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Celebrate Beautification Month

Celebrate Beautification Month

The Cayman Islands Beautification Committee has launched its second annual October Beautification Month.

Chairperson Heather Bodden points out that sprucing up now prepares our Islands for the end-of-year events -- Pirates Week, Jazz Fest and Christmas - and neatens our surroundings for the busy tourist season.

The Committee wants all residents to take note of Beautification Month's Aims and Objectives, clean up their yards, and join a neighborhood project to improve the appearance of a community area.

Aims and Objectives for Beautification Month

Every household should own proper and sufficient garbage cans in which to place securely bagged garbage. While it's okay to use plastic grocery bags, leaving them unsecured on the roadside is a no-no.

Every household should acquire an enclosed receptacle in which to securely place garbage cans for collection by DoEH.

Home/property/business owners should all do their part to clean-up and spruce-up their properties.

Debris collection throughout all the Districts will be scheduled in conjunction with the DoEH.

The Cayman Islands Beautification Committee will place receptacles with covered garbage bins throughout all the Districts at specific locations.

The Committee also encourages all other organizations to plan and carry out special cleanup and beautification activities throughout the month of October.

Individuals in each District are encouraged to team up, clean up and beautify specific areas within their own neighbourhoods and communities.

Everyone is encouraged to take pride in their own surroundings and therefore show that true ownership is not just owning something but taking care of it in the best way possible.

All schools and youth organizations are encouraged to organize and participate in island-wide clean-up and beautification activities.

And remember, by the 20th of October have all bulk waste/debris by the roadside for collection.

For more information contact the Cayman Islands Beautification Committee Chairman Heather D. Bodden, email: or cell phone:(345) 916 3574 or Deputy Chairman Alice Mae Coe, email: or cell phone:(345) 925 2484.