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"Waiter: Run for it!"

Waiter: Run for it! A National Gallery CineClub film.

Set in the communist era, this brilliant comedy, "Waiter: Run for it!"(Vrchní, prchni! -1980) tells the story of a man who has been married several times and had to support several children. He finds it hard to cope with his financial situation so he finds a way to earn extra money by playing the violin in a cafe. One evening, a drunken guest mistakes him for the waiter and gives him cash for the bill...and that's when the fun starts.

CineClub is for foreign and art-film lovers, who want a cinema experience of movies from around the world outside of mainstream movies.

The public is invited to attend CineClub which is sponsored by Our Secret Agency and is held at the National Gallery, ground floor at Harbour Place. The viewing begins at 6:00pm, admission is $5.00 (FREE for NGCI members).

Bring a cushion and blanket if you wish.