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GIS Spotlight on Art and Water

Tune in to GIS Spotlight on Monday, 29 December and celebrate with the Water Authority as it celebrates 25 years of bringing clean water to the Cayman Islands. Then it's off to Prospect Primary for a creative treat, courtesy of students and the school's visual arts department.

It is not everywhere in the world that it's safe to drink the water. But the Water Authority has consistently worked to build and expand Cayman's water infrastructure and uses modern technology to get the best-possible results.

GIS Spotlight speaks to Water Authority Deputy Director Tom Van Zanten and other team members on achievements and on future plans for serving the Authority's customer base. Learn about water treatment facilities in George Town and North Side and hear about current measures to improve water distribution infrastructure across the Islands.

Still on the Water Authority, the next segment highlights daily routines in the world-class Water Authority Lab. There, the effort to safeguard residents' health demands rigorous testing of Cayman's drinking and marine waters for dangerous bacteria.

Then go with GIS Spotlight as the programme highlights the exploits of Prospect Primary School students who are using their fertile imagination to create art. Take a walk through the 'hall of art' and listen to a group of third graders, their teacher and principal talk about the school's art programme which has generated international interest.

Produced by Government Information Services (GIS), the weekly GIS Spotlight programme highlights government's services and solutions regarding issues that concern and affect you.

The programme will air on Monday, 29 December at 6:30pm on Cayman27 and again on Thursday, 31 December at 6pm on Island24.

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For further information contact: Cornelia Oliver