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Press Releases: April 2006

The Budget Address 2006/7
"A Key to Success: Responsible Financial Management" was delivered to the Legislative Assembly by the Hon. Financial Secretary, Kenneth Jefferson, on Friday, 28 April 2006.  28th April 2006, 6:01pm
Budget Surplus Projected
The Financial Secretary announced a projected $32.5 million surplus in the Budget Address at the State Opening of the 2006/7 Session of the Legislative Assembly.  28th April 2006, 12:57pm
Vaccination Week
To emphasize the importance of timely vaccinations for infants and children, Cayman is participating in 'Vaccination Week in the Americas'. 28th April 2006, 12:30pm
Prayer Breakfast
The country's legislators bowed their heads in prayer in a traditional precursor to a new session of the Assembly. 28th April 2006, 12:08pm
Kindergarten Cops
RCIPS officers went to Tiffany's Pre School in West Bay to help teach the children about "Community Helpers". 27th April 2006, 3:31pm
LA Opening Broadcast Live
The 2006/2007 State Opening of the Legislative Assembly on Friday, 28 April, will be broadcast live by Radio Cayman and Cayman 27. 27th April 2006, 2:39pm
Peninsula Ave Closure
This avenue, just north of Cayman Water Company to Governor's Way up to St. Matthews School at Indies Suites, will be closed to traffic starting Friday April 28; however, residential traffic will have access. 27th April 2006, 2:33pm
Lasley Exhibit
Over a five year period, Allison Lasley spent time in the Cayman Islands where she created her Cayman Series.  26th April 2006, 4:46pm
PO Survey
More hours? Home delivery? Customer satisfaction? 26th April 2006, 12:20pm
Migrants Returned
Twenty-seven Cubans were repatriated on 25 April. 26th April 2006, 12:15pm
Art Scholarships
The National Gallery’s Ed and Barbara Oliver Scholarship for Teens Continuing Education wants applicants!  25th April 2006, 4:39pm
Comment on Builder's Bill
To encourage public comment, the Builder's Bill, legislation that is intended to create more accountability in the construction industry, has been posted on this website. 25th April 2006, 2:49pm
Flying Start for HRC
The Terms of Reference for the Human Rights Committee empower it to enhance public awareness; to serve as the focal point for any public human rights concerns; and where necessary, to make reports and prepare recommendations. 25th April 2006, 2:40pm
Poetry Month Finale
Grand Cayman will enjoy an Evening of Poetry on Friday, 28 April, and the Sister Islands will celebrate the next day. 25th April 2006, 2:33pm
Two Proclamations
HE the Governor has prorogued the 2005-2006 session of the legilature and summoned the new session. 25th April 2006, 12:23pm
Larviciding Resumes
The Mosquito Research & Control Unit starts its aerial larvicide campaign on Tuesday, April 25, and will continue through most of May. 25th April 2006, 12:06pm
Affordable Housing for CB, LC
A government-funded, non-profit company is busy working to bring affordable housing options to the Sister Islands. 25th April 2006, 11:56am
Work Experience with RCIP
Four year 11 students from John Gray High School are currently finding out what it’s like to be a police officer as part of a student work experience programme.  24th April 2006, 4:33pm
Invitation for Nominations
His Excellency the Governor Mr Stuart Jack is inviting members of the public to submit nominations for Her Majesty The Queen’s Birthday Honours 2006. 24th April 2006, 4:12pm
FS Remarks to Fund Administrators
Government continues to recognise that the funds sector is a key driver of financial services activity in the Cayman Islands, and so its continued health is important.  24th April 2006, 11:39am
Vessel Skirts LC
A vessel with 12 Cubans arrived in Little Cayman waters Friday, 21 April, but continued its voyage unassisted. 24th April 2006, 11:11am
Cayman Salutes Her Majesty
"It is with great pleasure that I extend to Your Majesty the warmest of congratulations on behalf of the Government and people of the Cayman Islands on Your Majesty's 80th birthday." 21st April 2006, 3:06pm
A Thousand Packages
Parcel Post has had to add extra shelves to deal with packages that have not been picked up. 21st April 2006, 2:49pm
Two Promoted
The next Chief Officer of the Portfolio of the Civil Service will be Mr. Peter Gough; upon his retirement Mrs. Mary Rodrigues will take the position. 21st April 2006, 2:27pm
The Time of Your Life
Plans for the ninth annual Child Month observance during May are well underway. 21st April 2006, 2:13pm
Mooting Final
The highpoint in the Cayman Islands Law School's spring calendar is the mooting competition held in the Grand Court. 21st April 2006, 2:00pm
Certified for Better Lives
Some 45 Northward Prison inmates and parolees graduated with certificates in academic and social awareness studies that they say will help them remain outside of prison after release. 21st April 2006, 11:01am
For Her Majesty's 80th
In honour of her birthday, Queen Elizabeth II will be the subject of Cayman's newest stamp issue; four stamps of different values depict the Queen at different stages of her life. 20th April 2006, 4:14pm
Cayman Bar Welcomes Judge
New judge of the Court of Appeal, Hon. Justice Elliott D. Mottley, QC, was hailed for his long dedicated service to jurisprudence. 20th April 2006, 11:38am
Labour Survey
Caymanians account for more than half the number of persons employed on the Islands, according to ESO's October 2005 Labour Force Survey. 20th April 2006, 11:27am
Confrontation with Migrants
Cubans began making demands late Wednesday afternoon to be returned to Cuba immediately and attacked prison staff.  20th April 2006, 11:17am
Population Grows
52,465 people -- the population on Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac grew by 8,225 between April 2004 and October 2005. 20th April 2006, 11:09am
Steady Flow
District Administration officials on Cayman Brac have been handling a steady stream of Cuban migrants in recent days.  20th April 2006, 11:00am
Marketing the PO
The Post Office has hired an assistant postmaster general for marketing and product development to help generate public awareness for its products and services.  19th April 2006, 12:43pm
Recruits Gain Experience
Police recruits currently in training were given hands-on experience in statement writing when they were called from the classroom to assist with an investigation. 18th April 2006, 4:29pm
April's Art Flix
The National Gallery presents the story of sculptor and architect Maya Lin who, at age 21, designed the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C.  18th April 2006, 4:19pm
Easter Message from the LOGB
Today, the faith of our ancestors continues to live in us, as part of our Caymanian heritage. As we enter into this long Easter weekend, let us enjoy time with our families and friends. 15th April 2006, 11:27am
Current Mailing Addresses
The Planning and Lands and Survey departments depend on the public to keep mailing addresses current on the land register. 15th April 2006, 11:20am
Cubans Continue
Government officials confirmed that 16 migrants arrived off the south coast of Cayman Brac around 1:20pm Thursday. 15th April 2006, 11:15am
RCIP Reminder: Safety First
"Historically, over the Easter weekend we see some kind of incident take place that could have been avoided." 13th April 2006, 4:54pm
Measles Warning
Following outbreaks in the UK and Venezuela, Public Health asks parents to check children's immunisation records. 13th April 2006, 4:40pm
RCIP Schools Officer
Schools Resource Officer PC Murray Spelay says it's an extremely rewarding position; he's been working at John Gray High School since May 2004. 13th April 2006, 3:55pm
Public Transport Fees
Internal Audit has discovered that these fees, which have been in government’s regulations since 1995, were not being collected. 13th April 2006, 3:44pm
Investors in People Honours CUC
Improved performance, better teamwork and a built-in ability to manage change -- the Investors in People standard can make a difference. 12th April 2006, 4:11pm
Registration for School
Registration of new or transferring students into government schools, for the 2006- 2007 school year, will start on Tuesday, 25 April. 12th April 2006, 3:27pm
Crime Down
The RCIPS announced that a significant drop has been seen in the number of serious crimes reported to police over the last three months. 11th April 2006, 5:01pm
New Judge Takes Oath
The Hon. Mr Justice Elliott Deighton Mottley, QC, joins the Court of Appeal. 11th April 2006, 2:31pm
Academy of Realist Art
The Toronto-based Academy recently partnered with the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands to do two one-week workshops on classical drawing from the nude. 11th April 2006, 1:18pm
Law Clinic in Houston
The Cayman Islands Law School recently made its presence felt for the first time in a regional law clinic held at a well-known law school in Texas.  11th April 2006, 12:52pm
Long Arms of the Law
Have you neglected to pay a fine imposed by the Courts? Contact your local police station. The RCIP's 'Operation Octopus' has issued almost 200 warrants and collected over $40,000. 11th April 2006, 10:20am
Security and Rehabilitation
The Chief Secretary announced new initiatives: the appointment of a Commissioner of Corrections and Rehabilitation, sentence planning and alternative sentencing. 10th April 2006, 12:32pm
Permit Renewals Done
The Work Permit Board has cleared a longstanding backlog of renewal applications -- in December "there were well over 8,000 applications pending." 10th April 2006, 11:31am
Environmental Threat?
The vessel which was involved in Friday's incident in the North Sound is resting in approximately 10 feet of water and on a sandy bottom. 10th April 2006, 11:23am
April's Poetry Month
To celebrate the wonder of rhyme and rhythm, this observance is organised by the Public Library as part of its culture and literacy outreach programme. 10th April 2006, 11:15am
Prizes for Parents
The National Parenting Programme is providing incentives to parents interested in improving their parenting skills. 10th April 2006, 10:33am
Airport Parking
The short-term parking lot at Owen Roberts International Airport will reopen on Wednesday, 12 April, and it will cost $2 per hour, or any part of an hour. 7th April 2006, 4:45pm
North Sound Incident
All persons involved in the North Sound boating incident have been accounted for and medical personnel report only minor injuries. 7th April 2006, 3:47pm
Volunteer Needed
A community-minded person is needed to be part of a team making a comprehensive assessment of living standards in the Cayman Islands. 7th April 2006, 3:13pm
The Soul of Our Children
The public is encouraged to view the Art & Craft Exhibition of the National Children's Festival of the Arts, on display at the National Gallery until 12 April. 7th April 2006, 2:42pm
Tourism Exchange 2006
International travel wholesalers, members of CITA and international and local media will attend the 5th Annual Cayman Islands Tourism Exchange. 7th April 2006, 12:01pm
Wheelchair Donated
Mrs Leonie Ebanks donated the wheelchair for use at the general aviation terminal (used by private aircraft) since there were no wheelchairs available. 7th April 2006, 10:00am
Cuban Vessel Passes By
The 24-ft wooden boat, said to be in good condition, was last seen heading southwesterly off Little Cayman. 7th April 2006, 9:52am
Caymanians in UK Band
A proud moment was enjoyed by those who attended a Government House performance by a visiting jazz band from England -- because sitting at the front, playing brass instruments, were three Caymanians. 5th April 2006, 4:28pm
Lands & Survey Contract with CIREBA
With full access to L&S's computerised map interface, CIREBA will have accurate and up-to-date information for clients & customers and help in promoting and selling properties. 5th April 2006, 12:55pm
Cubans Return to Brac
The migrants who left Cayman Brac on 3 April have since returned, saying they could not continue their journey because of concerns about engine problems.  4th April 2006, 3:50pm
Policing the Turtle Triathlon
This Sunday, 9 April, sees the return of the annual Brac competition, an internationally renowned event. 4th April 2006, 3:40pm
MRCU Plane Arrives
The newly repaired mosquito control airplane arrived back on the island Monday April 3.  4th April 2006, 3:33pm
Fire at Landfill
Following the Fire Services' response Sunday, officials are confident that the fire has been completely extinguished. 4th April 2006, 3:22pm
White Top Taxi Drivers
"The RCIPS welcomes and supports any initiative that aims to make residents and visitors feel safer in the Cayman Islands and this is a great example of how working together we can achieve this." 4th April 2006, 3:05pm
Boat off Brac
Another boat carrying 11 Cuban migrants entered waters off the south coast of Cayman Brac shortly after 9 a.m. this morning. 3rd April 2006, 4:41pm
Tackling the Savannah Gully
Consultants outlined a six-stage project development proposal, noting it would take up to three months to complete and would involve public consultation during several stages. 3rd April 2006, 3:06pm
Keeping Cayman Clean
A rejuvenated CI Beautification Committee is dedicated to getting trash cleared, protecting native flora and fauna and returning the country to its pre-Ivan state. 3rd April 2006, 2:44pm
Cayfest's Chalkfest
Come out and use the pavement as your canvas! 3rd April 2006, 2:26pm
Eco Art
This year -- cardboard, newspaper and the necessity of planting trees. 3rd April 2006, 2:11pm
Another Cuban Vessel
A vessel with 26 Cubans arrived in Cayman Brac waters Saturday but continued its voyage unassisted. 3rd April 2006, 2:04pm
An MBE from The Queen
Jennifer Dilbert was presented with the Honour of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire by Her Majesty The Queen at an Investiture Ceremony at Buckingham Palace.  3rd April 2006, 1:54pm