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LA Mourns for Estella

Mrs Estella Scott-Roberts

The House stood for a minute in silence this morning (Monday, 13 October) to mourn the death of Mrs Estella Scott-Roberts.

The Cayman Islands Crisis Centre's former chief was reported missing Friday night (10 October). Her badly burned vehicle was later found, with a body inside.

Minister responsible for gender affairs, the Hon. Anthony Eden, described Mrs Scott-Roberts as an unwavering advocate for women, who fought diligently to protect the most vulnerable and victimised.

"Estella Scott-Roberts was taken from her loved ones too soon, and in a manner so cruel and calculated that it is hard to fathom at this time," Minister Eden said.

"Our community has been robbed of a caring and strong woman, whose purpose in life was to be of service to others. This unimaginable crime is an assault on every man, woman and child in this community."

Mr Eden said government would provide all assistance needed to solve the crime. He would be calling on His Excellency the Governor (who has responsibility for the police) to act immediately, he added.

To the perpetrator(s) he said, "We will not be silenced; we will not be afraid; and justice will prevail." He promised her family that her work would continue, and "we will carry her in our hearts forever."

He invited MLAs to take part in Saturday's (18 October) Silent Witness march, organised by the Business and Professional Women's Club that annually remembers women slain in abusive relationships. The march is from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m., starting at the Government Administration Building and ending at the Legislative Assembly steps.

For further information contact: Bina Mani