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Press Releases: December 2005

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West Bay Rodent Control Programme
DEH begins a comprehensive rodent control programme in the community on Tuesday, 3 January.  Published 29th December, 12:00am
Leader of Government Visits Central Planning Authority
Lending an ear to some of the issues facing the CPA, the Hon. Kurt Tibbetts took time out recently to meet personally with the board. Published 29th December, 12:00am
CITA hosts Lighthouse School Christmas Party
Children and staff of the Lighthouse School celebrated the spirit and joy of Christmas at the South Sound Community Park. Published 29th December, 12:00am
CPA Branch Spreads Seasonal Cheer Among Members
President of the CI Branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association the Hon. Edna Moyle, JP, MLA, hosted a reception for Members of the Branch. Published 29th December, 12:00am
Youth Service Club Celebrates 100th meeting in Service
The Club was able to take action on its 100th meeting as its members were called upon to assist the CI Red Cross with an unexpected humanitarian project. Published 29th December, 12:00am
Shipping Registry Continues Celebrations in the Brac
Celebrating its 100 years' existence the Registry used the theme, "Changing of the Watch". Published 28th December, 12:00am
CIMA's 04/05 Annual Report on the Web
Details of the Authority's operations and indicators of the financial sector's performance for the 04/05 financial year are now available to the public.  Published 28th December, 12:00am
More Cubans Arrive on Cayman Brac
A total of 29 Cubans arrived over the Christmas weekend while ten others previously processed on Grand Cayman were repatriated on Tuesday, 26 December.  Published 28th December, 12:00am
Leader of Government's Christmas Message to Cayman
"And as I look forward to 2006 I am hopeful that Cayman will soon fully recover and flourish." Published 25th December, 12:00am
HE The Governor's Christmas Message
"Christmas sets the stage for new beginnings. Let us all join hands in 2006 and work together for a better and stronger future for these Islands." Published 25th December, 12:00am
HE Meets Judiciary and Courts Staff
He met the hard-working and dedicated personnel of the Cayman Islands Courts. Published 22nd December, 12:00am
Hydroponics of Growing Interest in the Brac
Growing foods using hydroponic methods is one of the ways that Cayman Brac High School students are supporting sustainable living in the Sister Islands. Published 22nd December, 12:00am
Christmas Wishes from the Cayman Islands
"As the Leader of Government Business of the Cayman Islands, I wish you a peaceful and joyful Christmas and a happy New Year." Published 22nd December, 12:00am
Parenting Programme Formally Launched
Highlights included a procession of flags by the Scouts, a parade of banners and representatives, and scripture readings, poems and story-telling.  Published 22nd December, 12:00am
Christmas Day Messages to be Broadcast
Local media will broadcast Her Majesty's Christmas greetings, followed by Christmas messages from the Governor and Leader of Government Business.  Published 21st December, 12:00am
Collect Parcels Now !
Postal Services are urgently asking the public to immediately collect parcels once notified of their arrival. Published 21st December, 12:00am
USCG Terrapin
The United States Coast Guard cutter Terrapin is visiting Grand Cayman 21-23 December.  Published 21st December, 12:00am
Lobster Pot Launching Dock Re-opened
Damage done during Hurricane Wilma was repaired and finished two days ahead of schedule.  Published 21st December, 12:00am
Notaries' Annual Licensing Fee to be Increased
Cabinet approved an increase in the annual licensing fee of Notaries Public.  Published 21st December, 12:00am
Cayman's Visa Section Moves
Immigartion's Visa Section has moved offices to the Island Air Hangar on Owen Roberts Drive. Published 21st December, 12:00am
New Session of the Grand Court Opens 4 January
The ceremonial opening of the Grand Court's first session for 2006 will take place on Wednesday, 4 January.  Published 20th December, 12:00am
Cultural Christmas Basket for Ministry
The Ministry of Culture was given a Cayman-style Christmas gift, when the CNCF presented a 'ground basket' filled with cultural treats. Published 20th December, 12:00am
Marine Book Launch
Cayman residents can now enjoy 'Beneath the Seven Seas' a book billed as "the most exciting ever published on marine exploration and seafaring history."  Published 20th December, 12:00am
Students and Adults Complete 2005 Mentoring Effort
Certificates, hugs, gifts and bright expectations for the future were shared last week at a Coaching For Success graduation ceremony.  Published 20th December, 12:00am
Officials Join East End Celebration
On 13 December the Governor, his family and all Cabinet Members boarded a bus destined for East End. Published 19th December, 12:00am
Residency & Employments Rights Certificate
The Caymanian Status and Permanent Residency Board will begin hearing applications in January 2006. Published 19th December, 12:00am
Governor and MLAs Visit George Town
George Town residents had a chance to greet HE the Governor, when he visited Scranton Park and the George Town MLA office. Published 16th December, 12:00am
Fire Services Spreads Joy at Lighthouse School
Fire Services' Community Services and Sports Club spent the afternoon with students, bringing an early Christmas treat of ice cream and cake. Published 16th December, 12:00am
The Ritz Officially Opens
A large gathering, including top government officials, were on hand to witness the long-awaited official opening of the Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman. Published 16th December, 12:00am
PWD Staff Making a Difference
Through their programme called 'PWD Difference' staff helps co-workes recover through donating their time, tools and materials. Published 16th December, 12:00am
Quarterly Reports Coming in April
Several factors combined to force postponement of publishing a number of reports. Published 15th December, 12:00am
CIIB Attends Regional Conference
The Bureau was recently represented at the CCAA 29th Annual Miami Conference, themed 'A Prosperous Third Border'.  Published 14th December, 12:00am
Youth Celebration and Christmas Basketballs
A farewell celebration for Youth Pastor Fitz Carter and the arrival of the shipment of basketballs for those who attended Camp Crossfire.  Published 14th December, 12:00am
DEH's Solid Waste Management Team Expands
A new Assistant Director of Solid Waste has signed on to oversee the implementation of solid waste services for the public.  Published 14th December, 12:00am
Miss Cayman 2006/07 Finalists Announced
With less than two months to go, six finalists have been selected for the pageant.  Published 13th December, 12:00am
A Gift of Art to Dart Foundation
The National Gallery recently gave a work of art done by Inside Art Eagle House to the foundation as a gesture of gratitude. Published 12th December, 12:00am
Celebrating 100 Years of Maritime History
The theme of the CI Shipping Registry celebrations this past weekend was "Changing of the Watch".  Published 12th December, 12:00am
Artists Away
The National Gallery recently sent Lennon Christian to St. Vincent's & The Grenadines to learn from top photographer Tom Bol. Published 12th December, 12:00am
Cuban Migrant Update
A group of 27 Cuban migrants arrived off Northwest Point, West Bay, bringing the total number of migrants being housed in Cayman to 70.  Published 12th December, 12:00am
Human Rights Day 2005
A message from the Hon Alden McLaughlin, chairman of the Cayman Islands Human Rights Committee. Published 10th December, 12:00am
Cayman Preparing for Bird Flu
Chances of a bird flu outbreak in Cayman are remote, but an inter-departmental committee is nevertheless developing a preparedness plan. Published 9th December, 12:00am
Cayman Presses EU on OCTs' Behalf
In Brussels, Government continued pressing for a level playing field in financial services on behalf of the Overseas Countries and Territories.  Published 9th December, 12:00am
Dengue Fever Confirmed in Cayman
While the situation is being closely monitored, Medical Officer of Health Dr. Kiran Kumar stressed that dengue fever is not endemic to Cayman.  Published 8th December, 12:00am
Aggregate Targets Point to Healthy Fiscal Position
The collective fiscal targets for the next two financial years reflect a "balanced" and "affordable" financial position for the Government. Published 8th December, 12:00am
Immigration Department Announces Amnesty
The amnesty from prosecution for certain immigration offences will be effective from 9 - 23 December. Published 8th December, 12:00am
Students Complete Mentoring
A celebration event will take place next week for the 25 John Gray High School students who have successfully completed the Coaching for Success mentoring programme.  Published 8th December, 12:00am
Cuban Nationals in Custody
Immigration Officials report that 12 male Cuban nationals arrived by boat at East End on Wednesday, 7 December. Published 8th December, 12:00am
Sustainable Living Forum Successful
Government met with the Sister Islands' business community last Friday (2 December) to discuss issues relating to sustainable living and economic development there.  Published 8th December, 12:00am
Cayman Delegation Optimistic About EU Relief Aid
Talks on Cayman's hurricane relief are moving in a positive direction with the EU confirming that the approval process is well advanced. Published 7th December, 12:00am
L&S to Speed-up Development Process
Cutting down processing time in issuing parcel numbers has become a priority for Government.  Published 6th December, 12:00am
Government Supporting Cayman Cricket
Cayman Cricket is set to go to another level based on Government's support for the national team's involvement in a Caribbean competition next year. Published 6th December, 12:00am
Cayman's Parenting Programme Launches Soon
A celebration of parents and families embodied in a formal launch that takes place Saturday, 10 December. Published 5th December, 12:00am
Savannah Primary Celebrates
A message from Minister for Education the Hon. Alden McLaughlin on the school's 65th anniversary. Published 5th December, 12:00am
Final Parenting Meetings This Week
Parents of West Bay, North Side and East End are encouraged to attend the final of the series of National Parenting Programme district presentations this week. Published 5th December, 12:00am
World AIDS Day - A Message from Minister Eden
"This year's theme, Stop AIDS - Keep the Promise, is once again a call to action to be responsible and take precautions against this preventable disease." Published 2nd December, 12:00am
Vehicle Licensing Adjusts West Bay Hours
In an effort to better serve the public, opening hours at Vehicle Licensing's West Bay office will be adjusted as of Tuesday, 6 December 2005.  Published 2nd December, 12:00am
Stats Reveal Cayman Rebounding after Hurricane Ivan
Data emanating from the twin pillars of the Islands' economy, financial services and tourism, show steady recovery. Published 2nd December, 12:00am
Gifts Galore for Cayman's Children
Thanks to the generosity of a local store, no child in Cayman will be left without a gift this Christmas! Published 2nd December, 12:00am
CAACI Attends International Tradeshow
The focus was on increasing the awareness of the CI Registry as a registry of choice for corporate and private aircraft.  Published 2nd December, 12:00am
Awards Evening for John A. Cumber Faculty
Educators were treated to a special finale of Education Week, when the school hosted an appreciation dinner for teachers and support staff. Published 2nd December, 12:00am
"Faces" Campaign Launched in Cayman
Started by the Panamanian Red Cross, this regional HIV/AIDS prevention campaign will target young people.  Published 1st December, 12:00am
DCS Addresses Jamaican Public
Talking to Jamaica's HOT 102 radio station, Deputy Chief Secretary Donovan Ebanks stressed that the visa programme has been successful so far. Published 1st December, 12:00am
Seafarers Give Generously
The CI Seafarers Association recently presented the Minster of Health and Human Services with a cheque for $90,000. Published 1st December, 12:00am
Cayman on Target this World AIDS Day
Observing World AIDS Day, the Islands are well on the way to meeting the goals set by the World Health Organisation in the fight against the disease.  Published 1st December, 12:00am
Too Many People Dying of AIDS in the Caribbean
Despite some levelling off in the AIDS figures in the region, there is need for concern over the rate of new infections, particularly among young women. Published 1st December, 12:00am