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Caybrew to Expand

Minister of Tourism, Environment, Investment and Commerce, the Hon. Charles Clifford talks with Caybrew General Manager Allen Chu Fook (right) and Hank Ebanks (second left) of the beer company's packaging department while touring its Red Bay plant recently.

Locally-produced Caybrew beer is successfully growing its business while embracing the environment and nurturing local agriculture.

Minister of Tourism, Environment, Investment and Commerce, the Hon. Charles Clifford toured the company's plant on Monday (25 August) and learned about the company's expansion plans as well as its efforts to integrate environmental protection measures into its operations. Minister Clifford was accompanied by chief officer Gloria McField-Nixon and Deputy Chief Officer Samuel Rose.

Caybrew's General Manager Allen Chu Fook noted that the company currently has major plans to diversify operations, boost distribution, and enhance energy efficiency.

Detailing some environmental initiatives, he explained that a waste water treatment plant converts used water into clean water suitable for farming purposes. He added that local farmers can also benefit from using beer manufacturing grain by-products as animal feed.

Mr Chu Fook noted that another important component of Caybrew's environmental thrust entails the bottle recycling programme. "Consumers can return used beer bottles and receive CI$2 per case," he said.

He also said that in the near future, the company will be exploring the possibility of using renewable sources of energy in its effort to reduce operating cost and boost energy efficiency.

Minister Clifford commended Caybrew for integrating environmental best practices in its daily operations and for adopting modern technologies and practices to boost efficiency.

Noting that the Ministry of Tourism has already provided incentives to Caybrew through the Cayman Islands Investment Bureau, Mr Clifford said his ministry will now examine how it can assist the company's expansion plans.

"Caybrew is Cayman's national beer and a great source of pride, so we are very committed to its growth and development," the Minister said.

The tour included several areas including the filtration plant, the lab, the brew house, the packaging and bottling plant area, and the water treatment plant.

For further information contact: Prudence Barnes