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Payment Regulations

Cabinet is publishing regulations for the Complaints Commissioner Law outlining salary, allowances and other fees for mediators and advisors hired by the commissioner, and complainants and other persons giving evidence during any investigation.

The Complaints Commissioner Regulations, 2006, were made in Cabinet in September 2006, and affirmed by the Legislative Assembly in September 2007 through a government motion. They are to be printed in Supplement No. 5 published with Gazette No.17 on 18 August, 2008.

The Complaints Commissioner Law states that the commissioner may recruit persons outside his office to mediate and/or technical advisors to deal with a complaint, and the Regulations say these persons may be appointed by contract. The decision on remuneration is to reflect fair market value, and is to be taken by the commissioner.

Additionally, the Commissioner is empowered to grant financial allowances for expenses incurred by persons who attend a hearing, including those making the complaint and those giving evidence. Included in these expenses are transportation, accommodation and lost time off the job.

The Commissioner also has the discretion to allow payment of an expense (not exceeding $50) for which no receipt is provided.

For further information contact: George Alleyne