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Press Releases: December 2007

More Cubans Arrive
Another boat with 14 migrants arrived in East End, Grand Cayman, over the weekend. 31st December 2007, 12:10pm
Making Resolutions?
DEH staff have a few suggestions for making recycling part of your new year. 31st December 2007, 11:18am
Cubans Transferred
All the migrants who landed on the Brac over Christmas are now in Grand Cayman. 28th December 2007, 3:49pm
New Pedestrian Crossing
Once the new government parking lot opens, the flow of pedestrians will steadily increase. 28th December 2007, 11:53am
Support for FOI Managers
The FOI Unit will develop a technical network to help info managers find their feet. 28th December 2007, 11:47am
Cubans Arrive on Cayman Brac
A total of 30 Cuban migrants arrived in Cayman over the Christmas holidays. 27th December 2007, 4:32pm
Traffic Flow Change
A portion of Albert Panton Street will permanently change from one-way to two-way traffic flow in January. 27th December 2007, 9:40am
Minister Sends Greetings
"Christmas is a time for reflection upon the blessings of the past year. And as we reminisce, we remember that the heart of Christmas is found in Jesus, and in our families." 26th December 2007, 12:10am
Governor's Christmas Message
"The Christmas season is a time when family, friends and loved ones gather to strengthen the ties that bind us, plan for the coming year, and reflect on the events of the past year..." 25th December 2007, 12:10am
Bringing Christmas Cheer
The Governor's Office added electronic goodies to a local toy drive's collection. 24th December 2007, 12:20pm
Chief Information Officer Retires
Chief Information Officer Patricia Ebanks will retire on 31 December, following 22 years with GIS and a total of 30 years of public service; "...her dedication as a civil servant is practically legendary." 21st December 2007, 4:47pm
Anti-littering Winners
Students get creative with entries for the Department of Environmental Health's competition. 21st December 2007, 4:03pm
Five Projects Approved
Central Tenders Committee awarded just over $3 million worth of contracts. 21st December 2007, 3:54pm
Rebroadcast of Post-Cabinet Conference
If you missed the live broadcast from CUC, you can see/hear it when local stations broadcast taped versions. 21st December 2007, 9:56am
Plus One Hour on New Year's Eve
Valid liquor licence holders may remain open an extra hour. 21st December 2007, 9:50am
Cayman Moves on Climate Change
Just one month after making a commitment, Cayman has taken a key step on climate change establishing a multi-sectoral working group spearheaded by the Department of Environment. 21st December 2007, 9:35am
Population Scenarios Report
Government has web-published this interesting document that invites readers to consider the future. 20th December 2007, 1:11pm
Electricity Deal
"This agreement...represents a breakthrough for consumers in controlling their cost of living and in ensuring the reliable supply of power in the future. The Government and CUC are indeed delighted to have reached this point." 20th December 2007, 12:57pm
DVDL Staffers Earn Awards
Department of Vehicle and Drivers' Licensing employees chose six of their colleagues as the year's best employees. 20th December 2007, 10:38am
PWD Employees Recognised
Messers Alan Ramos and Jerome Dyke earn key PWD awards. 20th December 2007, 10:03am
QC for Commission of Enquiry
It has been alleged that the former PS removed files from the Ministry of Tourism. 19th December 2007, 5:27pm
Cayman to Chair OCT Conference
On the agenda: sustainable development, entitlement, and the OCT-EU relationship. 18th December 2007, 5:03pm
RCIPS on Children Online
Monitoring is required as there are good and bad experiences for your children when they are online. 18th December 2007, 4:54pm
Special Constables Needed
The special constable assists the RCIPS to police public events and provides operational support by performing regular police duties under RCIPS supervision. 18th December 2007, 4:40pm
Munn Concludes Visit
On her last day in the Cayman Islands, FCO Minister Meg Munn met the media and toured Pedro St. James National Historic Site.  18th December 2007, 4:30pm
Protect Your Children
How are your children spending their time while away from school this Christmas season? 17th December 2007, 3:15pm
New Parking Area
Employees and visitors to the Glass House and Immigration Department can look forward to assigned parking in the New Year. 17th December 2007, 2:57pm
Reform Moves Forward
Many constitutional activities will be held in the new year; your involvement is requested!  17th December 2007, 2:42pm
Reserve the Abattoir
During the holiday season, farmers and butchers wishing to use the facility should phone the Agriculture. 14th December 2007, 4:24pm
See the Blues in Chicago
'GIS Spotlight' tours the Windy City's attractions, and calls on two special Cayman natives. The show also heads to boot camp with Water Authority employees and presents a new online option for Postal Service customers. 14th December 2007, 3:54pm
FCO Minister Begins Visit
Yesterday Overseas Territories Minister Meg Munn met with Cabinet, then MLAs and spoke at a Chamber lunch. She continues today with a press briefing and round-table discussion on domestic violence. 14th December 2007, 10:47am
Sustainable Future for OTs
Good governance in the Overseas Territories is one of the UK's key priorities, FCO Minister Meg Munn said today (Thursday, 13 December) at the Chamber of Commerce luncheon. 13th December 2007, 4:33pm
Thanks and Recognition
RCIPS officers, supporting agencies, family and friends gathered to commemorate the organisations 100th anniversary. 13th December 2007, 3:47pm
Prospect PS Art Focus
The school is integrating art into the curriculum, opening a new art gallery, and using the "world's largest online art museum". 13th December 2007, 1:40pm
Brightest Minds at LA
Top students expand their knowledge base. 13th December 2007, 12:16pm
Get Your Visas Early
Visa processing requires seven-to-10 days to facilitate background checks. 13th December 2007, 10:08am
G8+5 Take on Climate Change
They will lobby their governments to put climate change on the agenda. 12th December 2007, 8:52am
Deals Passed Down
The Islands want to be involved in pacts affecting the jurisdiction. 11th December 2007, 1:13pm
Effective Info Flow
GIS leads the way in informing people on government policies, laws, and services. 11th December 2007, 12:18pm
Land, Sea and Air Tour
For David James, winner of the RCIPS "If I was the Commissioner of Police, what would I do and why," essay competition. 11th December 2007, 9:25am
New Meeting Date
The Liquor Licensing Board will meet on 19th December 2007. 10th December 2007, 4:10pm
Petroleum Website Launched
The Inspectorate's new website contains useful forms and information on the proper installation of fuel storage tanks. 10th December 2007, 2:40pm
Garbage Collection Schedule
For the holidays, DEH has modified its collection schedule and landfill access hours. 10th December 2007, 9:51am
New Park Opens
East End residents will now have another place for recreation in the community. 10th December 2007, 9:09am
LoGB Gives Evidence
Delays in air transportation agreement cited. 7th December 2007, 5:06pm
Safe for Consumption
Wondering if your locally-slaughtered Christmas meat is OK to eat? Look for the DEH stamp. 7th December 2007, 4:59pm
DVDL Accepting Cards
Customers may now use debit and credit cards to complete transactions. 7th December 2007, 4:55pm
Protest Over
Company accepts technical flaws in its contract tender. 7th December 2007, 4:50pm
Chicago, Cards and Jazz
Take Cayman Airways to the Windy City, for great shopping; and find Christmas cards that benefit local charities. 7th December 2007, 4:46pm
Voter Registration Drive
Starts tomorrow (Saturday, 8 December) at locations island wide. 7th December 2007, 11:02am
Veterans, Minister Enjoy Party
Gifts, live music, socialising, and a Christmas dinner marked the annual Christmas party. 7th December 2007, 10:56am
Nights of Jazz
Three nights of scintillating entertainment closed with top class performances by both local and international artistes. 7th December 2007, 10:20am
Private Garage Inspections
As of Friday, 7 December, residents can choose from four additional facilities to have this service completed. 6th December 2007, 4:36pm
Heritage Lessons
Culture comes alive on the John Gray High campus. 6th December 2007, 4:11pm
No Speargun Importation
Persons found in possession of illegally imported or unlicensed spearguns are liable for prosecution. 6th December 2007, 3:45pm
FCO Minister Visits
Overseas Territories Minister Meg Munn will visit the Cayman Islands shortly. Her visit demonstrates the UK's continued focus on the governance and sustainable development of the Overseas Territories. 6th December 2007, 3:30pm
Scott Displays Art
The winner of the 2006 McCoy Prize showcases recent works at Heritage House, Cayman Brac, through 15 December. 5th December 2007, 4:51pm
New Look for Taxi Drivers
Taxi operators have a more professional appearance with shirts bearing a colourful logo that depicts Cayman's warmth of sun, sea and sand; a sea turtle; and the words "Tourism Ambassador". 5th December 2007, 4:38pm
Another Neighbourhood Watch
Residents in Pine Crest have joined forces to help keep their complex safe. 5th December 2007, 4:31pm
Improving Border Security
Twenty-three law enforcement and border protection officers have been trained in behavioural analysis skills. 5th December 2007, 12:01pm
New Cinemas Licensed
A reconstituted Cinematograph Authority made sure the applicant will be operating according to law. 5th December 2007, 11:51am
Financial Services' Regulation Praised
Cayman received high praise from the Foreign Affairs Committee of the United Kingdom Parliament. 5th December 2007, 11:41am
Report on Woodstock Case
In a statement, the Minister of Health said the auditors concluded that Ms Woodstock did not receive optimal medical care or the support she needed in accessing medical resources. 4th December 2007, 5:06pm
Rewards for Words
Cayman's top spellers: Creek and Spot Bay Junior School student Venkata Batta took the primary level honours and Elizabeth Wahler of John Gray is the high school champ. 4th December 2007, 4:42pm
Thanks to 911 Interpreters
Someone who speaks your language -- indispensable to those in need. 3rd December 2007, 1:38pm
CTC Awards Over $1M
The Central Tenders Committee contracts are for an extension of the PWD building and site works for the BT Emergency Response Centre. 3rd December 2007, 1:19pm