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Dept of Agriculture Staff Awards

Winners of the Award of Excellence, Theophilus Pencil and Franklin Hinds, with Adrian Estwick, Director of Dept of Agriculture (centre).

The Department of Agriculture (DoA) held a dinner at the Grand Old House in celebration of its Long Service & Staff Appreciation Awards on Tuesday, December 16, 2008. The evening also saw the unveiling of the Department's new logo.

The dinner was hosted by Adrian Estwick, Director of the Department of Agriculture, along with Master of Ceremonies, Brian Crichlow, Acting Assistant Director.

Several members of the Department of Agriculture staff received the Long Service & Appreciation awards. The recipients were as follows: Five Years - Glen Shirley Dilbert; Ten Years - Audley Chambers, Richard Fraser, Linda McPeek-Bush, Theophilus Pencil and Desmond Scott; Fifteen Years - Franklin Hinds; Twenty Years - Judith Ebanks-Oyog and Norman Ellis; and Thirty Years - Melford McFarlane. In presenting these awards, the Director acknowledged the important contribution these staff have made to the Department of Agriculture, and thanked them all for their hard work and dedication.

The final award, Employee of the Year, dubbed the "Award of Excellence," was shared by two persons, Theophilus Pencil and Franklin Hinds. Mr. Pencil is the Messenger and Driver for the Department of Agriculture and Mr. Hinds is the Farm Superintendent.

The Director of Agriculture, Mr. Estwick sang their praises as he said, "Mr. Pencil is our front-line person, and he is known everywhere he goes for his extremely pleasant personality, charm and friendly smile. He is most definitely a people-person."

With regards to Mr. Hinds, Mr. Estwick went on to say, "Franklin Hinds is a person one can call a 'man for all occasions', he is someone you can call upon at anytime and he gets the job done, he is the perfect all-rounder."

The evening also included the unveiling of the Department of Agriculture's new logo and motto, "Working together, growing together."

The logo is comprised of two interlocked hands holding a three-leafed plant still rooted in its soil. On each leaf are symbols to represent the different aspects of agriculture, bananas symbolizing crop production and plant health, a cow representing animal production and animal health, and a microscope which represents science and technology.

Mr. Estwick showered praised on the Acting Assistant Director, Mr. Crichlow for working so hard to bring the new logo to fruition and acknowledged that Mr. Crichlow was responsible for coming up with the logo's conceptual design.

According to Mr. Crichlow, "These three leaves are also symbolic of the three Cayman Islands and the fusion of science and technology with the two pillars of farming, i.e. crops and live stock to produce a growing, vibrant and modern agricultural sector. The hands in the logo represent the Department of Agriculture and the farming community working together and growing together, hand-in-hand."

Others in attendance at the dinner included the Hon Mr. Kurt Tibbetts, Minister of District Administration, Planning, Agriculture and Housing (DAPA&H) and the staff members of his Ministry.

Persons who also presented the Department of Agriculture staff with their awards during the evening were, Dr. Alfred Benjamin, Chairman of the Veterinary Board and Jennifer Ahearn, Acting Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of DAPAH. Agriculture staff member, Mr. Richard Fraser also blessed the evening with an opening prayer.

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