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Garbage Disposal Guidelines

Incorrect method of garbage disposal

Garbage on the street is an eyesore and very unsanitary. But it is a common sight, after someone's garbage can has been tipped over and the bags torn open by dogs.

Residents of the Cayman Islands are therefore reminded to follow proper garbage disposal guidelines, as outlined by Department of Environmental Health (DEH) staff, in order to help prevent this from occurring.

Handling and preparing garbage for collection

  • All residents, occupying residential or commercial premises, must provide watertight metal or plastic garbage containers with tight-fitting lids, in order to prevent animals from troubling garbage.
  • Sharp objects, such as pieces of metal or tree branches should not be placed in regular garbage. Glass bottles or sharp objects must be securely wrapped in several layers of paper. (This is an interim measure until the revamped recycling programme has been launched).
  • Each bag or container should not exceed 40 lbs. in weight.
  • Coals, cooking oil and other "hot items" must not be placed in regular garbage.
  • Construction and demolition materials, landscaping vegetation and bulk household waste should not be placed in residential garbage containers. Arrangements can be made with DEH to rent containers, to remove these types of waste.

Placement of containers

Garbage containers must be placed in one of two locations.

  • In front of premises; or
  • to the side of property on the street, immediately beside the property.
  • Containers must not block traffic.
  • Garbage containers must be removed from the street following collection.

Ban on dumping of garbage

All residents are reminded that it is illegal to dump garbage:

  • on any property; or
  • on or within the vicinity of public roads, beaches, waterfronts, or other public places. The only place to safely dump garbage is at one of the three landfills.
  • All waste material resulting from new construction or renovated property must be transported to the landfill.
  • Dumping garbage, except at the landfill, is against the Litter Law (1997 Revision).
  • Offenders can be fined CI$500 or imprisoned for up to six months, upon conviction.

Managing containers

Large, specially approved garbage containers that are placed by DEH will be serviced by department staff. The public is reminded that:

  • access to these containers must be kept clear at all times;
  • boxes must be broken down to efficiently utilize container space;
  • wet garbage being put into such containers must be placed in securely fastened plastic bags; and
  • no oil, grease or other liquid wastes are to be placed in these containers.
  • Containers can be rented on a daily basis for bulk waste disposal.

24-hour drop-off area at the landfill

  • Located at the entrance to the landfill, the drop-off and separation area is open to the public for disposal of all types of waste. This includes landscaping vegetation, construction and demolition debris, metals, household appliances, furniture, and hazardous waste.

For more information regarding garbage disposal and collection, contact DEH's solid waste unit at 949-8793 or 949-6696.

For further information contact: Kenisha Morgan