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LA on Break

Several bills and questions to Ministers will be heard in the House when it resumes on 6 October, Leader of Government Business the Hon. Kurt Tibbetts said.

Moving the adjournment of the Legislative Assembly on Monday, 15 September, Mr Tibbetts said that notable bills coming up for consideration in October will be the Immigration (Amendment) Bill, 2008; the Justice Protection Bill, 2008; and the Tobacco Bill, 2008.

The immigration bill proposes amending the Immigration Law, in order to allow the Chief Immigration Officer to take over most of the power and functions of the Work Permit and Business Staffing Plan boards. It also is proposed to amend certain permanent residency provisions, and to fingerprint work-permit holders.

The justice bill seeks to provide a witness protection programme, conducted through three agencies that would cover administrative, investigative and protection functions.

The tobacco legislation proposes to regulate labelling, promotion, sale and distribution of tobacco products, and to prohibit their use in certain public places.

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