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Fire Service Invests in Staff

CIFS participants in the Supervisory Training Workshop (L-R): Station Officer Mark Hydes, Station Officer Craig McCoy, Divisional Officer Timothy Hydes, Micro Matrix Managing Director Sandra Catron, Station Officer Wayne Ebanks, Station Officer Gilbert Rankin, Station Officer Milford McCoy, Sub Officer Larue Nixon and Station Officer Harvey Chisholm.

The Cayman Islands Fire Service (CIFS) in Grand Cayman has been working closely with local training provider Micro Matrix to offer supervisory training to many of its senior staff.

During 2008 eight members attended two-day Supervisory Training Workshops at Micro Matrix. The attendees were Station Officer Craig McCoy, Station Officer Gilbert Rankin, Station Officer Harvey Chisholm, Station Officer Milford McCoy, Station Officer Mark Hydes, Station Officer Wayne Ebanks, Sub Officer Larue Nixon and Divisional Officer Timothy Hydes. CIFS has demonstrated its commitment to the continued development of its senior staff members through this medium, which has given them additional management skills which are essential for them to effectively perform their respective supervisory roles.

The workshop focused on assisting new and supervisors in preparing themselves for the difficult transition that supervisors encounter. Workshop topics included improving communication skills, conflict resolution, understanding one's role as a supervisor and effective goal setting.

The course focused on real work place issues and allowed the supervisors to immediately return with skills that helped them in the execution of their duties. Managing Director of Micro Matrix Sandra Catron explained the objective of this course: "Supervisors have a unique role to play in any organization and often they are not ready for this transition. This workshop is designed to motivate senior staff, as well as equip them with ideas they can implement immediately amongst their staff. The response from participants is a testimony to how effective this training really is."

Miss Ellakay Watler, Human Resource Manager (HRM) for the CIFS, has stated that the department wants to give all of its staff the tools they need in order to carry out their jobs to the best of their ability. She stated, "We recognized the importance of staff attending courses such as supervisory training and the benefits that they receive from the training." She went on to note that staff has come back refreshed and excited about their supervisory roles after attending the workshop.

This training will also be extended to the staff in Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. In addition, the ensuing year 2009 will allow other staff members to attend professional development courses in a variety of areas.

Mr. Rosworth McLaughlin, Deputy Chief Fire Officer (Administration), has endorsed Miss Watler's comments by adding that the administrative team is cognizant of the principle - If you fail to plan, you plan to fail, and therefore the team has every intention to continue on a positive path by revising the CIFS short and long term strategic plan with advanced training as the number one priority in early 2009.

Micro Matrix currently offers a variety of other courses including computer training, business and sales skills training, IT certifications, teambuilding and management courses, just to name a few. CIFS will continue to make use of these courses as needed.

For further information contact: Ariana Rahamut