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Update on Judicial Tribunal

HE the Governor Mr Stuart Jack CVO

Statement by H.E. the Governor Mr Stuart Jack CVO

On 16th September I announced the appointment of a Tribunal, under the Charimanship of the Rt. Hon. Sir Andrew Leggatt, to investigate certain complaints relating to Madam Justice Priya Levers. I have also appointed the Rt. Hon. Sir Philip Otton and Sir David Simmons to the Tribunal. Sir Andrew Leggatt and Sir Philip Otton are Privy Counsellors and former Lords Justices of Appeal. Sir David Simmons is the Chief Justice of Barbados.

The Tribunal will convene for the hearing on Monday 24th November 2008. It is expected to last for up to three weeks. The Tribunal will conduct its proceedings in accordance with the enclosed Terms of Reference.