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New at Vehicle & Licensing

DVDL's new employees: (from left) Manager of Licensing Jason Azan; Acting Licensing Officer Marghanita Jacques; Assistant Manager Stephen Quinland; Deputy Director Richard Simms; Customer Service Officer Kevin Powell and Administrative Assistant Kevin Whittaker.

Continuing to deliver quality vehicle licensing, transfer, and inspection services are some of the key objectives of the Cayman Islands Department of Vehicle and Drivers' Licensing (DVDL).

This demands human capital that is competent and appropriately trained, and who recognise the value of the role they play in the overall process. Over the past few months, six additions to staff and one promotion has helped the department continue in that direction.

Kevin Whittaker has joined the department as a receptionist and messenger; Kevin Powell and Marghanita Jacques as customer service officers; Darren Ebanks as vehicle inspector and driving examiner; and Jason Azan as manager of licensing. Stephen Quinland, employed with the department since 2006, has been promoted to assistant manager. The newest addition, Richard Simms, joined the department a few weeks ago as its deputy director.

Kevin Whittaker

Being a great team player is important to Mr Kevin Whittaker, who joined DVDL in July as a receptionist and messenger.

"I want to do all I can to help this department grow into a much more efficient and reliable organisation," he said.

He has already made similar contributions to the Cayman Islands Prison Service as an operational support assistant, and to the Port Authority, where he served in various roles.

With a keen interest in computers, Mr Whittaker says his goal is to become a computer technician. "I have always been fascinated with computers, and hope to attain a degree in this field in the near future."

In his new role Mr Whittaker is responsible for answering the telephone; responding to customer queries; processing and distributing mail; and messenger duties.

Kevin Powell

Mr Kevin Powell, the youngest addition to the department, enjoys meeting people. Having begun his role as customer service officer in May, he is responsible for issuing drivers' licenses and responding to customer queries, as well as a number of other administrative tasks.

Eager to do well in his new post, Mr Powell says he is trying to learn as much as he can about the Traffic Law. "I want to know it word for word," he said. "That way I can reduce the time it takes to respond to customer queries."

Outside of work, he is his community's liaison officer with the Cayman Islands Red Cross, as a member of the Belford Disaster Response Team.

Marghanita Jacques

With ten-plus years of customer service experience in the private sector, Mrs Marghanita Jacques is eager to grow in her post as customer service officer, and to provide effective, efficient service to Cayman's residents.

She joined DVDL five months ago, and now confidently comments, "I enjoy everything about my job. I have a great passion for customer service, and my job provides the opportunity to feed that passion."

She added, "Helping people is very rewarding for me. It helps me to learn more about the nature of people, and how best to relate to each individual."

As one of the first members of staff most residents will meet at DVDL, Mrs Jacques' responsibilities include advising the public on vehicle licensing transactions such as the renewal and transfer processes for vehicles.

She soon plans to dedicate a portion of her leisure time to children in the three-to-five-years age group. "I want to start a book club because I love children, and they are our future," she said. "Reading can help them learn to interact with each other, express themselves and build self esteem and confidence."

The remainder of her time is spent nurturing her creative side - either cooking, or creating oil and water paintings.

Darren Ebanks

Newly appointed Vehicle Inspector and Driving Examiner Darren Ebanks

In May 2007, Darren Ebanks joined the department as a vehicle inspector and driving examiner.

His responsibilities include vehicle inspections and assessing the abilities of new drivers. "I help to ensure the public's safety," he said. "I make sure that vehicles are in full compliance with the inspection codes; that drivers know how to properly manoeuvre a vehicle; and that they read the road signs and markings correctly."

In the future Mr Ebanks hopes to join a mentoring programme, where he can encourage young people to reach for the stars and achieve their greatest dreams.

Stephen Quinland

A civil servant since April 2006, Mr Stephen Quinland joined the department as a public transport inspector. He was promoted to assistant manager in March this year.

In this position, his primary responsibilities include management of staff and projects for vehicle inspections; and management of driver's licensing testing and issuance at all DVDL locations in the Cayman Islands.

He also assists with the budgeting, monitoring, and reporting of financial activities concerning vehicle inspection and drivers examination for the department.

Always hoping to learn new things and keen for a challenge, Mr Quinland noted, "Every day brings a new challenge. The management style and team approach here allows me to think outside the box."

Before joining DVDL, he spent several years in various management positions with private-sector organisations. This included three years with Vampt Motors Ltd., where he moved from assistant to the service manager, to warehouse and inventory control manager, to director of wholesale. Mr Quinland was also the general manager for Bearings and Gears Services, a marine and automotive chemicals distributor.

Jason Azan

A natural with numbers, Mr Azan started his career as a banker in 1991. He then moved to accounting, spending five years with Deloitte as a firm accountant. In 2005 he joined the civil service as an accountant with the Legislative Assembly.

Believing that the operational side of management would suit his desire for change and growth, Mr Azan responded to DVDL's search for a manager of licensing. "I found the opportunity to get involved in the management of special projects exciting," he explains. "The potential challenge was inspiring."

Responsible for managing and collecting revenue, he hasn't gone too far from the numbers. He also manages daily vehicle and driver's licensing transactions; special projects; and assists with the budgeting, monitoring, and reporting of DVDL's financial activities.

An avid backyard farmer and member of the Cayman Islands Agriculture Society, Mr Azan spends much of his leisure time with his family and on his farm in Frank Sound.

Richard Simms

A former chief inspector of police, Richard Simms is a well-known member of the Caymanian community.

"I was on the enforcement side of the law before, but I also enjoy being on this side, where I can help with the development of policy," he commented.

Mr Simms' background, coupled with an associates degree in business administration from the International College of the Cayman Islands, has prepared him to take on the challenges of this new post.

His role as DVDL's deputy director involves the provision of strategic management for all operational and licensing functions, as well as, the staff in his department. He will also assist with the revision of legislation and policy advice offered to the Ministry of Communications, Works and Infrastructure, and other government entities.

He spends his leisure time either in the gym, with his family, or playing dominoes with friends. He is also a director of the Cayman Islands Crisis Centre.

Minister of Communications, Works and Infrastructure, the Hon. Arden McLean, JP, welcomed the six new staff members to DVDL and the ministry.

"They will assist in the continued delivery of a most essential service," he said.

For further information contact: Kenisha Morgan