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Protocol Seminar on the Brac

Protocol Seminar on the Brac

District Commissioner Ernie Scott, headed a group of senior civil servants participating in a training session on diplomatic protocol.

Conducted by the Chief of Protocol Virginia Madison, the training provided an overview on diplomacy and the function of protocol within the international system. Discussions also covered national symbols and emblems, cultural awareness, precedence, and business etiquette.

Commenting on the seminar, Mr Scott said that with the multi-cultural nature of Cayman society in mind, he believed protocol training to be essential.

"This training also promotes mutual respect for our flag and national symbols between Cayman and countries represented here. Too often we see persons hosting functions at which flags are flown incorrectly or sometimes, the Cayman flag is missing at local events," he said.

Administrative Officer Wanda Tatum summed up reactions to the seminar when she said, "This course was really worthwhile. I recommend that all civil servants take part."

The Cayman Brac seminar followed earlier training for officers in Grand Cayman.

For further information contact: Prudence Barnes