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Press Releases: May 2008

Voter IDs on Saturday
Series of district visits continue. 30th May 2008, 4:53pm
World No Tobacco Day
Will be celebrated on Saturday, 31 May, with the Theme - Tobacco Free Youth. 30th May 2008, 4:40pm
Reminder on Medical Advertising
Medical and Dental Council stipulates advertisement wording. 30th May 2008, 4:32pm
Spotlighting Health and History
GIS Spotlight zeroes in on dental health, award-winning nurses and a local historic spiritual site. 30th May 2008, 3:42pm
Faster Scanner Ordered
State-of the-art scanner for Health Services Authority. 29th May 2008, 5:59pm
NALC Findings
In a society as affluent as Cayman, it is troubling to hear of the situation in which some of our citizens live, and the effects that this has on them, Minister Alden McLaughlin said. 29th May 2008, 5:29pm
Prevent Rodent Infestation
Clean surroundings help to keep homes rodent-free. 29th May 2008, 5:15pm
Nurses Shared Best Practices
Third Annual Nurses Conference encouraged knowledge sharing, collaboration, and learning. 28th May 2008, 6:17pm
Child Month Goes to Districts
Fun-filled activities characterise Child Month in North Side and Bodden Town. 28th May 2008, 6:02pm
New Planning Staff
These new staff members help to boost productivity and customer service, says Director of Planning Kenneth Ebanks. 28th May 2008, 5:06pm
Question Published
Cabinet to set date for referendum. 28th May 2008, 4:53pm
No Road through Forest
Works Minister the Hon. Arden McLean tells Finance Committee that plans to build a road through the Ironwood Forest have been abandoned. 27th May 2008, 4:29pm
Changes to Election Law
A recently gazetted bill makes provision for mobile polling stations. 27th May 2008, 4:24pm
Busy Laws Agenda
The House will deal with a number of new proposals and revisions in the coming months. 27th May 2008, 3:40pm
Officers Teach Safety
The RCIPS talked to the children about the correct use of 911, the importance of not accepting things from strangers, how to recognise some road signs, wearing seatbelts in cars and more. 27th May 2008, 3:28pm
LoGB Statement on Constitution
The Referendum will probably take place in late July, and Government, after considering public feedback, releases its Revised Proposals. 26th May 2008, 10:47am
Budget Debate Closes
The expected $13.5 million surplus for fiscal 2008/2009 is based on a modest forecast. 26th May 2008, 10:26am
AG on Regulatory Regime
Evaluations rate Cayman highly for initiatives against money laundering and terrorism. 26th May 2008, 10:21am
Open Invitation to Youth Rally
Young people to hear award-winning author, singer and speaker Willie Jolley, during the "Motiv8 Youth Rally". 26th May 2008, 10:12am
NALC Draft Discussed
The public is invited to continue to provide feedback. 26th May 2008, 10:01am
GIS Spotlight Features Art, Water
Clean water and children's art come under the spotlight. 26th May 2008, 9:52am
What're you doing Saturday?
Child Month events -- fun for the family! 23rd May 2008, 4:23pm
WB Crime Prevention
The RCIPS provided burglary prevention tips, property marking pens, pamphlets on how to spot child abuse, animal law guidelines and more. 23rd May 2008, 4:15pm
Follow Your Dream
Young author Anika von Gerhardt shares her story of becoming a writer 22nd May 2008, 6:01pm
Children and Families Uplifted
The Child Month church service at the Agape Family Worship Centre celebrated children, families and supporting agencies. 22nd May 2008, 5:12pm
Oversight Committee
A committee headed by the Governor will ensure that various criminal justice initiatives are implemented. 22nd May 2008, 5:03pm
Public Feedback on NALC
Email your comments by 31 May. 21st May 2008, 3:39pm
National Hurricane Exercise
Hazard Management Cayman Islands launches Hurricane Nadine, 20-22 May, a table top test of readiness. 21st May 2008, 3:30pm
'Hands in Praise'
Children of the Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf brought silent blessings to Child Month. 21st May 2008, 3:22pm
Immigration Closes Early
At noon on Friday, 30 May. 21st May 2008, 3:18pm
Director of Tourism Steps Down
Pilar Bush was commended for her hard work and commitment; she "established a strong and highly functional unit which is a testament to her leadership." 21st May 2008, 3:11pm
Contact Police Inquiry Team
Telephone number and email address. 18th May 2008, 1:00pm
CINICO Reorganisation
Possible move for government health insurance company to Finance Portfolio is considered. 18th May 2008, 12:52pm
Dixon Bailed
Strict conditions imposed. 18th May 2008, 12:47pm
Employment Initiatives
New job-placement software has improved coordination among DER, Immigration and employers, ensuring more Caymanians are matched with job vacancies, and the Investors in People is still going strong, reported the Minister in the LA.  18th May 2008, 12:41pm
Dixon Rearrested
Chief Justice quashes Habeas Corpus. 16th May 2008, 3:10pm
NEW APO Postcodes
The Airport Post Office has changed out its post office boxes and added some new boxes; as a result the postcodes will change for sections KY1-1007 thru KY1-1011. 16th May 2008, 12:57pm
Update on Rudolph Dixon
Mr. Dixon has been released from detention. 16th May 2008, 10:28am
Investigation Moves Forward
Giving an update on the independent Metropolitan Police Service investigation in Cayman, the Governor held a live briefing today (15 May); SIO Martin Bridger and Acting Commissioner David George also spoke. 15th May 2008, 4:33pm
NALC Draft to Governor, FS
National Assessment Team members presented the copies. 15th May 2008, 3:19pm
Dogs Killed the Blues
"An autopsy conducted by the Department of Agriculture indicated that five of the deaths are consistent with dog bites." 15th May 2008, 3:00pm
CAL Invaluable
Minister lauds the national flag carrier and staff for their service to the Islands. 15th May 2008, 2:47pm
'Killa' Joins the Card
The local boxer will participate in a Showtime event to be televised live from Cayman in June. 15th May 2008, 2:39pm
NALC Calculates the Poverty Rate
Cayman's poverty rate is the lowest in the English-speaking Caribbean, according to the National Assessment of Living Conditions draft report. "Indeed, at 1.9 per cent of the population, the number of persons living below the poverty line could be described as marginal," said the LoGB in the Legislative Assembly. 15th May 2008, 2:24pm
NALC Executive Summary
The Executive Summary of the "Draft Cayman Islands National Assessment of Living Conditions 2006/2007" is now available on 14th May 2008, 5:26pm
NALC National Consultation
The public is invited to come to national consultation events, and to provide feedback. 14th May 2008, 5:21pm
Prayer and Transformation
Members of Prison Fellowship Cayman Islands led this annual week-long observance in each of Cayman's three prisons. 14th May 2008, 3:40pm
Art Zone
The National Gallery is targeting the districts with its latest outreach program -- and it wants more participants. 14th May 2008, 3:29pm
Brac Child Safety
The RCIPS is gearing up for a crack down on people who carry children unrestrained in vehicles. 14th May 2008, 3:18pm
RCIPS at Family Fun Days
Officers will be at the North Side and Bodden Town events to share some essential crime prevention tips. 14th May 2008, 3:11pm
Last Migrants Repatriated
Twelve Cubans were returned without incident. 14th May 2008, 1:22pm
RCIPS Officer Visits JACPS
PC Nettie Bulgin spoke with the John A Cumber students on a range of subjects including the dangers of smoking, drug abuse and playing with fire. 13th May 2008, 4:27pm
Students' Check-ups
All new students are required to have health screenings before entering school. 13th May 2008, 4:19pm
CAL's New Aircraft
Cayman Airways is moving rapidly to acquire two 50-seat turboprop airplanes. 13th May 2008, 1:01pm
Preserving National Treasures
Museum officials, consultants and residents pool talents to detect and preserve historical sites. 13th May 2008, 12:56pm
Stepwell Attracts Visitors
The National Museum and a Caymanian business family unite to educate visitors about Bayshore's 1700s stepwell. 12th May 2008, 6:03pm
Top Art Choices Named
Artists joined the public to select the McCoy Prize's most popular pieces. 12th May 2008, 5:55pm
A Landmark Agreement
The Lands & Survey Department will develop and implement a computerised land registry system for the Turks and Caicos Islands Government. 12th May 2008, 5:40pm
Ministry on DoT Letter
It followed internal complaints procedures, notes a Ministry of Tourism statement. 12th May 2008, 5:28pm
Blue Iguanas Mourned
"As united as we are in our grief, Caymanians stand together in our resolve to protect our endangered and endemic fauna and flora. They are more than just a part of our landscape, they are part of our heritage and of who we are as a people," Minister Clifford said. 9th May 2008, 5:33pm
Public Meeting
Residents can voice their opinions regarding the proposed Linford Pierson Highway extension and GT's ironwood forest. 9th May 2008, 12:29pm
CIAA Head Retires
CEO of the Cayman Islands Airports Authority David Frederick has retired. 9th May 2008, 12:18pm
Travel Documents
Summer vacation travel, business and emergency travel, hurricane season -- evacuation. Are your documents in order? 9th May 2008, 11:51am
Red Ensign Conference Opens
Red Ensign Group gathers in Cayman to discuss technical and policy issues. 9th May 2008, 11:15am
Child Month Message
" increase in violence, especially among our young men, to a lack of proper education, dysfunctional families, and teenage pregnancies,...we are currently working on several new policies and initiatives that will help to address these issues..." 8th May 2008, 3:16pm
'GIS Spotlight' Tests the Waters
Test water quality, tune into NALC and mark time with BBBS and Hands of Praise. 8th May 2008, 2:53pm
Visitors x 4
Four US Coast Guard cutters are scheduled to visit Grand Cayman this month. 8th May 2008, 2:36pm
Supplementary Budget Voted
More funds were sought and approved in Finance Committee to meet expenses up to 30 June this year. 7th May 2008, 3:12pm
St. Ignatius Helps StreetSkill
The school's steel band is set to entertain participants during this weekend's drive-a-thon. 7th May 2008, 1:20pm
Public Holidays 2009
Public holidays for 2009 are listed, excepting the Queen's Birthday official observance. 7th May 2008, 1:07pm
New Savannah PO Opens
Residents can look forward to many value added services including bill payment and internet access. 5th May 2008, 11:37am
Blind Officer's Technology
"I have never been able to use a computer at all but now I can surf the internet, open emails and even book my own airline tickets. It really has changed my life, says RCIPS Communications Officer Keisha Martin. 5th May 2008, 9:15am
Procurement Vital
Government employees train on systems for buying goods and services. 5th May 2008, 9:08am
RCIPS in the Neighbourhood
West Bay residents will see more of Sergeant Everton Spence their newly appointed neighbourhood officer. 2nd May 2008, 4:31pm
Officials on Their Ps and Qs
Protocol Office imparts VIP etiquette. 2nd May 2008, 4:18pm
GIS Spotlight: An Enhanced A&E
See how a special gift will benefit patients, celebrate Child Month, say no to litterbugs, and more, all on 'GIS Spotlight'. 2nd May 2008, 2:41pm
Updating the Law
Cayman updates and consolidates its proceeds of crime legislation. 2nd May 2008, 2:20pm
CIG's Policy Statement
A review of land-duty incentives, and a COLA for civil servants, were announced. 2nd May 2008, 2:11pm
CTC Pre-qualifies Contractors
For highly specialised ORIA construction project 2nd May 2008, 2:06pm
Briefing Re-Broadcast
Watch the Cabinet press briefing Saturday on Cayman 27. 2nd May 2008, 1:49pm
LoGB on High Schools
The tender evaluation process for the three new high schools has required long periods of negotiation that have resulted in significant savings for government. 1st May 2008, 3:52pm
CTC Awards HS Contracts
Tom Jones International Ltd. gets over $115 million to construct the new George Town and Frank Sound high schools. 1st May 2008, 2:25pm
Budget Presented
The Financial Secretary delivered the budget address, titled "Maintaining Fiscal Prudence in Challenging Economic Times". 1st May 2008, 2:01pm
Throne Speech Presented
Governor Stuart Jack highlighted principal programmes that will be undertaken in fiscal 2008-2009. 1st May 2008, 1:56pm
Budget Address 2008
Appropriations of $46.3 million will fund the Government Administration, and Summary Court, buildings; sports, senior citizen, and mental health facilities; continued improvements to roads and landfills; development of a new BT Civic Centre, a juvenile remand facility, and a new Farmers' Market; plus acquisition of more land for Barkers National Park. 1st May 2008, 1:09pm
24 Months of Road Safety
Streetskill celebrates its second anniversary with a slow drive-a-thon. 1st May 2008, 11:27am