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Press Releases: February 2006

BT Recovery Continues
"Quiet, but steady progress" is being made in the hard-hit district of Bodden Town, in order to restore the homes and lives of residents who are still recovering from Hurricane Ivan. 28th February 2006, 12:10pm
New LA, Question Time Brisk
An extended Question Time took up nearly the whole of the morning's business, as Government provided answers to 17 questions from MLAs. 28th February 2006, 11:44am
Electrical Licensing Exam
The next exam is scheduled for 23 March on Grand Cayman and 22 March on Cayman Brac.  27th February 2006, 3:24pm
Sports Day Thrills
John A Cumber Primary School successfully completed their competitions last week with Hunter House emerging the winner. 27th February 2006, 3:10pm
MOU Talks
A Cuban delegation visited at the invitation of the government to discuss the efficiency of the operations of the Memorandum of Understanding between the two countries. 27th February 2006, 2:54pm
Young Scientists Shine
Two students who built a lever that uproots small trees won the $300 first prize in the Fidelity Inventions Competition, an important part of the Mathematics Fair and Science Exhibition. 27th February 2006, 2:42pm
Math Drama
If two students tied for first place in a maths competition, and if the first-place prize is $150 and the second prize is $100, how much should each of the two winners get? 25th February 2006, 3:34pm
Revised MOU with Brazil
CIMA will shortly have in place a revised memorandum of understanding with Banco Central de Brazil. 24th February 2006, 3:18pm
Snowball Gets a New Home
Snowball, the dog who survived a vicious machete attack in West Bay a few weeks ago, has been adopted by an American family.  24th February 2006, 2:17pm
New Plane Damaged
MRCU's aerial spraying programme faces another delay, after the unit's new aircraft was damaged by a blast from a corporate jet's engine.  24th February 2006, 2:04pm
DEH Training
To ensure that salons have sanitary environments, Environmental Health is offering training sessions for those working in cosmetology. 23rd February 2006, 2:49pm
Thirteen Cubans Arrive
A group of 13 Cubans made landfall on Colliers Beach in East End very early this morning. 23rd February 2006, 2:13pm
LA Reconvenes Monday
The 2005-2006 session of the Legislative Assembly reconvenes Monday, 27 February. 23rd February 2006, 2:10pm
New Fire Officers
Twenty men and women were officially recognised and welcomed as Cayman Islands fire officers during a ceremony for the classes of 2005 and 2006. 22nd February 2006, 3:01pm
Children to Work
The Women's Resource Centre is everyone to participate in a new initiative called 'Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day' scheduled for 3 March.  22nd February 2006, 2:31pm
Premier Tours Schools
The Minister for Education accompanied the premier of Bermuda and his wife on tours of Prospect Primary and John Gray High schools.  22nd February 2006, 2:25pm
Reception for Premier
Government held a reception for the Premier of Bermuda, the Hon. William Alexander Scott, JP, MP, and his wife Olga at Government House. 21st February 2006, 4:58pm
First Couple Scout & Guide 'Parents'
HE the Governor Mr. Stuart Jack, CVO, has accepted personal and official responsibility as Chief Scout; his wife, Mariko has also agreed to be the patron of the Girl Guides.  21st February 2006, 4:46pm
Cruise Berthing Facilities
Government plans to construct berthing facilities for cruise ships, and two agencies are looking for the best location to establish this facility. 17th February 2006, 3:38pm
Selita to Judge
Caymanian born, international modeling sensation, Selita Ebanks is returning home to judge the 2006 Miss Cayman Islands Beauty Pageant.  17th February 2006, 11:07am
Youth Issues
The Minister for Youth met with the Regional Director of the Caribbean Office of the Commonwealth Youth Programme. 16th February 2006, 3:44pm
Cayman Trees
Five stamps showcase some of the trees of native growth forests that had traditional uses. 16th February 2006, 3:40pm
School Design Expert Visits
Professor Heppell is providing advisory support for new school plans, so modern technology and education tools will be optimised.  15th February 2006, 3:54pm
Youth Commission Concerns
The Minister for Education and Youth heard of the concerns and achievements in youth development during a recent meeting with the National Youth Commission board. 15th February 2006, 11:12am
New Waterfront Signals
To promote safe pedestrian passage in George Town for both tourists and residents, two sets of pedestrian signals have been introduced. 14th February 2006, 11:19am
School Speed Zones
Newly installed school speed zone warning signs will be activated today at the Red Bay and Savannah primary schools. 14th February 2006, 10:36am
More Cayman Support
The most senior civil servant in the UK FCO has left with assurances of closer cooperation in disaster preparedness and undertaking to urge delivery of hurricane relief funds.  13th February 2006, 3:32pm
Be Active
A model educational project promoting positive and healthy development for children was greeted with enthusiasm by St. Ignatius Catholic School students. 13th February 2006, 10:58am
Application Form Revised
A new business staffing plan application form is now available on the Immigration Department's website. 10th February 2006, 3:17pm
With specialised analysis equipment arriving this week, the final pieces are falling into place for the Cayman Islands Hospital's forensic facility to become a full-fledged DNA laboratory. 10th February 2006, 3:10pm
Drug Use and Knowledge Measured
Attitudes towards, and exposure to, legal and illegal drugs were measured as part of the National Drug Council's Student Drug Use Survey. 10th February 2006, 3:01pm
Fun for All Ages
The ever-popular Agricultural Show on Ash Wednesday will be here in only a few short weeks, and preparations are well underway to make it the best show ever.  10th February 2006, 2:52pm
Education is the Key
Education is the key to ensuring the welfare of animals in the Cayman Islands. 10th February 2006, 1:22pm
New Boards Administrator
With her strong paralegal background and extensive administrative experience, Immigration has welcomed Mrs. Sherryl Miller to the post of boards administrator.  10th February 2006, 1:17pm
Leading the Way
The Minister for Health will lead his staff as they all embark on a 21-day health challenge, changing everything from their diet to the way they deal with stress.  10th February 2006, 10:31am
Investment Climate Survey
The survey is designed to reveal the strengths and weaknesses in the Sister Islands, in order to identify issues that must be addressed to facilitate further economic development. 9th February 2006, 4:16pm
Drugs Shatter Lives
While those participating in the National Drug Council (NDC) Student Drug Use Survey have various motivations, all of them hope for a better, drug-free society.  9th February 2006, 10:47am
Seven Cubans Arrive in East End
A group of seven Cuban males in a 16-foot wooden boat entered waters off East End today and are now being processed by Immigration. 8th February 2006, 1:12pm
Three More to Use Towers
Cable & Wireless, Digicel, and Radio Cayman signed licence agreements with Government to utilize load space on government's towers.  8th February 2006, 1:06pm
Newspaper Refuted
The Portfolio of Finance and Economics is refuting claims in a CaymanNetNews article that Government has decided to increase vehicle licensing fees. 8th February 2006, 12:56pm
Looking at Revenue Options
Government is now examining a list of revenue sources, seeking areas for possible fee increases that could bring in $25 million more income with minimum impact on the public. 8th February 2006, 10:41am
Training Is the Way to Grow
Public Works Department hourly employees are continuing with a comprehensive training programme focused on improving customer service, supervisory management, disciplinary and computer skills. 7th February 2006, 2:46pm
Overseas Medical Loans
Caymanians are reminded that there is an application and approval process that must be followed.  6th February 2006, 2:39pm
Mastic Trail Re-opens
The National Trust with the help of many volunteers has re-cleared the entire Mastic Trail for the first time since Hurricane Ivan. 6th February 2006, 12:49pm
School Introspection
All schools recently participated in a two-day training conference for senior staff.  6th February 2006, 12:41pm
Two Maths Conferences
From cashiers and carpenters to accountants and astronauts, the importance of mathematics in everyone's personal and professional life is undeniable. 3rd February 2006, 2:33pm
Maths Magic
The application of mathematical abilities in modern work, and the importance of strongly grounding students in the principles of the subject, will be the focus of a Mathematics Awareness Campaign. 3rd February 2006, 2:26pm
Cayman Airways Flies the Extra Mile
Cayman Airways has again shown what corporate entities can do to help future generations of Caymanians become better citizens. 3rd February 2006, 2:21pm
AAPA Executive Meeting
The American Association of Port Authorities held its executive committee meeting in Grand Cayman at the Marriott Resort. 3rd February 2006, 2:16pm
Two Boats of Cubans Continue On
Eighteen Cuban males entered Cayman's waters off the Sister Islands by boat early this morning.  3rd February 2006, 2:11pm
Health Minitry Restructures
The Ministry for Health and Human Services has begun implementing a new organizational structure. 3rd February 2006, 2:06pm
Practicing in Cayman
As a public service, the Ministry of Health highlights the registration guidelines that all doctors must follow in order to practice locally. 3rd February 2006, 12:29pm
Cubans Sighted Off Cayman Brac
Eleven Cubans came by boat into Cayman waters but they did not come on land.  2nd February 2006, 2:02pm
Senior Appointment at Treasury
Mr. Terrence Outar has been appointed Deputy Accountant General.  2nd February 2006, 1:55pm
Statement on Hunger Strike
Government has been notified that a Cuban national who was granted refugee status in 1994 and who has resided in Cayman since then, has decided to stage a public protest that includes a hunger strike. 1st February 2006, 1:50pm
An officer from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees met with Cuban migrants and Immigration officials.  1st February 2006, 1:45pm
Youth Parliament for Commonwealth Day
"What we see on 13 March will be an example of the country's next generation of Caymanian politicians."  1st February 2006, 1:33pm
Top FCO Official Coming
The Foreign and Commonwealth Office's Permanent Under-Secretary, Sir Michael Jay, will visit for official talks on a range of issues of mutual interest to Cayman and the UK. 1st February 2006, 1:28pm