for Queen's Honours
The public can now submit nominations for Her Majesty the Queen's New Year's Honours 2006.  Published 1st November, 12:00am
Artist Blossoms with Art Outreach Programme
After attending the programme, Tyrone Ebanks has been painting prolifically and is selling his work through the new craft market. Published 1st November, 12:00am
Budget is Law
Acting Governor George McCarthy gave his assent Monday, 31 October, and it was published in an extraordinary issue of the Official Gazette on the same day.  Published 1st November, 12:00am
Protocol Services Funded
The 2005-2006 Budget allows for the establishment of protocol services for Government. Published 1st November, 12:00am
Mail Service Disruption at Miami Postal Facility
Citizens and businesses in Cayman should expect delivery delays in outgoing mail over the next two weeks.  Published 1st November, 12:00am