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Private Security Services Law

On Monday, 1 September 2008, The Private Security Services Law (2007) came into effect in the Cayman Islands. The law is designed to regulate the security industry in order to ensure the highest standard of service is delivered.

Under the law, companies and security guards are required to be licensed with a regulatory body. This measure has been put in place not only to protect the companies and the public but also to enable the regulatory body to ensure that the rights and employment conditions of guards are being complied with.

In response to the new regulations, the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (RCIPS) has created a Security and Firearms Department, headed by Chief Inspector Malcolm Kay, to function as this regulatory body. The department is currently finalising the processes and procedures for regulating the new law.

Licenses will be provided to security companies who are compliant with all laws such as; The National Pensions Law, the Health Insurance Law, the Labour Law and the Immigration Law. To date, the majority of recognised security companies in the Cayman Islands have been working with the police to comply with all necessary terms and conditions in order to be a licensed company. Any person or persons who have not yet been in contact with this department and provide any form of security service should contact Mr Kay immediately in order to avoid being in breach of this Law. Chief Inspector Kay can be contacted on

Contact Deborah Denis 244-3004/926-2145