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Fire Trio Trains in UK

Fire Trio Trains in UK

"Technical expertise and more" was the agenda for sub-officers Trent Jackson, Larry Seymour and Roy Charlton of the Cayman Islands Fire Services (CIFS) when they recently attended a training course in the UK.

The trio successfully completed a Crew Command Course at Washington Hall Fire and Rescue College in Chorley, Lancashire.

Together with four others from Qatar in the Persian Gulf, the fire officers participated in a three-week management course, receiving hands-on training in commanding a crew, assessing different scenarios, and managing incidents.

Each person had an opportunity to actually manage an incident, the officers said, and they also focused on the difference between leadership and management. In addition to acquiring new technical skills, the course reinforced the fact that safety is paramount - for those being rescued as well as for fire fighters themselves.

As middle managers, each officer has charge of a crew of fire fighters and reports to their respective station officers. "We were training to become better managers," Mr Jackson explained. "We needed this training to move up the promotion ladder."

The three officers -- fast friends from primary school and colleagues for some 20 years - judged the course to be both useful and highly informative.

In turn, Chief Fire Officer Dennom Bodden was pleased with his officers' success: "We take pride in continually training our staff to ensure that the Fire Service remains well prepared to take up all the challenges we face," he said.

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