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RCIPS on Investigation

"Members of the media thanks for attending this press briefing, especially given the exigencies that confront us all in our respective occupations.

As you are aware I called this Press Briefing as a continuation of the regular press releases that you have had following the brutal and gruesome murder of Estella Scott-Roberts that has shocked the community.

Estella’s husband Rayal, her mother Corrine, present and former colleagues in the private and public sectors and each person touched by this tragedy will continue to live with the pain and loss every day.

That is the person that so many of us intelligent and affable young Caymanian who returned from University to work in the public service and found a passion for community work and activism, notably her fearless and relentless work on behalf of abused women.

It is against this background that I wish to speak directly to the community that we all love, live and work in.

Firstly, I want to reassure the public that your police service is treating this as a high-profilepriority murder investigation. We have committed every resource necessary; including engaging the services of two overseas experts in their respective disciplines.

The second expert is currently on-island and the other has completed his work and provided us with his preliminary findings. He will provide a fuller report once all the relevant forensic examinations have been completed at a Crime Laboratory.

I pause to say that I have twice briefed the Government and all members of the Legislative Assembly and they pledged their full support.

The investigative team is staffed by approximately 20 personnel, including detectives and other support specialists.

The command and control of the team is lead by the Senior Investigating Officer Detective Chief Inspector Peter Kennett; Deputy SIO, DI Livingston Bailey; DI Kim Evans manager of the Major Incident Room; Detective Sergeant Joseph Wright team leader for the field investigators and Acting Detective Chief Superintendent Marlon Bodden, who has strategic operational oversight of the investigations.

I have also spoken to the Solicitor General who has assigned a team of her Crown Counsels to advice the investigative team.

My officers are fully engaged and committed to bringing Estella’s killer or killers to justice sooner rather than later.

However to achieve this desired outcome that I’m sure is shared by every member of the community I cannot emphasise enough that we need the support of the public in providing us with any information no matter how insignificant it might seem.

I am fully aware of some concerns and criticisms leveled at the police, including the handling of the post-crime-scene analysis by our officers.

Following the on-scene examination of the vehicle, it was moved to a safe and secured location where the officers continued to work tirelessly, under extreme and difficult conditions, up to the following day when I was personally present as they meticulously extracted crucial evidence along with the remains of Estella.

However, I am not here to defend our actions or lack thereof as there will be an appropriate time for this.

What is important now is that we all resolve to solve this crime - this is the right thing to do.

The killer or killers’ intentions were to destroy the body and any evidence; therefore we need to do whatever is possible to bring these cold-blooded killer or killers to justice.

Secondly, I want to address the fear that is currently gripping our community, especially the female population.

While I cannot guarantee the safety of every citizen, everyone should have an awareness of their surroundings and take certain preventative measures such as always parking in a well lit area; most car keys are equipped with a panic alarm...when walking to your vehicle keep one finger firmly on this devise.

There is a menu of other crime prevention tips that I could offer but this will be published over the coming days.

Many people choose to visit or live on our beautiful islands because of its people and it being a generally safe environment.

Let me say that despite this unimaginable tragedy, these islands are not a dangerous and unsafe place.

In closing, I urge you to contact the police if you have any information even things that might have occurred long ago do let us know.

You can do so by a number of means available to you:

  • Contact the police directly or if you know an officer that you are comfortable with then speak directly to that officer
  • Or Crime Stoppers, which is a safe and secure facility operated independently of the police and off-island
  • Or your pastor if you attend a Church

Whatever method that you are comfortable with do so -

Estella was a fearless advocate for abused women. We would not be honouring her memories if we allow our fears to prevent us from doing the right thing."

We have a number of designated numbers for people to call if they have any information:

  • Detective Inspector Kim Evans - 926-1773
  • Detective Constable Wade Chase - 925-7240
  • Detective Constable Charmane Dalhouse - 926-3975
  • Detective Constable Karl Lovell - 925-6761
  • Crime Stoppers - 800-8477