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Press Releases: July 2007

Specially for the Sister Islands
Policing in Cayman Brac receives a 'special' boost this week thanks to 11 new Special Constables who graduated after an intense 4-week training course. 31st July 2007, 4:42pm
Visiting Cadets
During an international cadet exchange, Cayman hosted members from the Australian, Canadian, British and American cadet forces. 31st July 2007, 2:05pm
Liquor License Reminder
Renewals need Fire and Environmental Health department inspections. 31st July 2007, 2:00pm
Judiciary Considers Environment
Cayman's Chief Justice hosted the eighth annual Caribbean Heads of Judiciary Conference that opened with delegates hearing a keynote address on "The Role of the Judiciary in Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development". 31st July 2007, 1:53pm
Spotlight Shines on Health
The spotlight will be on three important issues next Monday, when GISí weekly television programme focuses its lens on disaster preparedness, food safety and health. 27th July 2007, 2:44pm
Breastfeeding Makes Difference
Cayman will observe Breastfeeding Awareness Week from 1-7 August under the theme, Breastfeeding: The 1st Hour Save 1 Million Babies. 27th July 2007, 2:32pm
Remarkable Consistency
Each year in early June, as PWD and NRA staff prepare for hurricane season, they separate into teams that practice during the preparedness drill. 27th July 2007, 9:53am
No Parking!
The last remaining vehicle parked on the road reserve on West Bay Road was towed away on Thursday, 26 July. 27th July 2007, 9:40am
New CINICO Chair
Ms Brooks replaces Ms Roulston who remains on board. 26th July 2007, 4:53pm
Short Closing of Imm Call Centre
Renovations in the building have caused health problems among staff. 26th July 2007, 4:50pm
Scouts Welcomed in UK
Three former governors and government's UK Representative greeted them warmly, and the Friends of Cayman donated funds to buy the Scouts some equipment. 26th July 2007, 4:43pm
Serious Crimes Down
The RCIPS reports that serious crimes have fallen by eight percent. 25th July 2007, 4:50pm
Health Centre Moves
The West Bay District Health Centre will temporarily relocate to Centennial Towers in order to facilitate repairs. 25th July 2007, 2:12pm
Purchase Agreements Signed
These agreements are stipulated in th Public Management and Finance Law. 25th July 2007, 11:36am
Scouts World Jamboree
Cayman Scouts made a courtesy call on the Chief Scout before leaving for the UK. 25th July 2007, 11:09am
Castleberry Recall Expanded
Residents are urged to check for the listed products and to discard them immediately. 25th July 2007, 10:58am
Caribbean Judiciary Meet
Heads of Judiciary from 17 regional countries meet at a conference, which is a first for Cayman, at the Ritz-Carlton on Thursday with the opening ceremony at 9 am. 25th July 2007, 10:05am
Soca Adventure
Nine delegates to the Caribbean Award Scheme Council camp paid a courtesy call on their Patron, HE the Governor, Mr Stuart Jack, before departure for Trinidad and Tobago. 24th July 2007, 12:45pm
Coastal Structure Survey
DoE staff will measure and document all coastal structures covering Crown-owned seabed. 24th July 2007, 12:35pm
Liquor License Renewals
All licensees must have applications in by Friday, 3 August. 24th July 2007, 12:30pm
Something for Everyone
Many people - with various talents - are needed for events like the Pan Am Games. 23rd July 2007, 3:20pm
Shooters Come Close
Two narrowly miss the Olympic qualifying standards that would have allowed them to compete in Beijing; Rob Harris' sportsmanship wins kudos. 23rd July 2007, 2:44pm
Visual Arts Scholarship
Deutsche Bank and the National Gallery are looking for applicants. 23rd July 2007, 2:25pm
Credit Union Cruise
The 50th Annual International Convention of the Caribbean Confederation of Credit Unions made Cayman the first port of call. 23rd July 2007, 1:59pm
Go, Shaune!
The young swimmer fast-strokes his way to a silver medal at the Pan Am Games. It has warmed the spirits of Caymanís Rio 2007 delegation, and brought the congratulations of his fellow competitors and spectators alike.  20th July 2007, 4:40pm
Reading Programme Offered
Today a reader...tomorrow a leader! 20th July 2007, 4:35pm
Road Works this Weekend
The NRA advises that Albert Panton Street, Edward Street, and Fort Street will be closed for paving this Sunday. 20th July 2007, 4:32pm
Migrants Go on their Way
Five Cuban migrants have exited Cayman waters.  20th July 2007, 2:17pm
Summer Work
Popular programme is oversubscribed. 20th July 2007, 2:06pm
Good Strokes at Pan Am
Cayman's Pan Am delegation comprises 14 athletes. Brothers Shaune and Brett Fraser are swimming well, with Shaune besting other competitors to place first in both heats and the semifinals of the 200m freestyle event.  20th July 2007, 11:23am
Aircraft Incident Probed
Cayman authorities are thoroughly investigating a recent plane incident.  20th July 2007, 11:17am
Business Staffing Plan Board
Deputy Chairman, Mr Mario Ebanks, continues to chair board meetings following the recent resignation of the Chairman, Mrs Sophia Harris. 20th July 2007, 11:06am
Statement re Cadet Corps
A government official spoke on Radio Cayman to address concerns. 19th July 2007, 6:21pm
Judiciary Convention
Heads of Judiciary from 17 Caribbean nations meet here next week to discuss matters of common concern and share innovations and changes in practice in their jurisdictions. 19th July 2007, 6:00pm
Sauce Recalled
Because of potential contamination with the deadly bacteria that causes botulism, the FDA has recalled certain brands of Hot Dog Chili Sauce. 19th July 2007, 5:55pm
Employees Awarded
PWD selects its employee of the quarter for April - June 2007. 19th July 2007, 5:21pm
Cubans Stop on Brac
Five Cuban migrants continued their journey Tuesday. 19th July 2007, 5:16pm
Managing Help
Preventing humanitarian aid from becoming a burden is an important aspect of disaster management. 19th July 2007, 11:50am
Toothpaste Recalled
DentFresh fluoride mint toothpaste may contain a poisonous chemical. 18th July 2007, 4:57pm
Cayman Athletes at Pan Am
Several swimming records have already fallen, amid stiff competition. 18th July 2007, 4:49pm
GT Road Closures
The NRA continues work this evening (Wednesday, 18 July) on Cardinal Avenue and Albert Panton Street. 18th July 2007, 4:34pm
Celebration before Competition
The Pan Am Games' opening ceremonies blended spectacular sights and sounds.Heading to the venue, grinning youths drape themselves over fences, while ladies and children wave from balconies and roadsides. 18th July 2007, 10:24am
Persons to serve a three-year term.
New NRA Board Members 18th July 2007, 9:24am
No Parking
Illegally parked vehicles will be towed, say National Roads Authority officials. 17th July 2007, 3:31pm
Food Safety for Kids
"Parents can help to prevent serious illnesses or injuries by teaching food safety at home with their kids. This will help kids to safely prepare snacks and meals when adults aren't at home to supervise food preparations." 17th July 2007, 1:34pm
Gerber Cereal Products Recalled
A limited quantity of the products may contain cereal lumps that do not dissolve in water or milk, posing a potential choking hazard.  17th July 2007, 11:40am
Courtesy for Collectors
Motorists are urged to take extra precaution when they see DEH employees on the road. 17th July 2007, 11:15am
Vessel Called Away
British Navy ship spends one day in Grand Cayman. 17th July 2007, 11:04am
Playwriting Workshop
The Cayman National Cultural Foundation hosts it annual competition, and also offers a free seminar by Eugene Williams, the Director of the School of Drama at Edna Manley College of the Arts in Jamaica.  17th July 2007, 10:51am
A programme led by the Home School Association boosts PACE High School's learning environment. 16th July 2007, 5:01pm
Sickle Cell Support
Speaker Allan Platt has worked for 25 years at the Georgia Comprehensive Sickle Cell Centre, the world's first dedicated 24-hour emergency centre for sickle cell patients. 16th July 2007, 4:33pm
Migrant Boat Runs Aground
Six Cuban men came ashore in Cayman Brac after their vessel was completely destroyed. 16th July 2007, 4:28pm
Summer Arts Camp
Only from the Cayman National Cultural Foundation: theatre, art, dance, and the tradiational crafts of thatching and gig making. 16th July 2007, 4:21pm
Courtesy Call
The Commander of the HMS Portland and HE the Governor exchanged plaques. 13th July 2007, 5:30pm
Statement by the LoGB
The Hon. Kurt Tibbetts, referring to six reports indicating a "growing body of evidence of maladministration by the former Government", asks HE the Governor to assess the Auditor General's reports and consider having the police review these matters. 13th July 2007, 5:04pm
Conference Here
The technical conference next month will bring together geographical information systems professionals from across the Caribbean. 13th July 2007, 3:01pm
Headline "grossly inaccurate"
An island paper says the inflation rate is rising by 60%; the Financial Secretary notes that the correct forecast was in the second paragraph of the report, just below the misleading banner headline. 13th July 2007, 2:04pm
Boat Fire
A local vessel with three aboard caught fire on North Sound.  13th July 2007, 12:39pm
Rodent Control
By rodent-proofing their homes, homeowners can protect their health and property. 12th July 2007, 5:04pm
Very Large Reminders
Six new 'No Littering' signs in West Bay remind residents that littering will be punished with a $500 fine. 11th July 2007, 2:22pm
The Neighbourhood Policing Department offers some guidance on the law and some advice to those being bullied. 11th July 2007, 1:29pm
South Sound Clean Up
"It would appear the land was occupied by campers over the long Easter weekend but they failed to clean up after themselves." 11th July 2007, 1:19pm
Watch for Xrystal Village
Residents have come together with their Neighbourhood Police Officer to set up a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme. 11th July 2007, 1:12pm
Migrants Land in CB
Twelve Cuban migrants opted to continue their journey. 11th July 2007, 1:05pm
Boatswain Beach Report
The Auditor General looks at the costs of the financing arrangements for this attraction. 10th July 2007, 4:34pm
HMS Portland to Visit
The aim of Portland's Caribbean deployment is to provide disaster support and relief to UK Overseas Territories if needed. 10th July 2007, 12:23pm
Sample Civil Service College
The countdown to the start of the Civil Service College has begun, and the public sector is invited this Friday to a "meet and greet" session at UCCI. 10th July 2007, 12:09pm
Market Meeting
Plans for a Saturday outdoor market at the Stacy Watler Agricultural Pavilion are being discussed during public meetings. 10th July 2007, 12:00pm
Recalled Food Isn't Here
DEH assures the public that Veggie Booty Snack Foods are not in local supermarkets. 10th July 2007, 11:51am
Benefits from CERF
With hurricanes a part of Caribbean life, countries in the region should know that they can access CERF, the United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund. 9th July 2007, 12:11pm
Draft Legal Practice Bill
Public comment is invited. 9th July 2007, 10:52am
Budget Gazetted
Appropriations for July 2007 to June 2008 are now law. 9th July 2007, 10:41am
Holidays for 2008 Confirmed
The dates for next year's public holidays, including June's Queen's Birthday holiday, have been confirmed. 9th July 2007, 10:35am
Reform Good to Go
A Human Resources Readiness Review of the Civil Service has given the restructuring of human resource management within the public sector a stamp of approval. 6th July 2007, 2:23pm
Sentences Explained
Sentences imposed in two recent cases properly reflect the different nature of the charges tried. 6th July 2007, 2:12pm
Discussing Migrant Policies
A visiting UNHCR representative Grainne met with Immigration officials to review the Cuban migrant situation. 6th July 2007, 2:06pm
Cayman in 3-D
Lands and Survey will replicate the buildings and landscape of George Town in a 3-D software project. 6th July 2007, 1:59pm
Trio of Lighthouse Grads
Graduation at the Lighthouse school highlighted successes and expectations. 6th July 2007, 11:40am
Treatment for Women
Gender specific substance abuse treatment will soon be available. 6th July 2007, 11:31am
Cultural Night for CPA
Music, lights, a bright moon and a smorgasbord of traditional Caymanian fare brought the week-long Commonwealth Parliamentary regional conference to an end. 6th July 2007, 11:22am
Electronic Gates
Government's new parking lot will have designated spaces for staff and visitors. 6th July 2007, 11:13am
CPA Conference Concludes
Following a week of presentations discussions, delegates from 13 countries headed home. 6th July 2007, 10:40am
Free HIV Testing Week
July 9-13. The importance of being tested and knowing your HIV status is the focus of this annual campaign, again offered jointly by the Health Services Authority and the Cayman Islands AIDS Foundation. 4th July 2007, 4:40pm
Spanish Adds Up
GHHS' four schools displayed their skills in math and Spanish competitions. 3rd July 2007, 4:25pm
Economy Forecast
The forecast GDP of 3.5 per cent for 2007/08 points to a settling of the economy following the vigorous activity after Hurricane Ivan. 3rd July 2007, 4:17pm
GHHS Graduation
"You are a very special group of students who have shown how resilient you have to be in order to cope with change," said Campus Director Adora Bodden-Groome to the 329 graduates. 3rd July 2007, 4:08pm
Great Turnout
Twelve young women expressed interest in becoming the next Miss Cayman. 3rd July 2007, 3:59pm
NPP Meets Brac Dads
National Parenting's outreach to men in the Sister Islands continues.  3rd July 2007, 3:51pm
Brac Electrical Workshop
Participants will be better able to design and install electrical systems that adhere to NEC (2005) and local regulations. 3rd July 2007, 3:45pm