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Innovative Ways to Learn

Artist Julieta Avarez Macías is a bilingual Argentinean artist with vast experience in the art field.

Once again the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands has reached new heights to offer fresh and innovative ways to learn. Along with their strong contingent of successful continuing education courses such as Introduction to Photography, Ceramics (for adults and children), scrap booking and more; the gallery is now offering its first ever Spanish language course taught entirely in that language.

Outreach and Education Officer, Kiran Denis who is in charge of working with instructors to create these courses stated, "The National Gallery is taking yet another step to open its doors to the general public. We already make great effort to do this on a daily basis by offering programmes for various demographics within Grand Cayman; however, the one area we were really lacking was the non English speaking residents. We decided it was time to open up a Spanish speaking course, since Spanish is such a predominant language within Grand Cayman, and we hand a talented and capable instructor ready to do the job."

Artist Julieta Avarez Macias is a bilingual Argentinean artist with vast experience in the art field. Through her involvement in many group and solo exhibitions for more than nine years, she can teach you not only how to do a correct drawing by using traditional methods and techniques, but also "how to see" daily things that surround us with a special sensitivity.

This course offers the basic foundation of drawings which Julieta believes is the basic skill all artists should acquire. Concepts such as proportion, composition, space and colour will be developed and will provide you with the skills required if your next step is painting, sculpting, fashion design, interior design, etc. Finally, students will find the course remarkably helpful to enhance creativeness and to improve concentration.

Although the class will be taught in Spanish, English speaking participants who have some understanding of the Spanish language, and wish to learn more will not turned away.

Mrs. Denis said that this course will not be the only course you will see of its kind and the Gallery staff would like to see multi language art programmes flourish within Gallery programmes, as non English speaking residents love art, and wish to continue to develop their art skills and participate in the artistic process as many others already do with us.

She continued by expressing "Cayman is a multi cultural society, and it is time that we recognize those cultures by offering programming which reach out and embrace them whether it is simply by offering a bilingual course or by increasing our awareness in multiculturalism within our programme content."

Course information is as stated below:

Spanish Art Lessons Series 1- Drawing Fundamentals

8 week course - Wednesdays 5:15pm to 7:15pm

Starting October 15th to December 3rd

CI $200.00/ General or CI $180.00 / National Gallery Members

For more information about this course please contact The National Gallery Education Centre at 947-0853 or e-mail You may also contact Julieta Alvarez Macias at 323-7482 or e-mail her at