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Comply with Open Season Rules

With this year's conch and whelk open season starting Saturday, 1 November, the Department of Environment (DOE) reminds the public of Cayman's marine conservation laws.

For conch, the daily allowance is five per person or ten per boat, whichever is less. The law further stipulates that no-one may purchase or receive more than five conch from Cayman waters in any one day.

The open season catch limit for whelk is 2 gallons in the shell or 2 pounds of processed whelks per person per day. Also, no-one may buy or receive more than this quota.

The DOE also reminds the public that neither conch nor whelks may be taken from marine protected areas and that chitons, periwinkles and bleeding teeth may not be taken from Cayman waters at any time.

Violating any of the marine park regulations and conservation laws carries a maximum penalty of CI$500,000 and one year's imprisonment. If convicted, the Court can also order the forfeiture of a person's boat or other equipment used.

The current conch and whelk season will close on 30 April 2009.

For further information contact: Cornelia Oliver